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Satanic-promotion Agenda
February 27, 2007

Subject: Satanic-promotion agenda
From: Ashley.
Date: Tue, February 27, 2007 6:01 am
To: Editor

Dear Ken,

Referring to the ritual abuse subject (February 19, 2007), you made mention of "the satanic-promotion agenda"..

A little while ago, I'd been thinking about Santa Clause (or is it Santa Claus?) I've always been suspicious of him. Of course, SANTA is surely a blatant anagram of SATAN, and CLAUSE is a virtual anagram of SECULA(R) ? that is unless I?m using too much license with the spelling or pronunciation of CLAUS(E)?

I guess if we're going to be thinking of Jesus they wish to ensure we're thinking of Satan also. Particularly while they have us caught up in that madhouse Christmas-shopping ritual.

On the subject of putting gifts under trees I've been wondering about the ranking system within Freemasonry and whether a position of Grand Master necessarily tells us who the local Head Satanist is? I would only guess that it is the case?



Hi Ashley,

You're right on the mark. I've read in a few places the hidden meaning behind the name Santa Claus, and especially the true symbolism of the Christmas tree, the five pointed "Star" at the top of the tree, candles in the windows etc.

It doesn't mean that people who believe in all the right things about Christmas are doing something wrong, it just means that the satanists and freemansons have infiltrated their symbolism into every facet of Christian celebrations.

Very good.


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