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'Semper Fidelis' and Brainwashed
July 15, 2006

Subject: Chief-Sergeant??
Date: Sat, July 15, 2006 7:44 pm
To: Editor

Just read the "story" from "Chief-Sergeant Massey" as you put it. Funny, I've been in the Marine Corps just over 8 years and never knew there was a rank called "chief sergeant". I continued to read the fictitious story of his supposed recruiting adventure, and then to follow Iraqi episode.

You people never cease to amaze me with the shit that you print. Just reading that I find it hard to believe that you ken, are former military because im sure you would of caught the fact that cheif-sergeant is no rank in the United States Marine Corps. As the editor you post crap like that as a ruse to hide behind and somehow try to validate your position in posting messages like that. Its easy for you to criticize using the powers of theinternet and a keyboard, so easy are the keystrokes to conjure up lies, and stir ahornets nest of Anti-Military / Anti-American rhetoric. I bet you sleep soundly at night Ken, thnking you are doing some grand favor for all Americans.

Sleep soundlybecause I WATCH YOUR BACK!!!! So do my brothers that wear the Eagle Globe and Anchor and the other service men and women in this GREAT COUNTRY that I love. Shame on you and your cronies that lie with you. I may not agree with everything that goes on, but I took an oath, and swore to defend the constitution and the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic. We have foreign enemies abroad that are not so easy to identify sometimes, but make no mistake that they intend us Americans true bodily harm. But more important are the domestic enemies that lie within, men like you that work to undermine our progress, that get in bed with the enemy. Do you wish another terrorist attack on the United States??? I bet you do, so you can somehow justify what you say. Its in that sense that makes YOU Ken, an enemy of America. Sleep well tongight. Im good at what I do.

Semper Fidelis.


Hello You Anonymous Tub of Guts,

Before I address the rank stupidities in your letter, let me ask you why you can't append your name to your letter? For someone who takes credit for "watching my back",  you seem to be rather timid about identifying yourself. Why is that?

Ok, let's review your dumbness:

1. The article you refer to is posted on my Military Draft page. It's titled: Confessions of a Marine (Oct. 27, 2005)

The article is written by Jean-Paul Maria, and NOT Ken Adachi . The comment about "Chief-Sergeant" is a QUOTE from a man in the article identified as Warrant Officer Dalhouse. The person describing the quoted comments of Dalhouse is Jimmy Massey himself.

Here's the exact text copied from the above article:

One day in 2000, I was with my warrant officer in the cafeteria of a little local university. Chief Warrant Officer Dalhouse rushed over to me, saying "Hey! Chief-Sergeant, I'd like to introduce you to Timmy." I lifted my head towards Timmy to discover ... a retard!

But you didn't notice those little details, did you? You didn't notice that Ken Adachi wasn't the author and you didn't notice that the remark about "Chief-Sergeant" was a quote from another party within the article. You just went ahead and assigned those details to ME.

Do you know why you didn't notice those things? You didn't notice them because you're a hothead. You react before you think You got emotionally riled up reading the article, decided to wrap the flag around yourself and lash back at me with the "domestic enemy within" routine. You're so anxious to follow through with the projected fantasy that you've created in your head, that you then feel the need to push the envelope and justify your self righteous anger by saying:

"Do you wish another terrorist attack on the United States??? I bet you do, so you can somehow justify what you say. Its in that sense that makes YOU Ken, an enemy of America. "

What a twit.

I'll address your juvenile reactivity in a moment, but first let me address the "Chief Sergeant" issue, since it's apparently the entire foundation for your accusation against me that I was never in the military, because presumably I don't know the jargon.

When I was in the military, there were TWO ranks of master sergeant. The lower rank was simply called "master sergeant" and the higher rank was called "chief master sergeant". I presume that the ranks still exist, but I don't know for sure. I see that Jean-Paul Maria describes Jimmy Massey as a Master-Sergeant, while Dalhouse is quoted as calling him "Chief-Sergeant". So what? Maybe Dalhouse thought he was a Chief-Master. Maybe he wanted to give him more defferential recognition because he was in charge of his section, so he refers to him "chief," meaning that he was the top master sergeant of his section..

It doesn't surprise me that someone in the military would call out to someone he knows and address him as "Chief-Sergeant" . Who in the military would say "Chief Master Sergeant"? A few people, maybe, but the majority of people would use the "Chief-Sergeant" or "Chief" shorthand instead. The only people in the military who tend to use full rank names are either officers in a formal situation, or enlisted personnel who A) don't know you or B) don't like you or C) are afraid of you. If you're friendly with someone, they call you by shorthand names like "sarge"- and you know that's true.

2. You accuse Massey of concocting a "fictitious story of his supposed recruiting adventure" because you don't want to face the the possibility that his words are true. It doesn't fit well with the cover story, the brainwashing really, that you've absorbed SO well, and so you go into DENIAL. .It's a basic psychological coping mechanism that you can read about in any Psych 101 text book. You particularly don't like it because Massey was a 12 year MARINE who saw plenty of action in Iraq and killed lots of people. But that was the problem, wasn't it? He killed TOO many people; people who were mostly unarmed civilians --and that's the part that he couldn't handle. That's the reason he got out and that's why he went public. That's what happens when you MURDER innocent people. It bothers your conscience and it works on you until you can't sleep any more without having nightmares about the people you've killed.

