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Sam's Club Joins Big Brother with Fingerprint Requirement
May 10, 2007

Subject: Sam's Club, A Sure candidate For Police State Data Mining
Date: Thu, May 10, 2007 5:54 am
To: Editor

Sam's club has introduced a new card that requires you to place you finger on the register in order to make purchases with their special card. Perhaps this hasn't gone national when it comes to stores, but it shows the corporate callousness with which humanity can be led by such mere things as fear and the need for convenience.

Slowly, the people of America have been made stupefied in their education. For example, no one knows anything of geography, let alone yours truly.

In England people know because they have been taught, but in America, the people are not being taught the same curriculum in schools. It's all about rushing them through the system. Now your favorite corporate convenience outlet has decided to cooperate with data miners, so called criminal prevention teams, and corporate interests that are not content with their own power by implementing this newest intrusion on the rights of free citizens, which serves them only right, as they were naive to think their freedom would last if they just sat around and believed the propaganda.

There was no vigilance, so I suppose they will have to sit back and take the consequences of their stupidity. Unless of course, people begin to wake up. So come on folks, laugh with me. It's an ironic joke isn't it? Everyone thought they had freedom forever, and yet we've forgotten our own tenet to be "ever vigilant".



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