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Yes, "Seriously": Evangelical Con Artists
April 28, 2008

Yes, "Seriously": Evangelical Con Artists (April 28, 2008)

Subject: seriously?
Date: Mon, April 28, 2008
To:   Editor

How can you point out with such confidence the false christian prophets if you have articles on a 12th planet which is totally un-Biblical? Why would God make all of these so called "truths" so very clear, even to the finest detail, to heathen tribes and not mention any of this in the bible or to His chosen Isreal?

And re-incarnation - "the I semi care for myself tribe 50% of the time", the "I don't give a sh@t tribe 90% of the time" and the inbetween one which will be judged by the greater universe authority to decide who is going to live on the new old earth made better by everybody focusing on making it better or something stupid like that?

I think it's better if you distance yourself from Christianity because you are full of New Age nonsense.

Mighael Strydom


Hello Mighael Strydom,

I don't know what Christian prophets you are referring to since I've never accused any prophets (Christian or otherwise) of being false, but perhaps you've confused the words "prophet" and "pastor" and are referring to the evangelical con artists that I've sometimes written about. Even the con artists don't call themselves "prophets", though, as far as I know. Although Benny Hinn might be moving in that direction if he rakes in another 20 or 30 million so he can buy an even larger and more luxurious jumbo jet than the one he recently acquired in order to whisk him around from one country to another, bringing the "word of God" (and his accountant of course) with him.

Beyond that, your comments are rather scattered and confused and therefore difficult to respond to in an intelligent fashion.

It's apparent to me that you are a brainwashed, Bible thumper who has been successfully sucked into the "Christian/Zionist" camp being promoted by people like "Pastor" John Hagee who is well funded and supported by hidden proxies working on behalf of British oligarchs (of which you also apparently know nothing).

Take off the critic mantle Mighael, and replace it with a student's uniform, because you've got a LONG, LONG way to go.

Sayonara, Ken

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