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"Selective services sent me a letter. What can I do?"
September 1, 2008

"Selective services sent me a letter. What can I do?" (Sep. 1, 2008)

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Hi Ken.

Selective services sent me a letter. What can I do?



Hi Josh,

I can't advise you to do anything that's illegal, but you should read these articles I've posted about avoding the draft.

The Right to Refuse to 'Volunteer' When Called for the Coming Draft (Aug. 14, 2008)

The Draft By Philip N. Ledoux (a technique to avoid induction) (Feb. 7, 2005)

Dodge the Draft? Refuse to Volunteer (Apr. 17, 2004)

How To Stay Out of the Military (Primer on Draft Resistance Feb. 3, 2004)

If you received the letter, you are legally bound to sign up for selective service. It would have been wiser to have put yourself in a position that would have made it impossible for the letter to have ever reached you in the first place. If they don't have your address, they can't very well send you a letter, can they? I talked about that strategy on the Military Draft page a few years ago.

The time to take steps to avoid being ensnared by selective service is BEFORE you get the letter, not after. They obtain your home address from schools primarily, but they can go to parents voter lists, income tax returns, census information, driver's licence, birth records, utility bills, etc. Parents who want to protect their high school children from getting that letter after they leave high school need to disconnect from the matrix COMPLETELY and make their home address UNKNOWN to authorities.

Hard to do? Yes. Impossible to do? No.

Signing up for Social Security sends that info straight to the Selective Service (that's how they know when you turned 18 years old. Yes, I know, they tell you you MUST sign up for Social Security in order to go to school but that's NOT TRUE. It's another lie, such as MANDATORY vaccinations are REQUIRED to go to school. Not true, but they will TELL you that. You have to know more about the law than they do, in order to effectively resist them).

Home schooling is one of the BEST WAYS to avoid schools having access to your home address or being coerced into taking vaccinations you don't want.

Now that you got the letter, you have to decide whether you want to send it in or not. Technically, you can be prosecuted for not signing up for selective service because the law says you have to sign up, but personally, I would do whatever I had to do to stay out of the military, including going to jail if I had no other choice, but I would do everything within my power to create other choices and not spend a year or two in jail.

They're not going to start going after people for not signing up until after they declare a draft, and then they'll go into high gear. For now, they will just send you more and more threatening letters. How often, I don't know. I know of one case of a man in Kansas who did NOT send in the Selective Service letter, but they sent him the "Congradualtions" notice anyway, telling him that's he's been successfully entered onto the Selective Service rolls and 'thanks very much' for fulfilling his obligation to sign up. Illegal? Yes, of course. Does it stop them from doing it anyway? No.

If you did send in the letter, though, you still have options to avoid being drafted. It's possible to go anonymous within the United States, but it takes a lot of thinking and planning to do it correctly and not show up in government computers. If they can't contact you, they can't draft you. Going overseas increases you options even more.

If you were to go to school somewhere overseas, let's say South America where your appearance didn't stand out different from the locals, and traveled around a great deal of the time and didn't use a cell phone (they would know exactly where you are), and only used Internet cafes, and decided to keep going to school or arrange to do work there and stay there for a long, long time, and only had your mail forwarded to the post office box of a friend or an organization or only used an anonymous e-mail address, the US government is probably not going to spend tons of money and man hours tracking you down to take you back for not signing up for selective service or not responding to a call for the draft. You could move to countries that don't have an extradition treaty with the US like France.

However, if you had to show your passport to go from country A into country B, it is POSSIBLE that they would hold you for US authorities and send you back home if your name showed up on their computers. People who think like criminal have no problem going from country to country in places like South America, for instance, by just flying there in a small airplane that lands at a secluded air strip. If you had the right contacts, you could also get into another country using small fishing boats and the like. But that creates another set of problems if you are stopped by the police for something.

Another choice is to go to the induction center when drafted, but not "VOLUNTEER" as the above articles describe. That would be a tough one to go through, but if you stuck to your guns, they would probably relent eventually. At least, LEGALLY, they would have to, but that doesn't guarantee that they WILL stay within the law. They might throw you on the bus anyway. In which case you tell them they have abducted you and you want to speak to a lawyer. No matter what, you tell them: "I didn't volunteer to join and you've abducted me. Let me go or let me see a lawyer". You don't cooperate with them and don't do anything they tell you to do, but keep on saying that you've been illegally abducted.

Ultimately, they don't want somebody in the military who won't cooperate and play the Rambo/ Mad Dog Killer game with them. They want to turn you into a killer psychopath (like they are), but they need your cooperation to do so.

For now, without a draft, they are just throwing money at people to entice them to join and there are enough knuckleheads out there who will take the money, but they will go to a draft in time--unless a miracle happens and the sleeping dumbed-down parents of this country wake up and start dumping the traitors in congress and replace them with loyal legislators who will kill the war funding and stop the whole crazy thing from going forward and pull back from the edge of the abyss.

You never know. I always like to look on the bright side of things.

Sincerely, Ken

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