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Scotland: Aerosol Cloaking & Weather Modification?
July 21, 2008

Scotland: Aerosol Cloaking & Weather Modification? (July 21, 2008)

Subject: Chemtrails
From: Maggie A
Date: Mon, July 21, 2008
To: Editor

To Ken Adachi.

Dear Ken,

Thanks for such a great informative site.

I for one, am convinced of the things that are happening for dubious reasons, by dubious persons. Yesterday I heard some kind of air planes circling the sky above my house. They sounded very loud indeed, they seemed very low flying and I concluded they must have been military planes on exercises.

The sky was full of clouds all of a sudden, earlier it had been a nice sunny sky. So because of the sky full of clouds, no airplanes were visible. After the noise was gone, (I presumed the aircrafts had gone), a wind blew up from nowhere, the wind was fierce so much it caused the water hose I was using to direct the water away from where I was aiming it. I felt this wind was weird. Is it possible these were `weather` changing aircraft?

Many thanks.
From Maggie A. in Scotland


Hi Maggie,

I'm only guessing, but I would assume that your intuition is on target. Since the aircraft were low flying and loud, they might have wanted to conceal their (spraying?) activity by creating cloud cover-which is easy to accomplish today using HAARP facilities and satellites.

The unexpectedly strong wind can be created artificially of course, but it's equally possible that Sylphs could have stirred the wind in order to counter the hidden activities of those aircraft.

Maybe some psychics reading this can chime in and let me know.

Warm Regards, Ken


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