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Does Satan Even Exist?
March 1, 2008 .

Does Satan Even Exist? (Mar 2, 2008)

Subject: Does satan even exist?
From: Blaise K
Date: Sat, March 1, 2008
To: Editor

Hey Ken,

I just read your article on the myths of fundamental Christians and would first like to say that I agree with it completely. I have read before about God being a part of all people, but suddenly my question of the devil came to mind. I have always believed that satan only exists if you believe in him with the idea of fear in mind. If this is the case though, do the illuminati really worship anything if they are satanists? And could this mean that they are in fact much less powerful than they would seem?

-Blaise K


Hi Blaise,

You raise a big question for metaphysics and I won't pretend to have the definitive answer, but I will give you my thoughts on it. I have to believe that Lucifer exists as he was created by the mind of the Creator. He was in good standing before the rebellion recall. I think it's probably more accurate to say that demons and Satan exist because they have been created by the mind of man. We create with our thoughts. We gave them form and  substance by dreaming them up. The more powerful the emotions of fear which we invest in demonic beings, the bigger they grow. We create and sustain them with our thoughts and especially the power of strong emotions-which is a very real energy.

I refer to the Illuminati as Satanists for convenience, but Illuminati insiders like Svali have always stressed that the Illuminati proper are Luciferians, while the lower peons on the street level are considered Satanists. I don't think it's terribly important as Satanic or Luciferic rituals have one objective: murder and terror.

I feel certain that the Illluminati are much less powerful than we imagine they are. Due to accelerated consciousness expansion, more people than ever are recognizing the NWO game, and in time, it will collapse. The more who think along the lines of positive change, the quicker that collapse will take place. We create with our thoughts.

Kind Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: Does satan even exist?
From: Maureen
Date: Tue, March 4, 2008
To:   Editor

Hi Ken,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for replying to this. Blaise is my son, he's 16. As you can see he is quite thoughtful, but he also has many fears. Your reply was right on the money in my opinion, and I especially appreciate the following:

"The more powerful the emotions of fear which we invest in demonic beings, the bigger they grow. We create and sustain them with our thoughts and especially the power of strong emotions-which is a very real energy." it opened his eyes in a way that I haven't been able to. The flip side of course, is all the good we can also create with our thoughts, which is very enabling.

No need to reply, just wanted to let you know the good you are doing.
Thanks again.



Subject: Satan
From: Richard Phethean
Date: Tue, March 4, 2008
To: Editor

Hi Ken,

I read with interst your thoughts on "Does Satan even exist" and would like to offer the following. In order to answer this question we need to enter the realm of spiritual knowledge as opposed to belief and opinion. For me, and many others, the person who has penetrated into the true knowledge of such realms more that any other is Rudolf Steiner. I am aware that many have prejudice against him, but how many of those can say they have read much of his work? I have studied his teachings for over 30 years and conclude that he has contributed more to a clear understanding of these matters than anyone else in the 20th century.

Steiner's view is very thorough and detailed, and I will try to express some aspects in a few words.

He usually spoke of 2 main adversary powers, (although there are four classes of 'evil' beings). These two he termed Lucifer and Ahriman. Ahriman is an ancient Persian word and is probably best translated as Satan. These were both originally 'Angelic' beings created by God, but fell from their original spirituality and thereby took on a more animal form as their realm of activity was pushed more into the lower, ie. earthly realms.

Lucifer is the light-bearer and tempts man into earth-free spirituality and glory, vanity, pride etc.

The pull of Ahriman is in entirely the other direction - he wishes to instill in man materialistic thoughts, devoid of spirit. For Steiner, goodness lies in finding the free balance between these opposing forces in the soul - not rejecting spirit, not rejecting matter but learning to weave them consciously for the good of mankind. This corresponds to his view that health is also a balance between opposing extreme states of ill-health. He spoke of the Christ as the balance and freedom within the heart of man.

So yes, they are real spiritual beings with their hordes of demons, helpers. Yes, we do give them power and strengthen them and multiply them through our conscious or unconscious support. Satanic rituals, human sacrifices etc do this. Sleepily accepting half truths on the news allows such beings into our souls. Goethe's Faust also tells how this can happen.

In my opinion the names of Lucifer and Satan are often used fairly indiscriminantly, and I am currently unably to bring much clarity into how these names are being used. My view at the moment is that it does not matter too much because these 2 evil beings work together in many cases.

The Illuminati take their name and influence from Lucifer, the serpent from the Garden of Eden. Lucifer's aim is that the people of the earth come under his power and that of his willing servents, the Illuminati "because they are unable to govern themselves". Satan likewise intends to create a sphere completely under his control and totally cut off from the spiritual world.

Our greatest strength lies in keeping awake and recognising their schemes, and standing firm in our inner sovereignty as Sons of God, made in the image of God. The Christ is our guide and helper.

This is all I have time for right now.

I hope it helps

Richard Phethean <>


Subject: Does Satan Exsist? Good Question !!
From: Geoff L
Date: Tue, March 4, 2008
To:   Editor

Dear Ken,

I have read your reply to our friend who asked the above topical questsion. It would be good therefore to perhaps explain something, and I do so with full respect to you both, to undo a false doctrine that in truth doesn't even exsist at all. The first point to make clear to ALL is that this whole game started with one angel. You may call that angel Lucifer. The thought that was present in the mind of Lucifer was simply free choice. That's all. This is what many refer to as the rebelion. God answered the situation immediately and sent the answer forth. You may call the answer the Holy Spirit, otherwise known to those know as the Holy Mediator. This is why many messengers speak the same language. The Holy Mediator / Perfect Teacher holds the knowledge of the Truth and speaks it through those that are willing to see only Love as the Truth and not Fear which can only 'Make' NOT 'Create'. Only Love can create. So in a way Ken your intuition serves you well when you speak of making demons through thought. You see, only the mind can think. Spirit knows. Mind thinks and therefore makes. All things that are made are unreal and therefore much of what is seen in the world doesn't even exist in reality.

