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The Satanic "X"
February 6, 2005

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From: Gary
Sent: Sunday, February 06, 2005 11:51 AM
Subject: the meaning of the letter x

Hi Ken,

I found the letter you recently posted about the letter x interesing. I believe what you said is true but my father needs a little more proof then your words. It has become hard coming across evidence to comfirn the letter "x" with the devil. Could you provide me with a link or information of the santanic meaning of the letter x. I was pondering on the letter x and came up with some of my own.. Could you confirm them to see if I stand correct. XM radio, Xbox, X ratings with adult movies and XXX the movie with Vin Diesel.



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From: Editor
To: Gary
Sent: Monday, February 07, 2005 10:47 AM
Subject: Re: the meaning of the letter x

Hi Gary,

The symbol X goes back a long time as a satanic thing. I have an on-line book posted on my Mind Control page from Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler called The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable total Mind Controlled Slave and Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula which detail many references to satanic symbols such as "X" .

The word "Fox" is also used for satanic communication as is the mathamatical symbol for infinity (the number "8" laying on its side) . If you know the telephone company called SBC, they use the infinity sign as their logo. A public television station, KCET, also uses the infinity symbol in their logo. All major Illuminati controlled corporations use hidden satanic symbols in their logos. See the books of David Icke for many more examples. (E.g the pentagram star of "Texaco" gasoline is a satanic symbol.)

When Dr Jeffrey MacDonald's little 2 year old daughter, Kristen, was murdered by a satanic cult in 1970 at their home on Fort Bragg, NC, the killer had carved a huge "X" in the middle of her chest. (see )

"X" is a common symbol for satanists.

The examples you mentioned have a satanic basis, although the people who promote those names would never publicly admit that, of course. .

Many heavy metal bands are up to their eyeballs in satanism. Their album covers often contain in-your-face flagrant satanic symbols or gestures: the black upside-down cross for example. Alice Copper comes to mind here.

Madonna, with her 'study' of the Kaballah (which is a nice, acceptable way to say satanic black magic) is another example.

For the past two years when I watched the New Years' Eve show on ABC TV, rocking New Years , I noticed that many of the rock singers gave the satanic flash (index and pinky finger devil sign) to the audience. Bush and his family also used the devil hand sign at his inauguration. The reporters and papers said it symbolized the Texas Long Horns. Yea, right. Bush never seemed to be very interested in Texas long horns BEFORE his second inauguration.

It's satanism and it's in your face and they love putting it in your face and have you believe and accept their rediculous cover stories.

Regards, Ken


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