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Friendly Note from a Scientologist Defending Scientology
August 25, 2010

Friendly Note from a Scientologist Defending Scientology (Aug. 25, 2010)

Subject: Friendly--from a Scientologist
From: Dave S
Date: Wed, August 25, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

I'm reading The Brotherhood, Part 7 now--thank you for your truth writing.

I'd appreciate it if you would correct a misstatement about my religion. If you investigate the REAL us (rather than web sites of those who label us a "cult" and dangerous, etc.--which you yourself warn against--you will find in us a powerful ally.

We are very dangerous to The Elite and they KNOW it. Cult Awareness Network was our bitter enemy. I helped take them out (Barrington, IL) circa 1992-1993.

The MK-Ultra experiments were exposed by our religion's founder, Ron Hubbard. He also exposed The Siberia Bill leading to it's defeat. In 1967 in a recording called "Ron's Journal '67" he explained that the planet is controlled by perhaps a dozen men and their major henchmen.

As early as 1952 pre-Scientology -- Dianetics -- exposed what Mr. Hubbard termed Pain-Drug-Hypnosis in his book "Science of Survival". Dianetics and Scientology technologies are very, very effective in UN-doing ALL negative effects of mental tampering and implantation. I personally attest to the effectiveness. THAT is why we have been attacked--we can undo mind control and far, FAR more.

I became a Scientologist in 1977. I assure you that The Elite are the Church's bitter enemies. They and their influences (psychiatry, AMA, IRS, FBI and many more in numerous countries) sought to discredit our founder and our church for decades and are still at it. We are the only survivor of Nixon's "enemies list" I'm pretty sure. Only a really honest group with the ability to fight back successfully could withstand the level of attacks directed at us.

We do not advocate The New World Order as you say in Part 7. And if you really got to know us, what we do and can do then I think you might then come to agreed that we are the only faintest chance that Mankind has for Freedom from both the NWO and the ETs and their (I agree) very potent mind control & implantation technology--which I have experienced and been freed from.

We are your friend. Since you are in SoCAL where I live, I can easily prove our friendship and alignment of goals.

Dave S
Glendale, CA


Hello Dave,

I'll post your note so people can read your thoughts.

I did not write the Brotherhood article to which you refer, although I find it credible and in line with my perceptions.

I cannot agree with your assessment of Scientology or who Ron Hubbard was and what he was doing, but I do see him as a person who was used by Aliester Crowley and Jack Parsons (both satanists) in particular, and obviously an enemy of the power group who took control of Scientology in Hubbard's later years. He was no saint, though, and his "good work" was a cover for other, darker agendas. I've spoken to a number of people who finally got out of Scientology after many years, thinking it was a positive organization as you characterize in this note, but they discovered a different reality. Ultimately, Scientology is all about mind conditioning and MIND CONTROL; manipulating people towards a controlled-society. .

I'm hardly the person you should attempt to proselytize with, but rather you should consider exploring the many books exposing the dark side of Scientology and then ask yourself if you're on the right path.

Kind Regards, Ken

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