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San Diego Feb 10 2008, Chemtrail Sighting
Feb. 10, 2008

San Diego Feb 10 2008, Chemtrail Sighting (Feb. 10, 2008)

Subject: San Diego Feb 10 2008
From: Matthew
Date: Sun, February 10, 2008 10:32 pm
To: Editor


I just wanted to report a possible chemtrail over San Deigo, CA on Feb 10 2008.

At 5:30pm my 2 year old son and I were playing in our back yard in Clairemont San Diego when my son pointed to the sky and said plane. I looked up and a I saw a large 4 engine jet flying over head with a trail of "exhaust" following it. It was very thick and we traveling very fast at a very high altitude.

I have noticed them before but this time I was a bit startled when at 10:21pm the same night I went outside to smoke and when I looked up I saw the trail still in the sky.

I have never seen a trail from a jet linger for 5 hours. If you check the weather report for San Diego you will see we had a nice warm day with no wind.



Yes, you saw chemtrails being sprayed. If you look up carefully everyday, you will see that they are being sprayed almost on a daily basis. It's been going on for ten years, everyday, over your head. You just didn't realize it until now.

Regards, Ken

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