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More on the Satanic Hand Sign

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
August 28, 2007

More on the Satanic Hand Sign (Sep. 17, 2007)

Church Of Satan High Priest on the Infiltration of Satanists into The Police Force And The US Military
[ (as evidenced by their cooperative role in recent staged shooting hoaxes across America]
Pub. July 14, 2016


Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007
From: Fran
To: Editor
Subject: Bill Maher Flashes Satanic Hand Sign During HBO Comedy Special


Dear Ken,

Tom Ridge former Homeland SEcurity DirectorI've always been a little confused about the popularizing of this horned hand sign. Originally, wasn't is an anti-devil sign used by old wives and peasants as a warding sign against evil?

Is this just another indication of the upsidedownness of the world, where what is said is just about the opposite of what is meant, especially in Bush-politics? Has this old hand sign been co-opted and turned around? When Maher uses the sign during his "Decider" routine, isn't he using it because he is "doing" Bush? Does Maher ever use it on his own, as himself?

When I see so many young people using the sign, sometimes I think it has been popularized as a "peer" fad, with no one really knowing why they are doing it, except that maybe it is a cool thing to do and everyone wants to be thought cool, don't they? Fads of this kind flow through the culture all the time. Most fade out  eventually, to the great relief of everyone who thought the fad was annoying to begin with (or should I say from the git-go, since that is faddishly in vogue just now?)

Almost everything in the known universe can be used for good or ill, and symbols are turned around all the time -- the swastika, for instance, which originated as a sign for good luck. If this sign is used naively without evil intent (as in the mindless "cool" peer gesture scenario), what energetic effect do you think it has? Is this like a loaded gun in the hands of a kid, with the power to do harm in and of itself, regardless of intent? Or is it like calling down a blessing against evil, thereby having that power in and of itself?

Thanks for any clarification on this matter.

Fran F.


Hi Fran,

The satanic hand sign is a representation of the Goat of Mendes  or Baphomet.The two outer fingers represent the horns and the two clenched fingers with the thumb represent the goat's head & beard.

Goat of MendesIt's the hand sign that satanists use during satanic rituals to pledge allegiance to and solidarity with Lucifer. I've seen movies Satanic Ritualand still photos of satanic rituals, including human sacrifice, and that's the hand sign they hold up. They don't flash the "V" for victory hand sign at a satanic ritual.

Bush (and his family), members of G8, and satanic insiders around the world intentionally display the satanic hand sign in public in order to send a signal to other satanists of the NWO that says 'we rule', or 'we're unafraid to publicly demonstrate our allegiance to Lucifer.' The NWO satanists figure that victory is close at hand, so they've become more emboldened of late to show their colors.

Pentagram GoatA certain percentage of gullible and naive people will accept the ludicrous explanation that the Bush press people have offered that claim that the Bushes are flashing their endorsement of a Texas football team, or for Texan steers called Longhorns, but anyone who has even rudimentary knowledge of satanism knows that it's the satanic hand signal, the sign of the goat.


Goat of Mendes and PentagrammActually, there is a slightly different meaning to the satanic hand gesture depending on which hand is used. If the right hand is used, the thumb will often go under the two middle fingers and represent the horned god of witchcraft. More commonly, the left hand gesture will have the thumb over the middle fingers and represent a signal of solidarity among those in the Occult. If you point the satanic hand at someone, it's a way of placing a satanic curse.

Kidrock and ClintonIt's true that a large percentage of young people do not realize the true meaning of the satanic hand gesture and just assume that it's the "cool" way of greeting a camera or expressing a will to win at sporting events. Japanese young people, especially, are totally naive about satanism and think it's just the latest way to flash a 60's style 'peace' symbol or it's a variation on the "V" hand sign that is ubiquitous whenever young Japanese pose for a camera.

But many young people in America and Europe know exactly what the gesture means and use it because they are being drawn into satanism in a very seductive way through the example set by rock stars, especially heavy metal rockers, who are very often practicing satanists. The whole idea behind "Gothic" rock web sites and blogs is to suck young people into a kinky and somewhat depraved world where things dark or of a forbidden nature are bandied about and both sexes will wear black lipstick and black finger nail polish. Occult symbols are commonly posted at these web sites.

The average American has no idea how deeply satanism has infiltrated and permeated every strata of American society. Many high level politicians, world leaders, Hollywood entertainers, heavy metal rock stars, upper level military people, police chiefs, judges, doctors, lawyers, dentists, evangelical preachers, etc, etc.. You name a profession, and there are signifigant numbers of satanists within their ranks.

It's always possible that Bill Maher was using the satanic hand gesture as a way to mock Bush, but I think it's more likely that he's paying his dues to those who made it possible for him to be seen on that HBO special. Like I mentioned in the original article about Maher, most big name Hollywood entertainers are "owned" by the Illuminati; the majority being under mind control. A good percentage of the better looking women celebrities seen on television or in the gossip tabloids are either Monarch or MK Ultra sex slaves. Sometimes, due to internal psychological stress, a mind controlled personality will "sanp" in a very public way and we will read or see something on TV news that's sounds really bazarre, like that woman astronaut who went nutso a few months ago. NASA is a major mind control programming center and anybody who works for them in any high level capacity is going to be programmed

Yes, the Nazi swastica is similar to the ancient Buddist symbol, but the swastica is swirling counterclockwise (chaos, destruction), while the Buddist symbol swirls clockwise (generative, creative) if memory serves me correctly.

