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Sherri Kane Secretly Tapes Lenny Horowitz on Christmas Day, 2010

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[Note from Ken Adachi, Aug. 25, 2011: Sherri Kane filed a FALSE formal DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) copyright "infringement" complaint against me with my server Lunar Pages, on August 17, 2011 which resulted in my web site being taken offline by Lunar Pages from Aug. 19-24, 2011. Sherri claimed in her complaint--supposedly signed under "penalty of perjury"-- that I had "stolen" her video and had POSTED it on my web site. She also listed 3 other urls at my web site claiming that they ALSO contained material that she owned and were copyrighted to her. I wasn't aware of Kane's DMCA complaint until Aug. 20 when I saw that my web site was taken down ("suspended"). After learning of Kane's DMCA complaint, I sent a long e-mail reply to Lunar Pages on Aug. 20, 2011 explaining that Kane's CLAIMS were riddled with falsehoods. I told Lunar Pages that I had posted a LINK to the video in question and did not post the video itself. I also told Lunar Pages that the video belonged to a person named Roxie Hampton and that it did not belong to Sherri Kane and that Roxie Hampton had signed - and posted online - a notarized release placing the video in public domain. I could only talk on the phone with support techs at Lunar Pages who lacked the authority, they said, to put my site back up, but they told me that they would forward my info to the "administrator" who would get back to me by phone or e-mail. I had hoped that my web site would be back up on Saturday, Aug. 20, but it didn't happen until Aug. 24 when it was finally restored. I had sent a very succinct four page letter to Lunar Pages on Aug. 23 telling them exactly what I was going to do on the legal front if my web site was not back online within 24 hours (I'm glad that they finally saw the light and sidestepped a costly lawsuit). I plan to write about the issue in far greater detail in the next few days and post the details to my web site..Ken]

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August 2010 Emails Between True Ott, Sherri Kane, & Len Horowitz That Got the War Started (June 12, 2011)

From Ken Adachi, Editor
August 9, 2011

Sherri Kane Secretly Tapes Lenny Horowitz on Christmas Day, 2010 (Aug. 9. 2011)

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Update, August 14, 2011. Normally, I'm not interested in discussing or exposing Peyton Place style melodrama. In this case, however, we have two individuals, Sherri Kane and Len Horowitz, who have spewed a torrent of false accusations and defamatory misrepresentations against the characters of both Ted Gunderson and Dr. A. True Ott, of whose work and integrity I wholly respect and support. Dr. True Ott is capable of defending himself, but Ted Gunderson, who recently died on July 31, 2011, was unable to respond to Horowitz & Kane's outrageous and contemptible slander because he was struggling with the issue of staying alive (undergoing treatment at a cancer clinic and later being hospitalized, and eventually dying at LA's Cedar-Sinai hospital). Horowitz and Kane were aware of Ted's cancer, but went forward with their slander campaign anyway (and Kane, at least, actually mocked reports of Ted's cancer, as if to impugned that he was faking his illness to invite sympathy). Beyond the issue of their despicable calumny, defamation, and false accusations against Ted Gunderson, the very idea that these two self-engrossed, self-promoting sociopaths would viciously and aggressively fabricate the most heinous slanders and lies against a man who was suffering through the last few months of his life, unable to defend himself, is beyond the pale.

As a long time defender of Ted Gunderson against the pusillanimous slander arrayed against him by the original All-Star Character Assassination Team, including the CIA's own Barbara Hartwell, and Virginia McCullough, Stew Webb, Jackie McGauley, Cherie Seymour, Kathy Sullivan, and Art Bell, who collectively participated in a government-sponsored smear campaign organized by CIA-connected Virginia McCullough, to discredit Ted and make him appear to be some sort of black ops, double agent which commenced in early 2000 with the Art Bell lawsuit (video from Ted Gunderon on the Art Bell lawsuit).

I'm not going to idly sit by while Horowitz and Kane put Ted's name and reputation through a meat grinder, when all Ted Gunderson has ever tried to do since he retired from the FBI in 1979, was to bring to public awareness the deep seated corruption and destructiveness that has been wrought by the CIA's development of mind control programs and their abuse, torture, programming, and killing of untold thousands of children from this country and abroad whose lives have been satanically sacrificed in order to forward the NWO takeover agenda of America. For this, Ted had suffered SEVEN direct, and near-fatal attempts on his life, but in each case the attempt was thwarted by what Ted could only describe as 'divine intervention'. I know the details of those murder attempts and if you were placed in the same circumstances - and survived- you too would realize the reality and presence of angels.

I didn't really focus on Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane's smear campaign against Ted Gunderson and True Ott until a few months ago when I started to read the articles and newsletters and internet radio shows being promoted by Lenny and Sherri making the most defamatory and ludicrous allegations under the sun against Ted and True Ott.

