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Is Hydrogen Peroxide Similar to MMS (Sodium Chlorite)?
August 30, 2011, Update Sept. 4, 2011

Is Hydrogen Peroxide Similar to MMS (Sodium Chlorite)? (Aug. 30, 2011)

Subject: Hydrogen Peroxide
From: Joanne
Date: Tue, August 30, 2011
To: Ken Adachi


I have a friend using hydrogen peroxide. He had almost died from previous chemo treatment, but he is now feeling and getting better.(almost up to 10 drops).

My question is: Is HYDROGEN PEROXIDE similar to MMS promoted by Jim Humble? I had purchased several bottles for myself and family members in case of water contamination. We do use it regularly for gingivitis and various flare-ups of colds and flu.

Thank you for your bothering to address this question, I realize it is not as important as one from someone who is sick with cancer. I am just hoping to prevent getting sick.

Thank you,

Joanne S
Mount Vernon, Ohio


Hi Joanne,

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) releases the singlet oxygen atom when it reacts with something, but I recently discovered that Sodium Chlorite (NaCLO2), which is the chemical or generic name for MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) works in a somewhat different fashion. When dissolved in water, sodium chlorite separates into sodium (Na) plus chlorine dioxide (CLO2), which is stored in a separate bottle.

Next, an equal amount (drops) of a mild organic acid such as vinegar, or citric acid (such as fresh lemon, lime, or grapefruit juice) is added to the drops of chlorine dioxide to 'activate' it and allowed to stand together for 3 minutes. Then a substantial volume of water (or apple juice) is added before drinking about 4 ozs. The oxidation reaction occurs because of the chemical action of chorine ion which pulls electrons out from the pathogenic organisms and into the chlorine's outer electron orbit. After this explosive reaction takes place, the pathogen disintegrates, and the chlorine atom -with its extra load of electrons-separates from the dioxide ion (O2-2) (which is now free to combine with hydrogen (H) to make water or it might combine with carbon (C) to produce carbon dioxide, etc.) Eventually, the chlorine atom will combine with soidum (Na) to produce sodium chloride in the body. Thus, there are no left over, toxic metabolites for the body to eliminate or accumulate. .

While hydrogen peroxide will oxidize a wide spectrum of substances, chlorine dioxide will generally limit their oxidative activity to pathogenic organisms. .

In my opinion, taking Sodium Chlorite (chlorine dioxide) as drops is substantially more effective and perhaps somewhat safer than taking hydrogen peroxide as drops--if you have the luxury of that choice. If you don't have access to sodium chlorite and you only had hydrogen peroxide, then I would take the peroxide if I needed it.

MMS, as promoted by Jim Humble, uses a 28% solution of sodium chlorite mixed with an equal amount of citric acid (or vinegar). With these two combined, you will have a more powerful germ killer than just using sodium chlorite alone. Although, using drops of sodium chlorite alone is a oxidizer by itself, so don't think you must use the citric acid activator to get any benefit, but the activated sodium chlorite, nevertheless, is significantly more potent than sodium chlorite alone and will kill more bugs in a shorter span of time.

You can save money by buying the sodium chlorite flakes and mixing up your own solution.

To make a 28% sodium chlorite solution from the 100% dry sodium chlorite flakes, you mix 100 grams of sodium chlorite flakes with 9 oz of warm distilled water and stir the flakes until they dissolve completely. Keep the water slightly warmed until the flakes are dissolved. Only use glass, Corning Ware, or enameled pots (or pyrex) for mixing the sodium chlorite and never use a metal pot. I only use plastic or wooden spoons for this process.

The place where I buy my sodium chlorite from only offers flakes that are composed of 80% sodium chlorite, 17% sodium chloride, and 3% other salts, so I have to adjust my mixing ratio to wind up with a 28% sodium chlorite solution. In my case, 125 grams of my flakes, mixed with 9 ounces of distilled water will give me a 28% sodium chlorite solution.

Sodium chlorite will react to strong light, so store the solution in a dark brown, blue or green bottle or keep it in the type of plastic bottle that's used for hydrogen peroxide. Label the bottle as 28% Sodium Chlorite and include the caution: "Never use full strength, only as drops mixed with water." If properly stored in a dark or opaque bottle, sodium chlorite is very stable and will last for years. You don't have to refrigerate it.

