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Yet More on Sir Mark Phillips
Dec. 26, 2003

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From: Yumiko
To: ken Adachi
Sent: Thursday, December 25, 2003 4:28 AM
Subject: re mark , cathy phillip

Hi Ken

I realized that you think that Mark Phillip is under CIA mind controlled. If you read that book you will understand they had to misinform public about him at all cost. The most shocking book I ever read in my life about most powerful people in America re mind control and NWO.

I have no doubt that they ( the devils- Illuminati and Satanist) are the behind of all his disinformation about him. The book even explain about disinformation campaign started about him after they started to sue the government.

The book expose Bush , Cheney, Reagan.Clinton,Hillary and all other powerful gangs about how they have treated in order to mind control her and use her for NWO messenger for other country and she details how they want to stupefy mass population for NWO. And you learn how all top people , judges, doctors,police are all connected, they are all Satanist! And they have immune to the law. That is the reason they never go to jail . We , the innocent people go to jail.

Ken please read the book , it is so important if you want to understand the whole story of NWO.

They had to do everything to misinform about him, by the way he is a friend of Dr Len Horowiz. His Death in the Air is a must book too if you have not read it. The government are killing us in the name of PUBLIC HEALTH for a long time by spraying and injection.

Did you know it is their protocol to misinform anyone who is a threat to NWO. Put search engine for David Icke, they want you to believe that he is suffering from mental illness.

LaRouche was a big thereat to Drug gangsters(Illuminati) so they had to create ADL , Anti-Defamation League and launched a multi-million dollars campaign to label LaRouche and his political associates as anti-Semites. And they even sent him to jail. To create illusion about Mark Phillip was a simple task using mind control few people and misinform all the organization.

They spread so much misinformation about anything to confuse us intentionally so that we get fed up and do not seek for the truths. This is written in their protocol.

They have many people wetting to misinform us too and getting big money! So Please be aware which story you buy.

Even about environment they constantly lying , global warming, ozone , airpollution and etc. I do not believe anything coming from official source then after I always found I was right.



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From: Editor
To: Yumiko
Sent: Friday, December 26, 2003 5:00 PM
Subject: Re: re mark , cathy phillip

Hi Yumiko,

You are jumping to conclusions and having a knee jerk reaction to what I wrote about Mark Phillips without knowing WHY I said what I did. You've read Mark's book and because you read his book, you feel sympathetic towards him and the suffering that Cathy O'Brien and her daughter endured, so when I write that Mark is not exactly the White Knight that he wants the public to think he is, you ASSUME that I'm uninformed about Mark. You ASSUME that I haven't read his book, and therefore you feel compelled to regurgitate back to me things that you've read in his book. You even have the presumption to lecture me about the tactics and goals of disinformation and how I should be careful about which stories I should buy into, etc.

Did it ever occur to you (or to Tracy, the previous indignant fan of Mark Phillips) that your information on this topic is limited?

In your rush to judgment about how uninformed you apparently think I am in these matters, perhaps it did not dawn on you that maybe there's MORE to the story of Mark Phillips beyond the one that he presents to the public.

Mark comes from a CIA background. Specifically, he worked for the CIA for years. You don't seem to fully appreciate what the CIA is, or know enough of their background (Nazis) to realize the implication of working for the CIA. The CIA is a sinister organization brought into existence by evil people for very evil purposes. It is an organization that is under the complete control and domination of the Illuminati, not the people of the United States, or the congress, or the president of the United States. There is NO ONE who becomes an agent for the CIA who is NOT subjected to mind control technologies. All CIA-trained mind control programmers are THEMSELVES subject to mind control programming.

The late author Anthony Sutton (AS) mentions Mark Phillips training as a brainwashing expert in this 1999 interview posted at ( I don't agree with Sutton's conclusion about Cathy's experiences obviously, but rather to point out Mark's 'training' with the CIA

"AS - The book does not contain one piece of hard physical evidence.. I think Cathy O'Brien BELIEVES SHE IS TELLING THE TRUTH . . . but remember that Mark Phillips is a skilled neuro-linguistic-programmer. Another point that really concerns me is this...where did this story originate? It originated in Communist Chinese Intelligence and Mark Phillips had a contractual relationship with the ChiComs [Chinese Communists].... ."

Reporter Sherman Skolnick also alerts readers about Mark Phillips in this Feb. 14, 2000 report ( ):

"CBS Network apparently found out we were working on this several part story. Result: recently CBS's "60 Minutes" Program put up a "straw man" to knock down, to divert attention. "60 Minutes" referred to supposedly shocking allegations against former President Bush. They were made by a team made up of Mark Phillips and his apparent girl friend, Cathy O'Brien, in their book with a double-meaning title, "The Trance Formation of America". She claims she was put into a trance and became a "sex slave" by high government officials, including George Herbert Walker Bush.

