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Give Me a War...
March 23, 2003

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From: joan brusin <>
Sent: Sunday, March 23, 2003 5:14 PM
Subject: Iraqi War

I cannot stand you simple-minded antiwar mongers...give me a war...i'll give you a do nothing except to brainwash simpleminded people like are no better than the Jones and Koresh's of this world...where were you when the Iraqis were murdering the Kurds with their chemicals? Why weren't you there protesting against Saddam Hussein and his madmen? You people are just as mad as he is...and my name is Joan Brusin and I am proud to be an American


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From: Russ Born <>
Sent: Sunday, March 23, 2003 10:40 PM
Subject: RE: Iraqi War


I saw your e-mail on the website and couldn't help but to reply.

My name is Russ Born and I live in British Columbia Canada. You would probably classify me as one of the "simple-minded antiwar mongers" as most other Canadians. I think those who are simple-minded are the ones who blindly follow their media and never question their government. You probably haven't noticed that most of your own war vets from the 1991 war are opposed to war. They are probably the ones to listen to as they have been there and done that. You can hear FIRST HAND from one of your war vets at

Even in today's CNN headline news:

From the article:

"A Sunday protest drew about 200 U.S. military veterans to Washington marching in opposition to the war. In Manhattan, antiwar protesters unfurled a banner aboard the retired aircraft carrier USS Intrepid."

As far as news reporters go, I would think the person with the least biased view is one who has heard both sides. Dan Rather is a news reporter for CBS (Canadian news) and he had a THREE HOUR INTERVIEW with Saddam. He is opposed to the war.

Saddam challenged Bush to a debate on public TV because he did not believe that he had violated the UN resolution. Bush declined the debate yet still claims he made all efforts to resolve the situation diplomatically.

Anti-war protesters have not managed to stop the war but I believe they have probably managed to delay it and reduce the damage. For example, let's compare to the 1991 war. In that war, the first thing the US bombed was Iraq's power and water facilities. After the estimated 35,000 were killed including those soldiers who had surrendered, another 1.5 million died from UN sanctions. Unfortunately, depleted uranium is also being used in this war which accounted for a 700% increase in cancer in the last war and it has a half-life of 4.4 billion years (see for more information). Of course, we have yet to see how bad this war can get.

In the example you used in your e-mail you asked, "where were you when the Iraqis were murdering Kurds with their chemicals." My reply is: where were you? Your country did not condemn it. In fact, the US, along with Britain and private corporations, supplied Iraq with the chemicals. War would have been more justifiable if the US had done something to protect the Kurds.

Do you seriously think Iraq is a threat to the US, a country with 9600 nuclear warheads? Bush was scraping the barrel to try prove that the Al Samoud missiles violate resolution 1441. The claim was that the missiles went 25 miles beyond the limit. If this claim is accurate, the missiles were measured without a warhead or guidance system. Regardless, Saddam was destroying them until the destruction was stopped by a US forced war. By bombing another country without UN approval and against the will of the majority of people in the world, you are not ridding the world of terrorists, YOU ARE CREATING THEM.

I respect your opinion, but at the same time, doubt that you have all the facts and both sides of the story. Turn off the TV and do some of your own research. I'm curious to hear your take on that, and I hope you reply.



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From: Diane Hudson <>
Sent: Monday, March 24, 2003 8:57 PM

76% of Americans support President Bush and our troops in Iraq. Its amazing to me that most anti war types support abortion but do not support this war on the grounds that people will die..........ironic? I also resent the fact that most anti war types assume that those of us who support our troops are uneducated..........ignorant of the facts. I happen to think the opposite is true. I cannot imagine that anyone would support animal that has gassed his own people; tortured children in front of their imprisoned parents; condoned rape; put his enemies thur plastic shredders, etc. And, by not supporting our troops in Iraq you are supporting Saddam. I am a middle income American who pretty much keeps a low profile. But, the anti war protests and the horrible things being said about my country by a minority of my countrymen/women has ignited my activist spirit. Watch out.............we're gonna hit the streets and hit them big. We won't be quiet much longer.

Diane hudson


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