To learn much more about MMS, read this link and watch the 2008 interview with Jim Humble:

Sodium Chlorite & Citric Acid: A Powerful and Inexpensive Germ Killer (June 26, 2008)

Transcript of this interview (

MP3 Audio of this interview (

Jim Humble's Web site

Best Regards, Ken


Subject: RE: Hydrogen Peroxide
From: Joanne
Date: Wed, August 31, 2011
To: Ken Adachi


Thank you for your reply and for explaining so thoroughly the difference. My husband has a health food store and we had purchased, maybe, a dozen bottles of MMS about 2 years ago for personal use. Last spring we were asked to return the bottles.We ignored the request concerned that 'someone' (possibly the govt.) was trying to take it off the market. Thank you for the info about the flakes.Prevention of disease is so important.

Thank you and continue your work to help people.

Joanne : )


Subject: Jim Humble and MMS
From: Mark Miller
Date: Wed, August 31, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Mr. Adachi.

My name is Mark Miller. For what it's worth, I truly love your web site, and I thank you for your hard work in pulling all of this information
together for the betterment of all. To get to my point -- there seems to be a WIDE chasm between your views of Jim Humble/MMS and other reputable and sincere truth-loving sites such as Upon researching the claims further, I must say that the good people at have compiled quite a case against using MMS (in general) and the personal integrity of Jim Humble (in particular). In case you are not aware of this information, here's a good link to use as a starting point:

I'm a holistic health counselor, electrical engineer, software developer, and long-time truth-seeker, and I must say that the case against Jim Humble is daunting (overwhelming?). I have neither met Mr. Humble personally nor ever used MMS.

I'd be curious to know how this information changes/alters your view on this situation, if at all.

Thanks in advance,
Kind regards,
Mark Miller


Hello Mark,

I read the article by Dr. Gabriela Segura MD and the comments by Laura Knight-Jadczyk, of and after calming down, I was glad to see that there were at least 4 or 5 readers who could see through the bias, the inaccuracies, the misrepresentations, and pseudo science, to say nothing of the faulty conclusions, so evident in Segura's slam piece. I'll have to write a lengthy rebuttal to Segura's garbage. Laura's small mindedness is immediately apparent when she reprints the e-mail response sent by Jim Humble to Dr Segura's article by emphasizing two innocuous and slight mispellings Jim made in his letter by inserting the flashing neon sign of "(sic)" after each mispelled word, just to be sure that the reader can fully appreciate what an uneducated dummy the 78 year old "quack' must be.

I had a higher opinion of Laura Knight-Jadczyk before reading the swill that she got the famous heart surgeon, Dr Gabriela Segura, to pen about MMS (and by inference Jim Humble), but I have a lower one now. I could see that Laura is on a mission to discredit Jim Humble and MMS.

The question to ask yourself is - why?

With a little reading, it wasn't hard to discover that Laura Knight-Jadczyk got huffy and decided to cancel her invitation to speak at the Nexus conference in Amsterdam apparently because Jim Humble was invited to be a speaker at the last minute by Nexus editor Duncan Roads .

Laura got a guy named "A. Branson" to write the most appalling and OUTRAGEOUS guilt-by-association, guilt-by-innuendo, and guilt-by-use-of-the-title-"Bishop" hit piece that I've ever read in my entire life! It's titled "Down the Rabbit Hole - The Assassination of JFK, Bishop Jim Humble And The Nexus Conference"

Holy Cow! This guy could make Mickey Mouse look like the Prince of Darkness by guilt-association. According to Branson, Jim Humble is part of a long succession of anointed "apostolic Bishops" which includes early 20th century pedophiles, Satanists, con artists, Crowley disciples, criminals, and many dark dudes involved in the JFK assassination who were ALL connected by use of the title of "Bishop" in front of their names (how's that for dogged sleuthing!)

Branson spends the entire length and breath of his essay character-assassinating Jim Humble on the basis of the word 'Bishop' in front of his name, while here and there throwing the reader a bon mot about his neutrality with comments like: "we can only speculate".

If anybody wants to see a text book example of what YELLOW JOURNALISM is, you've got to read Branson's hit piece on Jim Humble (bought to you courtesy of Laura Knight-Jadczyk via, of course)

The heart surgeon Gabriela Segura and Laura are obviously working in league with each other as Laura is the owner of Signs of The Times (SOTT) and also now controls the. web site (and magazine) where Gabriela's slam article 'first' appeared.

And how about the Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind that Gabriela's says she "works" for? Even though the "About Us" link at the Fellowship or "Church of PaleoChristianity" keeps alluding to "who we are', the link NEVER actually identifies who they are, but rather keeps referring to PHILOSOPHIES to which they aspire without giving us a name. However, I have the feeling that the site is another one (of many) owned by Laura Knight-Jadczyk. The web site is registered to a proxy in England, and last I knew, Laura was living in France, but she may have moved to Great Britain by now.

I'll have much more to say about this. The calculated denigration of MMS and the demonization of Jim Humble by Laura Knight-Jadczyk and minions will not go unchallenged.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

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