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Rosie's Prediction--Invasion of US by China/Russia
October 3, 2006

Subject: Rosie's Prediction--Invasion of US by China/Russia
Date: Tue, October 3, 2006 3:43 pm
To: Editor


Hello Ken~

I visited your website for the first time today. after reading Rosie's prediction about a China/Russian invasion upon the U.S., I wanted to write and share a dream I had about 4-5 years ago. It was very short and simple--Asian looking males in fatigues and bearing weapons invaded the U.S. off of the Oregon coast. I've had prophetic dreams/feelings before and this one felt like one of those that I "needed to remember".

Two evenings ago, I was sharing this dream again with my spouse. Don't know why--I just suddenly felt like sharing it again. Reading this article today kind of hit that "whoaaaaaaa" button within me and so I decided to write and share my own experience.

Anyway--very kewel website! Love the info. about hydrogen peroxide--been using it full strength for years as a mouth wash and I am still alive. :) and love the articles on hope, chemtrails and healing thought forms. Will be back to visit for sure!


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