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"Shane! Say it Isn't So, Shane!"
January 12, 2008

"Shane! Say it Isn't So, Shane!" (Jan. 12, 2008)

Subject: your message
Date: Sat, January 12, 2008
To: Editor

Please admit the truth and take down that NWO story or atleast say that its fictional because i have a weekminded friend who hasnt gone to school for 4days because hes afraid the world is comming to an end


Dear Anonymous,

If it wasn't true, I wouldn't have written the essay.

If you prefer to deny the reality of what is taking place in this country, then I'd say your "weak minded" friend has a better grip on reality than you do.

It may be daunting for a young person who is suddenly exposed to this information, but anyone can learn to adjust to a new paradigm and carry on their life with greater awareness and far less vulnerability to those who would deceive you and lead you towards enslavement or worse.

You don't fight tyranny by pretending that it doesn't exist. You confront it and deal with it.

Use your name if you write again.

Ken Adachi

Reader Comments

Subject: Reply to the article, "Shane, say it isn't so, Shane!"
Date: Sun, January 13, 2008
To: Editor

Dear Ken,
After reading that sad and poorly written letter that was sent under the above title, I would like to offer a reply.

First of all, I am profoundly grateful to your site, for helping me to OPEN my mind and take back my power. My motto has been, since I was in college, "QUESTION REALITY!" And after 9-11, I was on the search for some help because I smelled a rat when it came to the common take on reality. Also, as a professional Hypnotherapist, I knew that it was rather fishy how the media continually repeated certain words again and again, as if they wanted to impress our unconscious mind with codes or holograms, such as "terrorist",and "war on terror". We were being repeatedly traumatized, by showing the planes being flown into the Twin Towers, seeing bodies falling from the buildings, and watching the buildings collapse, AGAIN and AGAIN, knowing that we were seeing LIVE accounts of mass murders. I was completely, viscerally NUMB, as a result. Thank God, I found your site. I know that through trauma, ones psyche is blown wide open to the effects of hypnotic suggestion, and open to control. Through techniques of fear the masses can be effortlessly controlled.

So, my second comment for that sad reader of this letter is to ask the question, "WHO benefits?

Who benefits from having me believe that the world is ending; and who benefits from my feeling hysterical, helpless and powerless?" The last part of this reply of mine is a request to the readers who write to this website. I ask politely and respectfully that you please follow the commonly agreed rules of grammar and to please check your spelling, and grammar. It is very hard to understand a letter thatisnt propirly speled andgrammical a wasteland of small i and no appostropys. DO I MAKE A POINT?

I can spell words incorrectly, but I have a "SPELL-CHECK" on my computer, and my computer can help with grammar. I know I will be communicating clearly when I follow these agreed upon rules. That is what it is all about: COMMUNICATION. So, please help me to understand you, by reading again what you write before you send it in to this website. Thank you, all.

Yours truly,
Mary Joy Harvest 


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