Kane and Horowitz have tried to link the names of Ted Gunderson and True Ott with that of Michael Aquino, a well known Satanist and founder of the satanic Church of Set in California, as if Ted and True Ott were working in LEAGUE with Aquino when Ted Gunderson, especially, played a pivotal and leading role in EXPOSING Aquino's participation in Army/CIA mind control activities, especially when Aquino was in the Army and was involved in a huge scandal with children at the Presidio school near San Francisco. Towards the end of the video segment linked below, you will see Kane and Horowitz speaking at the Conspiracy Conference in Santa Clara, California, where Horowitz will tell the audience that Ted Gunderson was sitting "right next to Michael Aquino" on the stage and answering question from Geraldo Rivera.

Horowitz, who should be horse whipped for his unbelievable low-handed and conniving mendacity, is actually trying to imply to the audience that Ted Gunderson and Aquino were on the Geraldo show together as ALLIES, when the fact is that Geraldo Rivera invited Aquino onto his TV show to order to re-butt Ted's statements and claims against Aquino. Aquino was on that stage, not as an ally of Ted Gunderson, but rather as an ANTAGONIST of Ted Gunderson. For Horowitz to completely reverse the circumstances of what took place on that television show in the 1980's is more than contemptible; it's libelous in the extreme!

It is my fervent hope that Ted Gunderson's children will someday sue Horowitz and Kane for every cent they own for so grievously slandering the name and reputation of their father, whose only mission after his retirement was to defend those who could not defend themselves and to let the people of this country know exactly what's going on behind the government's well concealed inner government agenda.

Look at the woman is this video and consider her conduct. She's trying to elicit blackmail-able statements from Horowitz in order to manipulate him to her will. Look at what has happened to Len Horowitz since getting involved with this quarrelsome and viperous female. I had no idea that Lenny was such an utter megalomaniac until I read his articles about his 'destiny" and his chosen position within the 'Royal Bloodline of David' and similar ego-centric tripe, but I never took Horowitz to be such a FOOL -- until now. How much longer will it take this man to realize that he has destroyed his career, his credibility, and his reputation by taking up with this woman? How long?

They say there's no fool, like an OLD fool, and Horowitz is proving it day by day.

Ken Adachi

[The above introductory comments were written when the link to the Christmas Day 2010 video (recorded by Roxie Hampton on Roxie Hampton's video camera of Sherri Kane talking to Len Horowitz on the her cell phone with the speaker phone turned on so you could hear Horowitz's voice, while she was trying to get him to say something incriminating, that could then be used to black mail him with) was working and posted to this page. This was the video link that Kane claimed was a DMCA violation of "her" copyright. ]

Update, Aug. 17, 2011: Just discovered that the latest video link to Sherri Kane's attempted black mail set-up of Len Horowitz has AGAIN been taken down undoubtedly due to threat's from Horowitz's attorney even though Horowitz and Kane neither own the video nor possess copyright. I was told that the owner of the video had signed a release for the video to be in public domain. There is no LEGAL justification for removing this video. It's not hard to see that Horowitz and Kane have very powerful friends behind the scenes. You or I couldn't get a vdieo taken down so readily just because it may reveal us in an embarrasing light (due to our own scheming stupidity). Maybe someone can suggest a video server outside of the USA who are not so easily intimidated.

Update, Aug. 12, 2011. I just found out from True Ott that the video clip linked below of Sherri Kane attempting to obtain incriminating testimony from Len Horowitz did not belong to Sherri Kane and that the person who owns the video recording had provided it to True Ott with a written release to go public. Obviously, Lenny and Sherri are probably threatening the servers with legal action when they have no ownership rights or copyright claims on the video. I hope someone out there will contact me and provide the name of a video server who will not immediately cave into the hollow threats of two lying BS artists who couldn't cobble together an honest statement if their life depended on it. ..Ken

Update, August 13, 2011 Just discovered that the Horokane video -to which Horowitz and Kane have no ownership rights-is still avaialble at another web link called Stupid How appropriate! I've inserted the current video links that will work...Ken

Subject: Amazing VID of HoroKane at work -- Christmas Day 2010
From: True OTT
Date: Tue, August 9, 2011

VIDEO Lies and Hypocrisy of Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane
(Update Aug. 24, 2011: The link seen below no longer works)

but I believe that the video, which is owned by Roxie (RJ) Hampton and released by her into Public Domain, will soon be available at other web sites for viewing.

Sherri Kane (in colllusion with Len Horowitz) have been contacting every web server who hosted the video and filing DMCA complaints of copyright "infringement", claimed that the video was owned by Sherri and that it was "stolen" from her (as she did with my web server, Lunar Pages on August 17, 2011 which resulted in a four day suspension of my web site from Aug 19-23, before I was able to adequately impress Lunar Pages that Sherri Kane had no copyright or ownership claim on the video and that her DMCA complaint -"under penalty of perjury"- against me was completely contrived and untrue).

Roxie Hampton sent out a notarized statement on August 16, 2011 (posted below) that she, Roxie Hampton, is the sole owner and copyright holder of the video and that she had released the contents to 3 individuals, including Dr A. True Ott for public distribution.

Roxie Hampton Notarized Statement of video ownership

Roxie Hampton notarized letter Notary seal



see A. True Ott's web site ~ ~ for more details of the Sherri Kane "restraining order" case that was dismissed in July

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