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Nature-Based Treatment for Skin Cancer
October 23, 2007

Nature-Based Treatment for Skin Cancer (Oct. 23, 2007)

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My Brother in law is slowly wasting away from "modern medicine", and I am wondering if CS would help with his dis-ease (skin cancer of some type). Can you please send any and all info that may help. Thanks



Hi Jack,

I will paste in a link for articles on CS, but you should know about a herbal paste that is specifically made for skin cancers. It's called "Tumor X" paste. I also understand that it will work on other types of cancer as well. You can read more info below.

I'm not connected with them in any way, but I know of many cases of this compound working. Malignant melanoma, especially, cannot be cured by the medical establishment, but this paste has an amazing track record of success. The main herbal ingredient, bloodroot, has the ability to completely separate the tumor from the body and its  blood supply, literally lifting the tumor out of the body. This separation process can be really painful, but it's worth it if you can cure yurself of cancer. More people need to know about this paste.

Colloidal silver info

Regards, Ken

TumorX Paste, TumorX Capsules, TumorX Tincture, TumorX ATP, TumorX Pancreatic Enzymes And TumorX Plant Enzymes

If you are reading this page, you, or someone you love has cancer. Dan Raber's goal is to provide hope and an alternative to the unsuccessful common treatments offered by the medical field.

This is a web site where one can find alternative cancer treatments using anticancer herb ...(Click Here -, anticancer enzymes...(Click Here - and nutritional supplements that stop Cachexia Syndrome (Starvation from cancer)...(Click Here - These are used in conjunction to eliminate the cancer from one’s body, to support and rebuild the metabolic processes of the body.

TumorX Paste, Formula Apoptosis, and Formula 203X contains the apoptotic and anti-proliferative ingredient Bloodroot, i.e. Sanguinaria Canadensis L. Bloodroot's anti-cancer compounds have been known historically since the 1750's-1760's as the secret Plunkett family remedy.

Benjamin Rush M.D. in the late 1700's, Dr. J. Weldon Fell in the 1850's, Dr. Pattison in the 1860's, Harry Hoxsey’s salve in the 1940's, Dr.Mohs Chemosurgery salve in the 1950's, and Dan Raber's TumorX Paste in the 1990's. All of these people have promoted a paste to kill cancer that used bloodroot as the active ingredient. These pastes have been known historically as black salve, bloodroot salve, other names, and unfortunately as escharotic salves. TumorX Paste is used in conjunction with TumorX Enzymes that can, in most cases, defeat one’s cancers.

Pancreatic Enzymes (TumorX 103X and Formula 303X) have been used in Western medicine dating back to 1900's, then later incorporating plant-based enzymes, i.e. TumorX 403X. Pancreatic enzymes were first researched by Dr. John the 1890's. Dan Raber in the 1990's combined Dr. Beards work with the historic bloodroot herb that yielded unprecedented results.

Dan Raber

The formulas are manufactured exactly to Dan's specifications. This is because only the finest herbs and enzymes will work when a person's life is in the balance.
Dan has developed and refined his TumorX Protocol since the early 1990's. Dan Raber's expertise has been cited in a number of books, including (click on text to buy book at "Cancer Salves" by Ingrid Naiman; and (click on text to buy book at "One Answer to Cancer" by Dr. William Donald Kelley. With 1,000's of cases, the TumorX Protocol will work ... if used according to directions in qualified hands.

TumorX Bloodroot and Enzymes Work On All Types of Cancers

Although called by many names (referring to origin and type), all cancers be they named, i.e. carcinoma, cancer aux deux, carcinoid, carcinoid tumor, carcinoma in situ, carcinomatous, carcinoma simplex, carcino, or carcin; and/or malignant cancers that are categorized by new growth that arises from epithelium, found in skin, or more commonly, the lining of the body organs - for example in the breast, prostate, lung, stomach or bowel. Carcinomas tend to infiltrate into adjacent tissue and spread (metastasize) to distant organs, for example to bone, liver, lung or the brain, hence the need to take an oral pancreatic enzyme to stop this process. To sum it up, cancer is just cancer.

One's doctor has limited training using natural products, thus they focus on what they were taught in medical School, i.e. surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy is basically all they know to do for such malignancies. Dan Raber has, however, perfected and continues to discover, rediscover, and promote these almost unbelievable results from a so-called "alternative" cancer protocol that works!

You Working With Your Doctor:

As to the efficacy of the TumorX Paste formula and the TumorX Enzymes formulas, it is a very real option most doctors are uninformed about. Medical schools teach about the new drug not the ancient herb, thus the M.D. is ignorant of the efficacy of natural products. In fact most progressive doctors are looking for a safe alternative to the toxic pharmaceutical drugs they were taught to practice with. Some medical doctors have been so misinformed that they believe they can not tell their patient about safe and effective natural products, thus they violate the very principles of Medical ethics (Click Here). As most physicians are ignorant of how the TumorX paste and or Enzymes work, they will recuse themselves from helping ailing clients with a treatment they know little-to-nothing about. The use of TumorX Paste is painful during the process of apoptosis and anti-proliferation. Pain management will be one of the earliest and ongoing conversations you will need to have with a licensed medical doctor.

Most medical doctors understand their moral responsibility when it comes to pain management, their patient does not need to suffer needlessly or buy black market drugs to attempt to mitigate their pain. Pain is a disease that needs to be properly treated. The aspect of pain management is a subject the M.D. knows thoroughly, allowing them to properly treat the pain their patient suffers from. This makes the entire process easer. This allows the doctor to help the patient take care of their health in the way the patient sees fit!

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