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"Join me in solving the climate crisis"
October 18, 2008

"Join me in solving the climate crisis" (Oct. 18, 2008)

----- Original Message -----
From: rooster nest <>
To: Editor
Sent: Monday, October 06, 2008
Subject: Join me in solving the climate crisis

Dear Friend,

Global warming is an urgent, but solvable problem. That’s why I’ve joined the We Campaign, a powerful nonpartisan movement of concerned citizens that was founded by Nobel Prize Laureate and former Vice President Al Gore. We're already a million strong -- and growing each day.

Will you join, too? Visit this site to learn more and add your voice:

The We Campaign is working to ensure that elected leaders make the climate crisis a priority. Visit: Here, you can learn about solutions to global warming, take action steps and even find events happening in your community. Although it’s not too late, global warming is very serious and there is no time to lose. So please don’t wait any longer to get involved – sign up today:

Together, we can solve the climate crisis.


Dear "Rooster Nest",

Global Warming is an Illuminati sponsored hoax and disinformation campaign designed to dupe millions of gullible lemmings into believing that the sky is falling and that our only chance of "saving" the planet will be to accept unending regulations and straight jacket "reforms" of which the American public will bear the full brunt of and cost for in order to supposedly "reduce our carbon footprint" to 'acceptable levels' which will meet the manipulator's goals. However, the true "goals" of the unseen Illuminati money boys behind this campaign are not the stated goals which dupes like you would "roost" about.

The task for promoting and selling this scheme was given to an Illuminati propaganda minion and blood drinker (I wonder why he does that? hmm, does "satanist" come to mind?) by the name of Al Gore who was "given" the Nobel Prize for Peace (?????) because they couldn't figure out any other category to place him in for an award that he was clearly not entitled to-at least not for any legitimate reason- but they HAD to confer upon him for purposes of political credentials so they could transform a man who-for most of his time as Vice President-did everything he was instructed to do to SABOTAGE any meaningful changes in environmental regulations at Kyoto and other environmental forums. The guy who ran as the "green" candidate was as far from that reality as Bush is at being representative of a "peace" candidate.

The way we're going to solve this "climate crisis" is to first recognize that there IS NO climate crisis, but rather a pandemic-level "crisis" of extremely gullible and easily duped twits who have a sense of history that must go back , oh, at least one or two weeks, and are incapable of reading the mountain of contravening data from GENUINE, non-sellout climate scientists who have been trying to rebut and counter the Global Warming propaganda blizzard on the ONLY outlet they are allowed to express their contentions--the Internet.

Will you join our efforts to help those individuals such as yourself to extract the cranial vault from the suffocating grip of the anal sphincter?

I hope so.

Because, Together, we can overcome this pernicious crisis of our day and return to a time when sensibility, intelligence, and prudent discernment will once again lay over the land like a freshly fallen blanket of snow.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi, Editor


Subject: My forward E-mail to you
Date: Sun, December 7, 2008
To: Editor

I sent you a forward e-mail that was join us on Global warming crises. First of all I am a Government researcher and investigator. To expose the corruption in the elements of all governments Ive been doing this for 21 years. I know that golbal warming is a fraud by the secret order. I sent you the info as away to show you how they want to scam money off of people to support their corruption. When I sent you that info I didnt send it to you, because I supported them nor did I send it to you to post on your website. because you made it appear as if I supported them. If I didnt disclose the purpose of that email., and you didnt understand the purpose of the info you should contact me to find out the purpose of the I send you
before you post it on your website. I do not support their lies! here is that report you posted on your web site


Dear "Rooster Nest",

Apparently you must spend considerable time in that rabbit hole world that Alice fell into in the 19th century because your first and second e-mails make statements and claims that are diametrically opposed to each other in every regard.

You tell me in your first e-mail that Global Warming "is an urgent, but solvable problem" and you want me to join you the "We Campaign, a powerful nonpartisan movement of concerned citizens that was founded by Nobel Prize Laureate and former Vice President Al Gore" where "The We Campaign is working to ensure that elected leaders make the climate crisis a priority"

After joining, I "can learn about solutions to global warming, take action steps and even find events happening in your community."

