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Sherry Shriner
January 24, 2008

Sherry Shriner (Jan. 24, 2008)

Subject: Question re: orgone blaster
From: Lorna
Date: Thu, January 24, 2008
To: Editor


I ordered some orgone blasters from this site (before finding your site):

However, my husband  & I couldn't sleep the first two nights they were in our room.  They seem to made different than yours and seem to be creating more harm than good.

Any thoughts????????
Thank you,


Hello Lorna,

The web site you mention is one of many operated by Sherry Shriner.

After initially learning about orgone generators by reading the articles from Don Croft posted at my web site, Sherry Shriner soon set out to inform the entire Internet world that SHE alone had been anointed by "God", who she claims routinely talks to her, to be head honcho of the orgone generator movement (apparently replacing founder Don Croft) and the only person you could trust -having been authorized by 'God'-- to make the best and most powerful orgone generators in existence!

She said that others who offered orgone generators are to be considered incompetent boobs who had no idea what they're doing. Only SHE was given the inside track by God and you had better get your orgone generators from her, otherwise, you were taking a BIG. big chance!

This self absorbed megalomaniac also had the annoying habit of stealing many of her photos (and 'discoveries') from my web site or that of cbsworks or others and never giving credit to the sources.

Anyone who is knowledgeable in the orgone movement is well aware of the name of"cbswork" or "DB".

Cbswork, similar to Carol Croft, can travel in the astral plane and take a psychic peek at people's true identity and motivations. A few years ago, Cbswork exposed Sherry as being manipulated and controlled by the other side, implying that she's mind controlled. She certainly fits the behavior pattern of an over-the-top fundamentalist.

It therefore should come as no surprise that the God anointed orgone generators fabricated by Ms Shriner, may have just a WEE bit of dark energy attached to them.

Caveat emptor.

Ken Adachi

Subject: Sherry shriner
From: Jeremy
Date: Sat, January 26, 2008
To: Editor

Dear Ken:

I have been reading material on your site for a couple of years now, and am always happy that it helps me to keep up to date with what's happening
"out there". Having never heard of Sherry Shriner and her activities, I took a look at her site as mentioned in the article, since I was curious as to what was at issue.

I often "read" a new site for me "vibrationally" to help me decide whether to get into it in depth. Subjectively, the higher and clearer the frequency, the more inclined I am to spend time with it.

The following is my subjective experience, regarding her site, and for me it's no exaggeration (If relevant, I am an "energy worker", and among other activities, have been teaching various Reiki practices --Usui, Kundalini, Karuna, etc.).

I have NEVER felt a vibration coming from a website, or, actually, from anyone or anywhere, for that matter, that was as negative, dense, twisted, "sickening", literally, as that coming from her site. Why this should be so I can only speculate.

For comparison, I will say that I have come into contact with some quite "evil" people over the years. And I have encountered physical sites where literal horrors had occurred. None of these had a frequency as pernicious as her website's.

Whether a person is sensitive to energies, or not, coming into contact with vibrations of the type noted can only be deleterious for their being.

It would be interesting to hear from others what their views are on why her site is, vibrationally, so toxic. One thought that comes to my mind is that since she's ostensibly selling items which run counter to illuminati agendas, these vibes have been planted so as to be as injurious as possible to "dissenters".

Thanks for all of your excellent work.

Many Blessings,



----- Original Message -----
From: Don
To: Editor
Sent: Saturday, January 26, 2008
Subject: In response to the Sherry Shriner post

Hello Ken,

I'm emailing you in regards to the Sherry Shriner post. Back along time ago, when I started my research into everything, her site(s) were one of the first I came across. After browsering around for a few or so days, I started to get the feeling that something was odd about this person. I then noticed she was selling orgone pendants, and I thought it wouldnt be a bad idea to buy one to put in my pocket when going out and about, basically like having a nice good luck charm.

They weren't made directly by her but by someone else, one of her friends I suppose. At the time, I was alittle skeptical about them and looked into it. From what I understand, they can be made to attract negative energy by how it's constructed. I emailed the woman whom was making them for Sherry and she assured me they are fine, so I went ahead and got one anyway. This is what it looks like:

Now after a few years and especially reading that post on your site, I'm starting to really wonder about these pendants. Have I ever noticed anything different or odd about them? No, I wouldnt say so, not sure. Is there a way of knowing? Maybe by looking at it or by looking at the contents of it? I read somewhere that the contents of it, like the cooper wire can be adjusted to where it can attract negative energy? Is this true? Is there some kind of test I can try to determine if the pendant is good or not?

Another thing to mention is, they sent me 2 extra pendants for free because she thinks it would be a good idea since I was asking questions about them, because to her it showed her I was 'worried' or bent up in negative thoughts about them and extras would help. Something like that.

Since you are well educated in the topic of orgone, can you please give me your thoughts and opinions? If these pendants I have are really no good, then what is the purpose of having them. As always, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.


P.S. I was getting a error when trying to send this email through the website.


Hi Don,

I wouldn't worry about it because I don't think that a orgone pendant can put out negative vibes. If someone else was making them, instead of Sherry, I thnk that makes it even less than a problem.

What I was referring to had to do with the vibrations of the person making the orgone generator, especially a larger one that uses larger cyrstals, etc. The vibes of the fabricator is going into the generator and there is something of a piggy back effect I believe. The crystals pick up the vibes of the handler, so unless you make the effort to cleanse the crytal and re-program it, you might get some negative vibes riding along. That may be what happened with the lady who wrote me the note.

Concerning bounced e-mail, can you try sending me an e-mail from another computer or ask a friend to send me a test e-mail from their computer using the website form?

I'd like to know if other people are getting error messages as well. I've had the same problem trying to send e-mail a woman in Australia who has a web site on T. Lobsang Rampa. I'm sure the e-mail address is correct, but I get an error message whenever I try to send her e-mail from either of my two e-mail accounts. .

Regards, Ken


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