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Report: Seattle Skies Bluer, Chemtrails Waning

Report: Seattle Skies Bluer, Chemtrails Waning (Aug. 6, 2010)

Subject: Chemtrails
From: Travis
Date: Fri, August 6, 2010
To: Ken Adachi


Thank you for your help with the cloud buster. So far it is either working really good or all operations in the greater seattle area have stopped. I recently went to Europe and picked up some other crystals and added them to the pipes for a double effect. No kidding we have had some of the bluest sky here in some time. And when we need rain I just sprinkle it with some water and wait about 2 days.

My main question is....Have you heard or noticed a drop in chemtrailing in certain areas? We have had great weather but not a plane in the sky. I am wondering if there seems to be a change in tactics but it is hard to say.

Ok once again thanks for the help and keep up the fight!


Hi Travis,

Glad to hear you are getting good resuts with the CB. The cleaning efforts of Sylphs manifest more quickly in a positive orgone atmosphere and they will often transmute the chemtrails as fast as they are being sprayed. We've had some incredible Sylph shows in this area in the past couple of weeks. I took many spectacular Sylph photos that I'm hoping I can post.

The chem sprayers have UFO technology, which means they can blink in and out of visibility. So it's possible to see the trails but not the planes, even while the trails are being laid down.

Yes, there is a big drop in the ability of chemtrails "to stick" in certain areas where the orgone atmospheric signature is high. That's what I've noticed here for a few yers now.

Also, there's been a huge dent created in the overall chemrail spraying program thanks to the efforts of a team of very special Etheric Resistance fighters which I've wrote about in March, April, and May of this year. Thanks to them, there are now far fewer planes, less underground (and off-planet) bases of operations, and more importantly, far fewer AI computers controlling the flight pattern of those chemplanes than was the case last year.

I'm only guessing, but I think the chemtrail spraying program may collapse completely in the next few years because the resistance is slowly outgunning the offensive. The more people who TAKE ACTION and realize the cummulative effect of PROACTIVE RESISTANCE (installing a CB and other orgone generators) and the application of FOCUSED INTENT to bend the unfolding of reality to your Will and desires, the sooner the collapse will occur.

Keep me posted.

Best Regards, Ken

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