Several years ago this couple were set to be guests on my public access Cable TV Program cablecast within Chicago. Before coming here, Mark Phillips called me as the producer/moderator of the show, and insisted on the following conditions: [1] all my questions were to be put in writing and submitted to them in advance and [2] I was to make a written, ironclad guarantee that I as the moderator would NOT ask them or her any "negative questions". Having due regard for my integrity and being independent-minded, I refused these outlandish conditions. So, to blunt OUR Bush criminality stories, CBS ran this sex slave story to divert attention. "

What you also DON'T KNOW is that Mark Phillips has been publicly debunking Brice Taylor and Ted Gunderson for over 4 years now and working very hard to convince the public that Brice and Ted are liars, when the TRUTH IS EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE. And you can clearly see from the comments that Tracy makes in her e-mail to me ( ) about Brice Taylor being "very much a fake", to see how good a job that Mark is doing to propagandize and brainwash unsuspecting people into believing that Brice and Ted are fakes (Barbara Hartwell has been doing similar yeoman's work for her CIA programmers-

Yumiko, the big problem with being a dilettante is that ones supply of enthusiasm and ego often outstrips ones supply of knowledge and experience. Before we don the sash and robe of the professor, we ought to first acquire the habit of THOROUGHLY studying the topic we wish to lecture upon. In doing so, we often realize that we are more the student than the teacher. We also learn that a rush to judgment is the essence of naivety. Have you ever heard the expression that "fools rush in"?

IF you read more carefully, it would be obvious to you that I've already read Mark's book. This is what I wrote on Dec. 22, 2003, three days before receiving your chastising e-mail:

"I also believe that Mark is under CIA mind control, but that doesn't mean their book wasn't a tremendous expose and eye opener into the reality of government mind control programs. Prior to the publication of Brice Taylor's book, Thanks for the Memories in 1999, I felt that Mark & Cathy's book was the most revealing MC book on the market."

(Does that sound like the words of someone who never read Mark's book?)

The issue of Mark's credibility is complicated. I haven't criticized Mark for what he wrote in the book with Cathy O'Brien. You've missed the point completely. Mark Phillips has been publicly debunking Brice Taylor and Ted Gunderson for over 4 years now and Mark Phillips has been telling high profile victims of mind control-like Brice Taylor- that she's DELUSIONAL. He's told this straight to her face- that it's ALL IN HER HEAD. He told her that she's just IMAGINED that her abuse occurred to her.


Here we have Mark Phillips, the "ex" CIA mind control programmer, telling Brice Taylor-easily the most explosive name in MK Ultra high level mind control crimes to go public- that she's crazy!

"It never happened" says Sir Mark. And mind you, Mark said this obscenity to Brice Taylor AFTER Brice paid out more than $75,000 (that's FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS in fees plus TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND in travel expenses for 3 people) to cover Mark & Cathy's expenses. Now, if Mark really thought that Brice was DELUSIONAL and just making up stories in her head, wouldn't it have been more appropriate for him to tell her that BEFORE she laid out seventy five grand for their expenses?

But Mark Phillips has not limited this statement to just Brice Taylor. No sir! Sir Mark has been informing EVERY well known name of mind control abuse, who has sought him out, that THEY TOO are DELUSIONAL.


Do such statements sound a bit odd coming from Sir Mark, the apparent champion of mind control damsels in distress? Or is there something wrong with this picture Yumiko?

Writer Ray Bilger thought so and he wrote a long expose in July of 2000 about Mark Phillips titled, The Truth About Mark Phillips. It was posted at and You can read that article in its entirety, along with additional comments from Jon Gentry, Eleanor White, and Kathleen Sullivan, at this link:

Here are a few paragraphs from that article:

'Brice lived for a time with Mark and Cathy, supporting all of them, and eventually she was able to publish her book, Thanks For The Memories-The Truth Has Set Me Free, published in 1999, by Brice Taylor Trust, P.O. Box 655, Landrum, South Carolina 29356. Here are some very telling excerpts from her book: [Quoting from pages 268 and 269]

