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Six Words for Troublemakers
July 10, 21003

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Sent: Monday, July 07, 2003 4:11 AM
Subject: Educate your self


The site Educate-yourself. Some of the subjects are good and very truthful & helpful. The medical info was good and much so truthful. I hadn't read many of the subjects, but a couple that were read are a little distrubing to read that the author has such a twisted mind. Some of this info like in the subject "population control" & "missing children from the streets" are so utterly ridiculous and so unbelievable and actually anyone with a 6th grade education could see is impossible to hold any merit of being true.

Just think about underground cities and a railroad that stretches underground from coast to coast. Just think about this for 3 seconds and tell me how anyone can actually think such a thing to hold any merit of truth...

Just think how many workers it would take to build such an underground coast to coast underground link. Think of that many workers keeping a secret or not talking about his job.. This is just one of so many reasons why the story can't be true...

It doesn 't take a 6th grade education to understand that those writers are in serious need of medical help or having other agendas if they are trying to suggest that anyone believe in such non-sense.

Some very extreme left wing writings... I think very distrubing too. Some real non sense. I truly don't believe a word of this obvious trying to stir up emotionaly ill people into some ridiculous cause etc... It's disgraceful and i have 6 words to those trouble makers. "If you don't like it,,, LEAVE".

Go live and preach your garbage some where else.

No there is some truth..

Rolo Tomassi

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Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2003 4:45 PM
Subject: Re: Educate your self

Hi Rolo,

Yes, just think.

Regards, Ken


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