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Slander of Your Website Name
Sept. 10, 2003

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From: Thomas Strizak
Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2003 4:21 PM
Subject: ~slander of your website name~

To whom this concerns,

It has recently come to my attention that there is a website that is severely slandering us by listing our website's on thier liars links page as well as on other pages of their site.

Thought you just might like to know about this. I am considering forming a coalition against these quack quack watchers, and more in the future. I wonder if you might be interested in participating, perhaps bringing a class action lawsuit against these slandering serpents.

Will be contacting most of the websites on their "liars" links page. Sorry to be the deliverer of this bad news. Here is the dreaded link:

Thanks for your time, any feedback would be appreciated.

:Thomas-John: Strizak

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From: Editor
To: Thomas Strizak
Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2003 10:28 PM
Subject: Re: ~slander of your website name~

Hi Thomas,

It's not a "dreaded link" . Don't give it that status. You give this guy too much credit.

I not really upset by this sort of thing. He's obviously a proponent of allopathic and anti-alternative. What else is new? Yes, he's making provocative and possibly slanderous statements, but is it worth the time, money and effort to elevate him to a higher recognition category than he now enjoys? I mean, who's ever heard of Peter Bowditch anyway? And who cares?

He's impudent, arrogant, and a self proclaimed critic. So what? Do you think such a person attracts a lot of readers? If your name wasn't on the list, would you take the time to read his web site?

Actually, I'm somewhat honored to be on his list along with other well known proponents of alternative medicine. I notice he doesn't include the heavy weights of the alternative world like Gary Null; people with serious money and real clout. That tells me something. I think he might be concerned about slandering the big boys of alternative, despite his stated bravado. Gary Null has launched law suits before against people who slander him on the air or in print -and he's won Big $$$$ in the process.

This guy throws in the Nazis and KKK for purposes of guilt by association, the oldest slander technique in the book. He defines himself and sets the limits of his perceptions through his own words.

Frankly, he isn't worth your time or aggravation. I wouldn't transform him into a somebody by responding to his provocations. This guy's a small fry. You observe him, you don't respond to him. He's a clown. Don't waste your time.

By the way, did you ever hear the story of the young presidential aide to President Roosevelt who, in 1942- two weeks following Pearl Harbor- breathlessly ran into the Oval Office and announced that Liechtenstein had just declared war on the United States and joined the Axis Powers? Roosevelt turned to another aide and asked: Did you ever hear an ant fart in the middle of a hurricane?

Regards, Ken

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From: Thomas Strizak
To: Editor
Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2003 9:48 AM
Subject: Re: ~slander of your website name~

Hello Ken,

Thanks for promt reply. Seems the general consensus is much like yours, and I must agree. Getting plenty of traffic from the ratbags. Almost as good as Google! And besides, it is probably the dudes goal to distract us from the very important work at hand. If we weren't doing good work, we wouldn't be listed there. So it is actually a great honor to be listed there amongst such fine websites. Thanks again!

Please keep up the great work!
:Thomas-John: Strizak



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