Your pea brain can't handle the conflict presented by Massey's actions and his acquired insights into the reality of today's US military, specifically in Iraq. You simply cut off the debate by telling yourself that it can't be true. How convenient!

What Massey did took REAL courage, unlike the keyboard bluster that characterizes your bravado. I can imagine just how tough it must have been for him to take the ostracizing and insults that he undoubtedly had to endure before getting out of the Marines. I'm sure that not all of his fellows Marines treated him harshly. I'm convinced that many knew what he was going through and understood. I'm equally confident that MANY other Marines who were with him also felt the SAME as he did, but lacked the courage to stand up and take the heat, so they went along to get along. But you pay a big price for that down the road- you too have trouble sleeping and probably for the rest of your life. That's why I write about the evil of this war and those fifth columnists within the government who got us into it. This insanity is not going to end unless we make it end and that requires the involvement of people who can still think on their feet and don't capitulate to fifth grade morality plays about "foreign enemies abroad that are not so easy to identify sometimes" .

3. I suppose that anyone who goes into military service can boast that he's 'protecting' the ungrateful slackers and critics on the home front. Sure, that's an easy one. Anyone in the service could say it, of course, even the weekend warriors of the National Guard and Reserves. But is it true? Not really.

You went into the Marines because it served your purpose. You likely have a limited education and you found that you could get three squares a day, all the free medical and dental attention you needed, no concerns about coming up with the rent or the mortgage payment each month, and the prestige, let's say, of advancing rank that makes you feel like you're a Somebody. You like the camaraderie and organization of military life, so you stay in the military. What a surprise.

I could also place the same 'Protecting the Home Front" garland around my head, as well, if I was as ballsie -and dumb-as you are. You're about 26 or 27 years old I'm guessing . Therefore, I was overseas "watching the backs" of your parents and their parents before you were even born. If I hadn't  made that great selfless sacrifice, lug nuts, then you might not be here! How's that? So where is your gratitude?

4. I'm not going to convince you of anything or change your mind, even a little. I already know that. You're going to keep thinking along the same lines because you've been conditioned to think that way. It's only through self introspection that people change their views. If you ever have a change of perspective on this, it will only happen because you will witness things and hear things that make you think twice. When you start thinking instead of reacting, then your on the road to recovery. Essentially, that's what happened to Massey. He began to think more about what he was doing, and he realized that what he was doing was wrong, evil, and unjustified. He got to the point where he had to stop participating in the carnage and to try to regain his soul and sense of humanity. His decision to go public is probably part of a self imposed penance he's making to the souls of the innocent people he killed in Iraq.

Sincerely, Ken


Subject: semper fi..... and barborism
Date: Mon, August 6, 2007
To:  Editor

Dear editor ,

First of I would like to take the moment to let you know that this is in no way ment to attack you for your beleifs or your opions. This is America obviously and we all are entitled to what we beleive, but i would like to politley bring a few points to your attention about the article semper fi...,

First off , the one thing that I noticed about the article is it countless misspellings and poor word choice on behave of the individual marine that wrote
you. You mention the brain washing that he obvously accepted all to well, and futher something about psy 101 . you seem to be rather smart so no dissrepect but I picked up on this guys weak mind and lack of inquistive judgement after only after a few lines . It was rather clear of his ignorance and gung-ho attitude fairly quickly . I have ran into plenty of these war mongers and they all jump striaght to the barbaric attitude of if you are not with us then you must be against us , by simply askin why we should be in Iraq and if you ask them about the current occupant of the white house they will just go striaght to the fact of Al Gores high enviromental standards,and kerrys wife and the aledged issue of the purple hearts or something, instead of reinforcing the their beleifs why George is in ther opinon a decent politician.

So i ask did you have to rip apart this poor ignorant fool so harshly in your response to his letter. Second , In your response you pulverise this guy with more wit and logic then he can possibly muster . To start with you bombard this guy with direct qoutes fom your other article. Then you analyze the writing and the person in it . BUT in your response with all of the intellect that it took to write your response it feels in my opinon that you left out the key component.... Educating oneself. By this marines barbaric stupitity you allowed him to drag you down to his level and gain some sick form of enjoyment in the fact that it is obviously that he was able to strike a nerve with you on the subject matter. In my own experainces i have found the best way to deal with these perticular individuals is the fact of Darwinism. Throught their own stupitity and /or ignorance they will most likely remove them self from the gene pool on much of their own accord.Then mankind as a collective whole can advance itself and possibly one day be able to "reach great being humanity" . I guess finally farewell for now and good luck in life . It is nice to see someone thinking before acting. thank you for your time and your writtings .

sincerely ,



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