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Shelly Shriner
March 7, 2008 .

Shelly Shriner (March 13, 2008)

Re: Sherry Shriner (Jan. 24, 2008)

Subject: shelly shriner
From: Raymond B
Date: Fri, March 7, 2008
To: Editor

Dear Ken:

Firstly let me give a a piece of friendly advice. Your phone number listed by a whois search shows 999-999-9999. I can say for a certainty this is not your number. I can also say that this being the case, you cannot give false information to a registrar under the ICAAN rules. Such a violation can get you banned forever from having or owning a domain name. My recommendation is that you go with a private listing, of your domain name.

I was researching cbsworks and google pointed me to your website /lte something. Shelly Shriner is what I really wanted to talk about. I looked at her site using In her newer site she got smarter. As the reptiles must have been taking down her site, she has gone with multiple domain names and using links from her main website. I suppose they are all on different servers. I didn't dig that far. I see alot of bad things were said about her including Don Croft. But one never really knows about these things as this is all on the internet and not from a site like yours denouncing shelly shriner. So I was wondering can you give me direct evidence of your claims about her? I don't see where she says hers is the only and that she is the chosen one and that every one else is a fraud. I didn't stumble across that. I see where she says god tells her about the reptiles, and such.

And it's true I can't read all her stuff man that stuff is endless.

But since I can't get ahold of Gale Stark. She was from She made some really good charcoal activated cylindars. They I bought some from her and they still are along parts of I75.

Now I see that people couldn't sleep because of items they bought from Shelly Shriner? Makes me wonder when somebody gets slammed as a fake they may not be a fake. That theri product may be so good that the reptiles don't want it around.

Love your website keep up the good work.

Best regards,

Raymond B


Hi Raymond,

Thanks for your note.

The woman's name is Sherry Shriner, not Shelly.

I never listed the 999 number. I probably didn't provide any phone number, so they must go to a default 999 listing. You can dig back through the orgone forums of past years and find hundreds of comments about Sherry. You can also find cbsworks former web site and find a couple of blistering articles about the Shriner Who Talks to God. Don Croft must have stuff on his site too.

The woman is completely irrelevant and unimportant to me. I'm not going to take the time to dig up things that I read about Sherry Shriner years ago just to satisfy your curiosity. You can find the info on your own by digging through archives.  

You obviously feel sympathetic towards her. That's fine. You don't have to believe or accept one word that I've said about her.

Anything's possible, of course, including the notion that her orgone stuff is so good, that the reptilians got the lady who sent me the note about not sleeping well with Sherry's generators in her bedroom to believe that they gave off a negative energy and kept her and hubby awake most of the night. Those sneaky rat fink reptiles. Can they possibly stoop any lower?

Kind Regards, Ken

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