"A breakthrough occurred. Ted Gunderson called to inform me that he had just heard from another woman [Cathy O'Brien] who lived across the nation, who had also sent him her memory work about being used as a sex slave to Ronald Reagan. Although it was a terrifying time for me, it also was an amazing time of discovery for all of us. Mark Phillips, her so-called therapist and deprogrammer, flew across the nation and told me that "Jimmy Carter's people" had called him in an attempt to stop him from meeting with me. I flew Mark and Cathy O'Brien to California to meet with me for the first time and I put on a seminar where they were the featured speakers. Mark Phillips knew all about my programming. Looking back on it now, he seemed to know way too much. He asked me if I had "a twin sister who was two inches shorter than me." This was a very powerful key and code into the programming of my "inner twin sister," Sharon, and this seemingly simple statement controlled my body in a very intimate way from the outside, showing me while in normal consciousness that I was indeed a robot, and not in control of my own body. Shortly after Mark and Cathy's arrival and seminar, a series of events occurred including an accident and ensuing hospitalization of the person that was living with me as my safe person. Mark Phillips explained that I was not safe in California and once again I ended up running. I paid to fly Mark, Cathy and I back to his mother's home in Charlotte, Tennessee where we began my process of what we then called "deprogramming."

Several weeks later, with nearly 10 years of recovery behind me, this so-called "retired?!" C.I.A. operative made dramatic changes in his living arrangements just to "help me deprogram." After relocating across the country to a home in Arab, Alabama, where I paid all domestic expenses for the three of us, a large sum of money for traveling expenses for both he, his girlfriend Cathy, and myself, and a large 'consulting fee,' this renegade C.I.A. operative read my lengthy journal entries daily for a year and a half and agreed that in his own words, "the memory work contains absolute elements of fact laced with verifiable details." But one and one-half years, forty-two journals, and $50,000+ traveling and living expenses later, Mark Phillips informed me that nothing had ever happened to me & nothing what-so-ever!

Cathy O'Brien said, "Well, you should be happy that nothing happened and that your children have not been abused!" I couldn't believe she was saying that, after all the common details of our histories we had shared.

I was devastated and went to bed and could not eat for three days and remained non-communicative and totally subdued for nearly a month afterwards. After all this time of intensely focused attention on my history, Mark informed me that I had never even been abused, and that I just had a big imagination. But, he seemed to appreciate that I was around to cover all of his expenses.

I suspect that Mark is some kind of "containment agent" who is being directed through his "handlers" whose motivations ultimately serve the New World Order. Through his containment expertise, the information I have conveyed to you in this book you are now reading was delayed in reaching you by nearly seven years & I have uncovered a string of lies he told others in an attempt to discredit me. I also reconnected with another Kissinger survivor that Mark Phillips had worked with for a time. Mark Phillips told her the same thing he told me-'THIS NEVER HAPPENED TO YOU!" & I left that home where I had paid all expenses & and went to live in Carbondale, Illinois. " [End quoting]

It is easy to see from the above that Cathy O'Brien indeed has a new handler, Mark Phillips. It would certainly appear that in their one-and-one-half years together, Brice and Cathy had a lot of time to share their common histories. Yet Cathy didn't seem to have any question whatsoever about Mark's sudden change of mind regarding Brice. On the contrary, Cathy seems to believe what Mark says, and then supports that with her own parroting statements. This acts as reinforcement to what Mark has already said. Very clever, and convenient. Mark has certainly trained Cathy well, and, as it appears, Mark himself has been trained well.

Brice Taylor's powerful book is highly recommended reading. It is the book that Trance Formation of America never could be, because of Mark Phillips' agenda. The cover of Mark and Cathy's book says "The True Life Story of a C.I.A. Slave." But that can't be so because even though the book does reveal a great deal of valuable information about mind control, the book doesn't reveal the true identity of who Mark Phillips really is. Since Mark has played such a large part in Cathy's life, and since the book doesn't tell the truth about Mark, by definition the book cannot possibly tell the true life story of Cathy O'Brien, and how she is being used today to help promote the New World Order agenda.'
(End of article quote)

Mark Phillips is not the only instance of an "ex" CIA agent presenting himself to the public as a rescuer and de-programmer of mind control victims. Kurt Billings is another character cast from the same mold who has shown himself to be anything but a rescuer and de-programmer.

As I mentioned near the beginning of this response, you have to be very cautious when considering the statements and actions of "ex" CIA agents. The slope is much more slippery than a simple good guy/bad guy scenario. Mind control is complicated and extremely sophisticated. Deception can run deep.

Perhaps you ought to postpone your professorship for a while and do more reading before you return to the lecture circuit.

Regards, Ken

PS. By the way, I wrote a brief review at my web site and promoted Horowitz's book, "Death in the Air" when it first came out.


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