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Is the Sunday San Francisco Chronicle Publishing Secret Codes?

[Editor's Note: I was contacted by a former Soviet medical doctor who was imprisoned in the Soviet gulag systems for many years. He was released a few years ago and moved to Germany. While in prison, he told me that he had discovered a mind control system being used by the Russians on prisoners which included trigger numbers and words being published in the newspaper. I'll will post his information in the near future..Ken]
April 13, 2008

Is the Sunday San Francisco Chronicle Publishing Secret Codes? (April 13, 2008)

Subject: RE: SF Chronicle last two Sundays
Date: Sun, April 13, 2008
To: Editor

Dear Ken,

Hello! It has been a very long time since I last wrote to you and I trust you are well. I worked at an animal sanctuary in southern Utah for 18 months and learned to rehabilitate injured golden eagles and I also was a care giver for 200 parrots. I had "danceswitheagles" as when they are only able to run and flap their wings after an injury, the way you make them strong again is to slowly -- walk behind them down a 100' long aviary once a day until
they gradually get stronger and get more lift. The most exciting of days is when you come into the enclosure and see that they have flown to a 35' high perch. In a matter of weeks, they are ready to be released and it is a glorious moment when they explode from the opening and fly over the mountains. I do miss the place but left when I found out they harbor witness protection people.

The SF Chronicle has had two headlines that seem somewhat obvious to people like us and wondered if anyone else has mentioned this to you? Last Sunday in the Travel section, the headline was One if by Land, Two if by Sea. LOL. Today's SF Chronicle headline reads Code3. When you see
how clever this is as "Code 3" is not mentioned again in the article. Believe the puppetmasters are signaling one another? Have not had the time to see if this same text has been launched throughout the country in other papers??

FYI and Kindest Regards,

Mary Vargo
San Francisco


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