Symbols have POWER on the subconscious level and that's why they  are used - to generate or support a collective thought form. Satanists try to get people to REVERSE positive symbols in order to diminish their collective strength, such as the upside down cross in place of the upright cross or the use of Christmas cards that read "Merry Xmas" instead of Merry Christmas. How many of us realized that signing cards with "Merry Xmas" was LITERALLY helping satanists take "Christ" out of Christmas? 

Here are some photos of well known people gesturing their allegiance to Satan and the NWO.

Bush and wife Satanic hand signal (2005 inauguration)  Bush 2005 Satanic hand signal

Bush girl and Satanic hand signal Bushes Satanic Hands

May 10, 2007 White House Reception for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip

Bush & Queen Elizabeth May 10, 2007

Dan Quayle                                                               John Edwards

Dan Quayle Satanic Hand  John Edwards, Satanic Hand

Metallica                                                                                             Bush & Tommy Franks

Metallica Satanic Hand Tommy Franks Satanic Hand

Amy Grant                                                        Silvio Berlusconi, former PM Italy                      Elizabeth Taylor

Amy Grant Satanic HandBurlescone Satanic HandLiz Taylor Satanic Hand

Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France                        Dick Cheney                                           King Abdullah & Putin

Nicholas Sarcozy of FranceDick CheneyKind Abdullah

Benny Hinn                                                         Kenneth Copeland                                           Jesse Duplantis

Benny Hinn Satanic Hand Kenneth Copeland Satanic Hand Jesse Desplantis

Pat Robertson                                                                              Rodney Howard Browne

Pat Robertson Satanic Hand Rodney Howard Browne


Anton Levey, Church of Satan                   Harley Clark, University of Texas (note tower in background from which mind controlled campus
                                                                      shooter Charles Whitman gunned down students in 1966, another satanic message)

Anton Levy Church of Satan Harley Clark Satanic Hand Lennon Satanic Hand


Photos compilation courtesy of


----- Original Message -----
To: Editor
Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Subject: Re: Reply on Satanic ahnd sign from Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

Thank you for the link, and for the long article giving the history of the satanic hand sign.

This sign in general use in our culture is very bothersome to me personally. It is an offensive sign. I am not using that word to mean offense, or attack, as in football (although it IS an attack on love), but offensive as in an affront, an open manifestation of disrespect. Nothing much is left in our society that is considered disrespectful or offensive, except perhaps child molestation. Everything else that we would have once considered offensive is in our faces all the time. This bespeaks the meanness, the lack of love, in our culture.

My old Italian grandmother, a naive Catholic woman who went to Mass every day, would make the horned-hand sign and spit to the left, as a warding sign against evil. This hand gesture was not a Christian symbol, but something much older, used defensively as a protection. In checking the history, I find that that sign was considered a vulgar sexual gesture. Many cultures had symbols of protection against evil, including hand signs, hex signs, jewelry, amulets, and other things.

Here is a quote from, in an article about the evil eye:

"Among the Romans and their cultural descendants in the Mediterranean nations, those who were not fortified with phallic charms had to make use of sexual gestures to avoid the [evil] eye. This is one of the uses of the mano cornuto (a fist with the index and little finger extended, the heavy metal or "Hook 'em Horns" gesture) and the mano fico (a fist with the thumb pressed between the index and middle fingers, representing the phallus within the vagina). In addition to the phallic talismans, statues of hands in these gestures, or covered with magical symbols, were carried by the Romans as talismans. In Latin America, carvings of the mano fico continue to be carried as good luck charms." ...

"Most cultures also recommended means of protection against the evil eye. Most often this was by amulets or charms, but sometimes by more immediate action such as spitting in the presence of, or making obscene gestures at, the person thought to possess the evil eye."

Alan Dundes (1980). "Wet and Dry: The Evil Eye". In: Alan Dundes, Interpreting Folklore. Indiana University Press. Also in: The Evil Eye: A Casebook. Alan Dundes, editor. The Evil Eye: A Casebook. Univ. of Wisconsin Press, 1992.

Frederick Thomas Elworthy. The Evil Eye. An Account of this Ancient & Widespread Superstition. London: John Murray, 1895. Republished as: The Evil Eye: The Classic Account of an Ancient Superstition. Dover Publications, 2004. ISBN 0-486-43437-0.

Henri Gamache. Terrors of the Evil Eye Exposed. Raymond Publishing, 1946. Republished as Protection Against Evil. Raymond Publishing, 1969.

I understand that those powerful people who use the sign, like our president, are indeed communicating that they are satanists and that the hand sign is part of satanic history. On the other hand, my old Italian grandmother was apparently using their own sign against them ... demonstrating that evil can be turned against itself. I guess in a spiritual and energetic sense I am thinking that those naive ones who use this sign without evil intent of their own, those who are merely crowd-followers, might be allowed the possibility of making the sign against evil as well as for it, since they don't really know what they're doing. Lord knows, one must allow the possibility of something positive these days ...

Fran F.

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