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Rosemary Jacobs, Colloidal Silver Debunker, Strikes Back!
March 17, 2008

Rosemary Jacobs, Colloidal Silver Debunker, Strikes Back! (March 17, 2008)

[Note from Ken Adachi: A woman named Donna wrote an accusatory e-mail to Rosemary Jacobs and got back an angry response which I've reprinted below. .I find it remarkable that Rosemary Jacobs should accuse Donna of being uninformed, when Rosemary, in the same breath, claims that not even ONE single study exists which demonstrates the efficacy of colloidal silver as a germ fighter.

Good grief! There are HUNDREDS of such studies (

And I simply love this line: " Do you actually believe that the drug companies would pay someone to disparage silver? If so, there is a bridge in Brooklyn that I'd love to sell you. "

Yes, Rosemary, we most certainly do believe that your holier-than-thou pals in the drug industry would do such a thing. In fact, we are quite confident that they have been paying (or benefiting in some way) a number of debunkers and fear mongers to disparage every category of alternative medicine- - - except you, of course!.]

Subject: colloidal silver
From: Donna
Date: Sun, March 16, 2008 1:14 pm
To: Ken Adachi <Editor>

I recently became interested in CS for myself (Hep C) and my partner (sinus infections). I read your web site almost daily (thanks for doing it) and came across the Rosemary Jacobs web site info. I visited the web site and was, of course, disgusted.

It's obvious that she is involved in some way with drug companies. I wrote an email which said, in part: "How much money are you making? You know colloidal silver helps people." WOW, you would have thought I had threatened her life. I would like to send you her response.

What do you think?



Subject: Fwd: how much are you being paid
From: Donna
Date: Mon, March 17, 2008
To: Ken Adachi

-----Original Message-----

From: Rosemary Jacobs <>

To: Donna [e-mail address removed]

Sent: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 3:47 pm

Subject: Re: how much are you being paid

On Friday, March 14, 2008, at 06:08 PM, Donna Isaac wrote:

> You know people can benefit from colloidal silver.

No I don't and I'm damn sure that you can't give me a shred of objective evidence showing that anyone has ever benefited from ingesting silver in any form. How do I know that???? Because the medical literature is indexed. I've been searching it for decades and never found one study, not one, showing that ingesting silver offers any benefits whatsoever except to the bank account of the quack who sold it. I have also been asking people like you for such evidence for over 10 years now, people like youwho jump to erroneous conclusions about me and silver supplements based on
innuendoes, assumptions, associations and lies they've been told, people who could very easily have investigated to learn the truth but have never bothered to do so because the truth isn't what they want to hear. So far none of you has given me a reference to even one scientific study showing that ingesting silver offers benefits. One salesman threatened me then admitted that there are no such studies. Now if you know something they don't, put your evidence on the table. Give me references, and please don't start telling me stories that cannot be independently verified.

Do you assume that everyone who states something contrary to your beliefs has been paid to do so???? If you know someone who will pay me to say what I do about silver, please, please, please give me their name and contact #s because I can use all the help that I can get.

Do you actually know who you have written to? Have you read my webpage? Do you know that I've had argyria for over 50 years? Do you know what argyria is?  Do you know of all the people who have gotten argyria from silver supplements?  Do you know how many of them have contacted me absolutely devastated who wish they had investigated before taking silver knowing that if they had they would have known that I and not the salesmen and promoters were the ones reporting the facts?

Do you actually believe that the drug companies would pay someone to disparage silver? If so, there is a bridge in Brooklyn that I'd love to sell you. If silver supplements could do a fraction of what promoters claim, the drug companies would be out of business by now, but they aren't and as far as I know they haven't found it necessary to drop the price of their drugs either. And please don't tell me that people don't know of the incredible claims people make for silver because that simply isn't true. Silver supplements are promoted and sold all over the world on the Interned, in health fraud stores, by alt. med practitioners, multilevel marketers and by fools like you.

Now if you are upset because you think my response is nasty you know exactly how I felt when I read your unsolicited nasty email. I have answered you in the tone that you wrote. I've also forwarded your email and my response to a writer doing a story on silver. She might contact you. Then again she might not.


Rosemary Jacobs 


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