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On Fighting Chemtrails in Scotland & Recognizing Sylphs
June 21, 2008

On Fighting Chemtrails in Scotland & Recognizing Sylphs (June 21, 2008)

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From: Lee Morgan
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Saturday, June 21, 2008
Subject: Hi from Scotland!

Good morning Ken,

First of all, I would like to thank you for a very informative site; one of the first in fact that assisted me in waking up!

Here in N/E Scotland I have noticed chemtrail operations being ramped up considerably this year. So much so that it pushed me to assemble and place in my garden a Don Croft Cloudbuster [chembuster]. Having purchased a Carol Croft Harmonic Protector last year, I felt I could trust the design. Things were slow to change in the first couple of weeks after I positioned it, but now I think it is actually making a difference! Plus the plants around it are thriving, which is a nice touch. I now have orgonite all round my house and garden and it feels so right with all the other nonsense around me in the dreamworld called real life.

What pushed me to write to you was something that happened to me yesterday during my usual inspection of the skies around me. I was staring at the clouds and remembered an article I read on your site about cloud staring. Imagine my surprise when clouds started dissipating all round me when I focused my thoughts on them!! I thought it may have been a one off, but it seems to happen whenever I want it too.

I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. How can I identify the sylphs around me from the natural cloud formations? Are they wispier than normal clouds?

Many thanks,


Hello Lee,

It's nice to hear from someone in Scotland. Glad to read your note. I'm sure others will be inspired to follow your example.

You are probably referring to the Visual Ray which I wrote about some years ago after reading about it in Trevor Constable's book, The Cosmic Pulse of Life.

The Visual Ray will work for ordinary, cumulus clouds. If you are breaking up chemtrails then, your iintentions are probably interacting with Sylphs. But it seems you are likely busting normal clouds, which would be the Visual Ray.

I wrote a few rebuttals to skeptics describing the distinguishing characteristics of Sylphs versus an ordinary cloud. You can read one here:

Here is a nine page photo essay that will clearly point out the difference between Sylphs, chemtrails, and transmuted cloud banks (the residue of de-toxified chemtrails) which I photographed over Costa Mesa during a knock down, drag out chemtrail bombardment in early May 2005.

A tell-tale giveway of Sylphs is the whispy outer fringe while the central section is denser white and seemingly more solid. Sylphs will often take on an animal or sea life appearance, or humanoid, or even insect appearance. They often have opposing "appendages" which could be wings, or "arms" or "legs", horns, or antennae. The opposing "appendages" will usually be symetical and curve inward or outward in an opposing direction. Some sylphs take on a very fierce appearance.

More people are noticing the intense and isolated "rainbow" effect seen with some Sylphs and can only imagine that it's negative government technology at work doing someing dark and evil. The rainbow cloud effect is a clear indication that you're seeing s Sylph working very hard to try and undo something dark and evil that the GOVERNMENT is trying to do to our atmosphere.

The recent rainbow clouds seen over the China earthquake area 30 mintues before the quake were Sylphs trying to mitigate and reduce the harmful energy being pumped into that area by HAARP and weapon satellites. Of course, the China quake was artificially engineered--as will be the big earthquakes they will try to cause along the West coast here and probably along the New Madrid fault in Missouri. If more people in China understood that the quake was artificially created, they could collective use their minds and focused intentions (as you did) to greatly mitigate those devastating events. Because they don't realize what's going on, it never occurs to them to put up a psychic shield over their areas and work with the elementals (and friendly aliens) to prevent these attacks.

Please keep me posted on your observations.

Regards, Ken

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