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"I think something is happening in the sky"
May 29, 2008

"I think something is happening in the sky" (May 29, 2008)

Subject: chemtrails
From: Bill R
Date: Thu, May 29, 2008
To: Editor


I think something is happening in the sky. I have noticed in the last 2 weeks or so that the chemtrails appear to have lost their ability to spread out. They still exit the plane as normal and trail from horizon to horizon - but they never spread out to cover the entire sky. We are having beautiful skies here in Bonfield, IL about 60 miles south & west of Chicago (near Kankakee). We set up 2 chembusters several years ago and I would love some confirmation that they are doing their job - but I think it's more a step in the Ascension process that's going on.

If I get ambitous, I'll take pictures and send them along.....have a good weekend!

Bill R


Hi Bill,

Yes, I notice that here as well. In fact, they haven't sprayed this area at all for about 10 days now. Blue skies everyday, a pleasant break.

I see that the Sylphs come in very strong almost every time they spray and they do a remarkable job of transmuting those chemtrails into what I call "transmuted" cloud banks. They look different from a regular cloud layer, but they also look "detoxified" (if I can say that).

There are a number of chemtrail web sites that show photos of unusual "rainbow" effects in what otherwise look like normal clouds. Most of these web sites are guessing that this is caused by government electronic weaponry like HAARP, but I feel that the rainbow effect might be related to Sylphs, as ZS Livingstone pointed out a few years ago in one of his essays.

For instance, some rainbow affected clouds were seen 30 minutes before the big earthquake in China three weeks ago. I strongly suspect that the China earthquake, as well as the Burma typhoon, were artificially created (and I'm not alone in that suspicion).

Were the Sylphs there in an attempt to mitigate the quake on some level? I don't know, but my intuition is telling me that the rainbow looking clouds are a manifestation of something benign, not negative (I wish more psychics would chime in on this and tell me their impressions).

I see there's a big effort over at NPR to promote the idea that California has to prepare when it's "our turn" for the "Big One" They are even running mock drills with fire, FEMA, and emergency personnel here in California. The FEMA Brown Shirts are practicing for the California version of Katrina/New Orleans because the government manipulators will CAUSE the next Big earthquake in California in much the same way they have CREATED the 900+ TORNADOES so far this year.

The long term droughts in Australia, for instance, are also being artificially sustained in my opinion. There is a close connection between chemtrails, HAARP, the ubiquitous microwave networks and drought production. People need to know that we can break droughts and cause rain to fall through FOCUSED INTENT & thought projection. People in Australia need to THINK in their mind and create the inner VISION and EXPECTATION that rain will fall-often and hard. .They need to THINK about it everyday as they go about their everyday business. Thoughts (ultimately) create reality. The more people who participate, the sooner the reality is "created."

Concerning the increasing vibration of the solar system, you may be correct. I've noticed that the sun is WHITER and more intensely white/yellow at sunset than seen a few years ago. Now, that could also be a result of chemtrail mitigation and transmutation. I'm not sure, but you notice that we don't get the pink or red chemtrail sunsets these days. I always suspected that the red or pink color was due to the desiccated red blood cells that they had included in the chemtrail soup.

So, have they simply dropped using the red blood cells or are Sylphs transmuting the garbage faster than they can spray it out? Based on the e-mails I'm getting from people like you, I beginning to think the latter may be the case.

By all means, send photos

Glad to hear from you.


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