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Dismayed by the Realization of Satanic Ritual Abuse with Children
February 19, 2007

Subject: A sad world
From: Paul
Date: Mon, February 19,
To: Editor

It truely is a sad world when things like this are happening to innocent children. I do however take hope in the power of God over the evil in this world and people like Ted Gunderson putting it all on the line for justice and rightiousness. Sir you are an inspiration for us all. In my research I have concluded that these satanic rituals involving the abuse of children go far beyond the united states government.

I am a 22 year old male with a modestly successful landscaping business in Knoxville TN. That is only what i do. It is not my calling. I believe that my calling is to find truth and expose it for what it is, however disturbing it may be.if there is anything I can do to help us attain a global consciousness of the truth of what is actually taking place, please let me know or share some ideas.

Thank you for all that you continue to do in these highly disturbing matters.



Hi Paul,

I was completely unaware of the infiltration and growth of Satanism in America until I heard Ted Gunderson in 1997 speak at a lecture in Garden Grove, California. He showed a video obtained by the FBI of a satanic ritual sacrifice of a woman whose chest was cut open and her heart removed and eaten by the satanic priest conducting the ritual and the other participants in the ritual -mostly young adults who looked really zoned out on drugs.  After they all took a bite of this woman's heart and smeared her blood on themselves, they took off their clothes and had a free for all sex orgy.

Of course, it was shocking to see this and find out that people are murdered on a regular basis at satanic rituals, which are conducted  on satanic holidays and on the night of a full moon. While sacrificial murders do take place at satanic rituals, it's much more common for people to be abused in some way. This could be anything from a group rape to torture to witnessing something really horrific. The idea is to instill total fear and obedience to the cult leader and for members to commit their allegiance to Lucifer. The whole thing is feared based. Once you're involved with satanists, it's very hard to extricate yourself, as Helena Stoeckley -whose satanic coven was responsible for the murders of the wife of Jeff MacDonald and his two small children in 1970- found out in January 1983 when she herself was covertly murdered.

It's better to know the truth about satanic activity than to not know because it is GROWING by leaps and bounds-or perhaps I should say that's it's being PROMOTED more openly and boldly now than ever before. Satanism is currently being marketed at an unprecedented pace because Satanism is intended to replace Christianity, along with every other major religion, when the New World Order is completed (at least that's the plan).

I saw a TV show on CBS on September 13, 2006 ( "13" being an important number for satanists ) called Rock Star Supernova. It was the finale show of a series of shows that was purportedly a heavy metal rockers 'competition'. It featured Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro among the judges and was hosted by woman named Brooke Burke. Everything connected with the show-from the set, to the clothes, to the jewelry, to the dark eyes makeup, to the tattoos, to the judges, to the host, to the contestants, and even to many members of the audience fairly shouted "Lucifer". The satanic hand sign was flashed repeatedly throughout the show by the judges, the contestants and the audience members. The backdrop of the set, the furniture design, and the items placed on the set were all chosen with a satanic/Illuminati/pagan theme.

You see the satanic hand sign being flashed on TV all the time now; even on commercials. I saw a McDonald's commercial during the Olympic winter games at Torino, Italy and the guy in the commercial, holds up the satanic hand sign at the end of the commercial. Amazing! I see talk show hosts like Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, or Carson Daly gesture with the satanic hand sign on a regular basis. The heavy metal rock musicians they have on their shows also flash the satanic sign throughout the performance. Benny Hinn, supposedly a fundamentalist Christian preacher on TBN, gestures with the satanic hand sign fairly regularly.

These hand gestures aren't accidental. They are done in a quick, passing fashion, so that those among us who are unaware of the satanic-promotion agenda, won't think anything is amiss, but those who KNOW what's going on, are very much AWARE that these hand gestures are intentional and intended to send a signal of growing solidarity among the satanic faithful. Of course, many, many young people are flashing the satanic hand sign today because they think that's it "cool" and are unaware of its darker meaning (this is especially true of Japanese young people), but people like Tommy Lee or Dave Navarro-who give off all the signs and signals of being Satanists-know exactly what they are doing. .

Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) is a depressing subject to deal with in the beginning, but after a time, you will acclimate to the reality of the satanic agenda and come to realize that the best way to stop it is to confront it and expose it. .Yes, it's disturbing to consider the innocent children who are abused or sacrificed by satanists, but to prevent even more children from being  victimized, we must all do our part to expose this evil and identify those who promote it.

The country music business, which is largely based out of Tennessee, is virtually inundated with satanists and those who are working to promote the New World Order agenda. Those people need to be exposed, especially by other people in the music business-who aren't on the satanic bandwagon and know the score- but keep quiet because it's safer and more comfortable to play dumb.

You  can read about some of the better known country music performers in Cathy O'Brien's book, TranceFormation of America and in Brice Taylor's book, Thanks for the Memories.

Keep me posted of your efforts.

Sincerely, Ken


Subject: Satanic-promotion agenda
From: Ashley.
Date: Tue, February 27, 2007 6:01 am
To: Editor

Dear Ken,

Referring to the ritual abuse subject (February 19, 2007), you made mention of "the satanic-promotion agenda"..

A little while ago, I'd been thinking about Santa Clause (or is it Santa Claus?) I've always been suspicious of him. Of course, SANTA is surely a blatant anagram of SATAN, and CLAUSE is a virtual anagram of SECULA(R) ? that is unless I?m using too much license with the spelling or pronunciation of CLAUS(E)?

I guess if we're going to be thinking of Jesus they wish to ensure we're thinking of Satan also. Particularly while they have us caught up in that madhouse Christmas-shopping ritual.

On the subject of putting gifts under trees I've been wondering about the ranking system within Freemasonry and whether a position of Grand Master necessarily tells us who the local Head Satanist is? I would only guess that it is the case?



Hi Ashley,

You're right on the mark. I've read in a few places the hidden meaning behind the name Santa Claus, and especially the true symbolism of the Christmas tree, the five pointed "Star" at the top of the tree, candles in the windows etc.

It doesn't mean that people who believe in all the right things about Christmas are doing something wrong, it just means that the satanists and freemansons have infiltrated their symbolism into every facet of Christian celebrations.

Very good.



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