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Saving Private Husband
February 12, 2008

Saving Private Husband (Feb.12, 2008)

Subject: Thanks to you
From: Jennifer
Date: Tue, February 12, 2008
To: Editor

I want to thank you angels for all that you do. I know what it happening in our world and much is needed to repair the damage. I am slowly trying to introduce my poor husband to the truth of this world in hopes of having his support in buying and making some generators. Unfortunately he does not even believe in a God and I honestly do not know how I got mixed up with him.

I introduced him to the recent Disclosure Project video which is not much considering all that is going on, and he refuses to believe that even aliens exist. I am afraid that I will have to leave him behind oneday soon. If you have any advice for me in how to save him I would certainly welcome it.

Peace ~ Jennifer


Hi Jennifer,

Men and women's consciousness develop at a different pace. Women are usually way ahead of men (in general) because they are more in tune with the intuitive side of the brain.

You married him because you loved him, I assume. If you loved him enough to marry him, then you shouldn't think about leaving him just because he's not as tuned in as you are. When we say we will marry for life and will stick it out together for better or worst, we should keep that commitment in mind, ESPECIALLY if we have children. Divorce is a sure road to unhappiness, a loss of inner peace and the feeling of being loved and appreciated by your family members. Men are even more devastated than women, I believe, when abandoned by their spouse. Surely, you must realize by now that men are actually little boys running around in adult bodies.

Children's lives are ALWAYS devastated by divorce. It usually takes 15 or 20 years to show up, but the damage is always profound and will last a lifetime. Stay with the man you married and help him see farther through patience and UNDERSTANDING. It doesn't matter if he's slow to understand the NWO game or doesn't believe in aliens or even God.

People who claim to not believe in God usually do so when they are comfortable and not in distress, but when one has a close brush with death or you are face to face with imminent death, most people are anxious to have a talk with God. Even people who die believing that there is no God will find out the truth very quickly when they pass into the spirit world.

Would you abandon your retarded child because he's unable to learn things as fast as other children? Would you abandon your mother or your father due to Alzheimer's? So why consider abandoning a husband who is as much a part of your family as your children or your parents are?

You can't FORCE people to see things your way. Allow him to expand at his own pace. Don't butt heads with him over any of this stuff. If you steadily PRAY for his enlightenment, you WILL EVENTUALLY SEE RESULTS.

Love, patience, understanding, and loyalty will bring the enlightenment you are hoping for with far greater speed than any other course of action.

I guarantee it.

Sincerely, Ken

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