And "Although it’s not too late, global warming is very serious and there is no time to lose. So please don’t wait any longer to get involved – sign up today:"

These statements are not a criticism of Al Gore and his Global Warming Side Show; but rather an ENDORSEMENT of his clap trap and the attendant "urgent need" to "solve" a problem that doesn't even exist. And now, that I've caught you with your pants down around your ankles, you apparently wish to switch hats and claim you are a muckraker and critic who knows "that golbal warming is a fraud by the secret order."


I'm afraid that I'm finding your rabbit hole world just a wee bit too screwy for my sensibilities, so I'll have to take my leave now, but before I do, I feel I should tell you that your atrocious grammar and inability to spell common words tells me much about your 21 years as " a Government researcher and investigator".

While I'm sure that among the other 999,999 members of the We Campaign working with you and Al "to ensure that elected leaders make the climate crisis a priority" , you are held in the highest esteem, I find your "contrarian" style of mentation, shall we say, somewhat questionable and baffling. However, that shouldn't stop you from continuing to flood the internet with spam in order to get others-less judgmental and offensive than I, to be sure-to come on board and join the "team"!

So long and good luck. I hope things work out for you when you get back to the bird yard.

Ken Adachi

PS. Anyone who sends me a letter is eligible to have that letter posted on my web site. That's why I took the extra step of giving people the opportunity to understand the rules by placing this notice right at the top of my Home page and Current News page:    Want to Contact the Editor? First read this

The fact that you chose to ignore it is your concern, not mine.


----- Original Message -----
From: dev carter <>
To: Editor
Sent: Monday, December 08, 2008
Subject: RE: My forward E-mail to you


I told You, I dont believe in the Global Warming. I think you miss understood the full intent of the E-mail that I sent you. It was sent to me in my E-mail and so I forewarded that doc to you and twenty people that are on my pals list. To show how they are still trying to get people to believe in their
Bullshit, and I so happened to have sent it to you. But I felled at explaining that document to you. I know Global Warming is a Lie!

I dont support it. But, I'm sorry I didn't explain why I sent it to you. All I ask is that you remove that post off your site. I had many things to do that day and didn't have the time to explain the nature of that document. But never the Less, I'm not in a in rabbit hole. I know the government created global warming, to profit off the people to keep making money to support their Global agenda as way to complete their one world government.
9/11 is a inside job. I am on your side of truth. I've been exposing these corrupted governments for 21 solid years. I'm not just some damn idiot off the street. I have litterally been an undercover investigator for 14 years.

I know more about the Secret Order than anyone in this truth movement has to offer. But its not about me, its about the Elite's secret agenda's, and how we are going to stop them from completing their agenda's, period! I just did not need you to give me a Education on Global warming On your public domain. as way to make me look like I'm an idiot. It was a private email to you. If you wanted to respond to me about that e-mail, you could have replied to me by e-mail and in private. Because now, one of your readers confronted me about the email post that you posted. And he will not speak with me now because he read your comment that you addressed to me, and he thinks now that I support the Global Elite.

Another words by you posting that information that I sent to you had only done harm, than good. And it also makes it harder for me to reach people. Because you have now made me appear to your audience as imcomputant and that I support the corruption. I'm Only asking you nicely that, if I send you a email, is that you please do not post it on your public domain unless, the Information that I send you is news that is based on the subjects that exposes the Governments corruptions, and only if I ask you to post it. And if you want to address me about the info that I have sent you, then address to me in private about the subjects that you want to discuss or comment on. Make your comments to me directly first. Before posting the information on your website. If you want to debate with me in an open forum or on open public domain get my permission first To direct another Researcher of truth in a public domain does only one thing, and that is that it discredits that persons work and efforts in to getting the truth out to the people if it is attacking the researcher on a personal level in a public domain.

Repeat; I am on your side when it comes to Exposing corruption. I think you do a wonderful job at putting out info that exposes the corruption. Here is my website you can see all of my work. reply if you wish. I would apprieciat that you remove that email off your website

Thank You!

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