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"I don't want to be on the 'round 'em up' list..."
January 3, 2006

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From: Denis
Sent: Tuesday, January 03, 2006 8:17 PM
Subject: Hi Ken .. ahem.. A difficult and hard to resolve quest ion.

Hi Ken,

Firstly my name is Denis of sunny Queensland Oz tralia.

The thing that bothers me in this quickly darkening age Ken, is the dan ger of warning friends and family of the dan gers themselves.
And the dan ger of researching those very dan gers. I want to browse and email with some peace of mind and equanimity.
OK, I KNOW that you will understand what I mean and my hat is off to you for your courage in publishing the material that you have so far.

In a nutshell Ken, I want to be able to browse without my ID being all obvious to the 'illum inated ones' lackeys observational technologies. which are growing by the day. I remember 13 years ago when I was researching this stuff that there were about 200 key words 'listened for' and the conversations recorded. With the speed of supercomputers now, it has to be 10 times that. Surely?

My REQUEST Ken is: What anony mous types of browser and email protection systems can you recommend?
I am sure most will be backdoored by the 'agencies' and while I was researching this subject, I thought: "Why not ask Ken?"

Now, of course, you MAY have a private system for that that you want to keep private .. well fair enough mate, but maybe you could tell me the best 'non US based', least likely to 'be sold out' pri vacy browsers that I can use for my own feeling of safety and protection. Maybe my concern is a complete illusion Ken, because it is too late for that, but with all the stuff I have been seeing lately, any protection is better than none.

I don't want to be on the 'round 'em up' list when they go into full total itarian mili tary/police state both in your country and in mine. For our PM had a brown nose from his nose being so far up Bush's arse. It is sick really and the Eche lon deal so far advanced in NZ, OZ, US Can and the UK.

I think you know what I want Ken, which ideally is I want to browse and email with some peace of mind and equanimity.

Again, thanks for doing the work that you do, it adds real value for people and our planet.

Denis of Aus

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From: Educate-Yourself
To: Denis
Sent: Wednesday, January 04, 2006 2:11 AM
Subject: Re: Hi Ken .. ahem.. A difficult and hard to resolve question.

Hi Denis,

I'm not a computer expert by any means, but I do know there are anonymous browsers. About one third of the people who visit my web site use an anonymous browser.

I'll put this letter out there and I'm sure I'll get back some good info on what is currently available to civilians, but it's more important to stop living in fear.

Evil doers depend on FEAR to hold people under their control.

Hitler could have been stopped cold in the mid 1930's when he remilitarized the Rhineland, but he generated such a propaganda image of being all powerful and invincible, that he cowered the French,. British and Americans into doing nothing and the opportunity was lost as Hitler gained more and more time to build up his armaments.

You can't duck the NWO. Stop fearing those pathetic satanic robots and start FIGHTING them. Get organized, get involved, and start THINKING about how you can help to dismantle their little enslavement agenda. You have more help than you can possibly conceive of just sitting there waiting for you to spring into action-IF you start ASKING for their help. Spiritual forces are prepared to help people who are WILLING and DETERMINED to stop the proliferation of evil.

The German soldier of World War II is the best example I can think of to illustrate what happens to men who are unwilling to resist . He died-by the Millions-for a cause (by and large) which he did not believe in. He was a victim of fear and enslavement to authority. He obeyed, but he died.

When confronted with evil, you do not cooperate, you do not obey, you do not fear, you do not hide-you FIGHT.

Happy New Year, Ken

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