The only reality is the space that we all seem to ignore in favour of the objects and things that appear to stand out of the space. God is that space. The very canvass upon which all life springs. It is the only reality if you would understand its importance. Just as silence is ignored in favour of the sounds that spring from it. In order to recognise more of your 'Self' you would need to reside in the silence and stillness, the key to the return journey home. Remember, that only from the stillness comes movement which provides for a here and there and as such, distance and therefore time and measurement. So one must travel back hence the journey within. It is said, if you do not go within, you go with out. Everyone becomes concerned with the outside and fails to recognise for a long while the essence from which all the outside got 'made'. God did NOT create 'Bodies'; That was the final tool of the 'Devil' otherwise known to those that know as the 'Ego'. That is why you could say that some religions, like the Muslim religion understand the concept of a righteous angel sitting on one shoulder and a demon on the other. You will always hear within two voices, two teachers until you choose which one is true for you. But the ego will always, with all its cunning, try to convince you that you can 'make the best of both worlds'. Well you cannot. And trying to do so is exactly what has caused in hypnotic terms as the dissociation of the mind. Thus creating what appears to be the 'separation', 'making' a lower and higher self, thus refered to with Jacob and the Angel of Esau.

The bible is full of these coded stories but always leave out certain facts like in this case, Jacob never fought anything more than himself(ego) versus his Self (higher Self). I shall be glad to provide further explanation if you should so wish, but I will leave you both and all with this last understanding for the moment. When it is refered to as the 'Second Coming' in the New Testament, it should be worth noting by all that we are all undergoing the second coming NOW and it shall not be completed until EVERY LAST PART OF THE SONSHIP HAS RETURNED TO GOD IN FULL AWARENESS. None of us ever left. It is just an ILLUSION, hence the 'Prince of LIES', the DEVIL, THE EGO, THE LITTLE SELF. It has no power. Only we pretend it does. FEAR is literally, False Evidence Appearing Real as refered to by Neale Donald Walsch CWG, book 1. The final judgement is strictly between you and the Holy Mediator who decides with you and only you, that which you made with FEAR and YOUR THOUGHTS and that which was created with LOVE, which is eternal. All that you 'created' will continue and be honoured by GOD. That which was made will be kindly released by the Holy Mediator who knows EXACTLY how to do this respectfully. There is NO PUNISHMENT, OK.

In GOD's eyes we are all PERFECT and nothing that GOD has created is anything but PERFECT. This whole game was over long long ago. Do not even say long 'time' ago. Time does not exist. Only Eternity is, always is. Do not even say always 'WAS and always SHALL BE' because again you have made reference to a past and a future which does not exist !! There is only NOW. Past and Future only exist in the mind as memory and imagination, ok? WHEN YOU HAND BACK YOUR TOKEN TO THE FAIR GROUND OR EVEN GIVE BACK THE PAINT BRUSHES AND SAY I DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING then you have stopped playing God and have passed the brushes/token back to God. You no longer wish to make up anything anymore.

There is either the mind of God who runs the show or there are lots of 'INDIVIDUALS' trying to work out that which God and his Holy Messenger (Holy Spirit/Mediator/Teacher who spoke through the man we all call Jesus)know is already worked out & is, and always has been perfect. When you get lots of individuals and thus egos trying to put across their 'perception/judgement' you get 'Chaos Theory'. OK. Look at the world right now. What do you all see. Chaos or Perfection. Well if you are looking with the eyes of the body, they will always agree with you and say you are right. It's chaos out there !! You are not seeing correctly because you all identify with only the bodies and form. i.e. that which is not God. So you feel separated and attacked. The body always feels attacked and at risk. Ken, be very careful what is shared amoung your readers about the NWO etc. These brothers attack that which they do not recognise as their very own self. Just as we do the same back to them which is just as unjustifiable.

The true message of the crucifixion was 'TEACH ONLY LOVE'. Jesus was never betrayed nor was he helpless in the face of such a ghastly and horrific ending. He demonstrated forgiveness and love, in addition to giving up time and the ego/body in favour of eternity and the spirit. He made the final choice without reservation. That is the choice we all face at the end of our respective 'time'. Time comes to an end when it is no longer necessary or needed. And until then, the world as we know it will continue. I hope you have found this email of interest and if so, I will be at your service to share greater truths with you all in order that healing and miracles will commence on a grander scale for all those brothers and sisters who seek direction in these trying times. We all know what the establishments of this world (and others) are up to but I repeat, it is how you understand the truth that will set you free and NOT JUST PARTS OF IT. That is like saying we want to keep just 'one little illusion' for old times sake. It cannot work like that. You either give up illusion entirely, or keep it. Remember, the ego/devil will always try to convince you that YOU CAN live in both worlds. YOU CANNOT. IT'S ONE OR THE OTHER. HUMAN OR SPIRIT.

Love, Light & God's Blessings to you all.

Geoff L.

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