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"I am Wind. Lots Going on Here"
July 27, 2007

Subject: Re: some assistance
From: Allen Windspirit
Date: Fri, July 24, 2007
To: Editor


I am wind.  Lots going on here.

It is a long long story and I need my wife Adriane here with me asap. Ttogether we are much stronger..As I said, . very long story..

Towers all over ..within 5 miles and then a few farther out..



Hi Allen,

You can change the energy from those towers by "gifting" them with small orgone generators called Tower Busters.

Can you explain in more detail about what's going on?

Regards, Ken



I live in a very small town. I, as well as my ex, to be educated ourselves on a lot that is going on as far as the frequencies, towers, pharmeceutical industries and a lot that mainstream public does not even think about.

In this little town, using Chi-lel and other advanced techniques, my mother that had 4 months to live with cancer, actually lived over 2 years.. There was a lot of activity in this area also as far as unusual visitors. Several witnesses, including my mother, have seen some very odd things in close proximity..

As far as my situation, I was on siezure medications which when taken, altered my brainwaves and in many ways, I was not able to be manipulated or suggested by any means. I i took supplements to enhance brain cell growth and used crystals at every possible meridian I could locate as well as keeping my chakras open and healthy..

So, although I had an idea there was some activity in this area, I fought with knowledge  My wife, however, did not do well, and as a result is not here..She began to vibrate on a  different level. It was terrible I finally let go, accepted the situation, and  went out to look around and see if in fact, I was correct as far as subliminals locally. I found several towers

In a small tiny little town, trust me, there is no need for these towers. In this town, there just is not enough people for the size towers and I doubt there is much need for cell phones it is very obvious..when looking at your site I began to think hmm the towers!

Oh geesh, .the area must be getting brainwashed..I am probaly a rare individual..I had a severe change in brainwave activity..and it was  documented. I collect crystals and I have studied electronics all my I began using a few ideas to repair the damages ..and I succeeded..Actually it was not "I", but the use of life force all around that I amplified.

I was very surprised to see anyone else had thought of amplifying or amplification of certain frequencies , passing small charges through different sized crystals..Being on a mainly rocky area, I saw I could do the same to the ground and I began using the same ideas on a larger scale..I drove two posts into the ground and used crystals on each end..and created a barrier of my own, only on a larger scale..

I did not have any way to observe the wavelength or an oscilloscope, so it was a trial .The place seemed to become a very positive place and positively charged, despite it being so old. My dear wife was here alone.   After 10 years, she suddenly left. I suspected something was going on. I tried to explain, but her entire behavior was the opposite from what it was before.. and only I had the crystal around my neck

When I was gone, I think she had no protection. I was fighting with the VA. I knew my siezures were gone and they refused to remove me from a ton of medications. Finally, after 7 months, I brought a test from a nearby hospital confirming that I had no siezure activity.

They removed me from over 20 years on medicines in 3 weeks.. And my wife was gone.. She is ok. but acts as if she is brainwashed; totally opposite personality!

When I talked to her she said  resently..that I wanted control ..I said "what?"

"What are you talking about?  I have never wanted anything like that"

She went on and on..

I knew someone or something had gotten to her.. I am a mess now..still reaching deeper than before ..praying and affirming and sending loving emnergies to my sacred wife..

I wish I did have some sage .. This place might need some clearing.. Oh, I am part Cherokee..and I use sage to clear away unwanted energies..



Allen ( aka Windspirit)


Hi Allen,

Very interesting letter. It sounds like you have a story there.

By the way, are you in the Four Corners area?

You might find that a larger orgone generator and a pulsing SP will help to improve things

You should call on the air elementals to help you defeat those towers as well. They will come in if you ask them for help.

You might also follow Rolling Thunder's techniques for calling in the ancient shamans by building a big fire outside and call them to help you defeat the dark ones. He once brewed up a tornado that ripped the front gate off an Army prison that was holding an American native unjustly. He told the Army brass that he would blow the whole building down if they didn't let this man go. They let the man go with Rolling Thunder. Do it either when the sun just breaks over the horizon or the moment the sun just goes below the horizon in the evening. You have to gift the Earth and ask Her to help you as well to find the means necessary to defeat those who offend Her.

Ask with offerings; you will get the help.

Regards, Ken

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