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Another Somnambulist, Another Lecture: Is There Any Hope for America?
February 23, 2011

Another Somnambulist, Another Lecture: Is There Any Hope for America? (Feb. 23, 2011)

Subject: Regarding NWO and FEMA
From: Ed
Date: Wed, February 23, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Ken adachi,

Hello and how are you? I just stumbled upon your website by accident. I sometimes fall into a state of mind where I question things around me and feel like im being lied to. It happens often, Some times more then others.

Recently I've been big into topics such as "the new world order" and the truth behind FEMA. My question I guess is, if you truly believe all of this then what do you suppose we as a nation, should do about it.

Even on a more personal note, what should an individual do? Honestly I'm not even sure if I'm directing this question to the right person. I hope I am. There seems to be a lot of information like yours on the web. I don't understand if so many people know about this than how come there aren't groups of people or organizations out there trying to spread the word? I'm very curious I guess, id like to know if this is for real, or am I just feeding into a silly conspiracy?



Hi Ed,

I understand that you just stumbled upon this info and you're just recognizing the implications of what you are reading, however, the info about the NWO (and FEMA. etc) has been widely circulated on the internet since at least the mid 1990s.

There are many articles posted to my site, if you take the time to dig through the archives, that will provide greater detail and sources of information. There are hundreds of web sites that provide similar info.

I don't have the time to start from page 1 to tutor you on the NWO or FEMA.

I can tell you that you are WAY behind the knowledge curve and you have a lot of reading to do to catch up and realize just how serious the NWO takeover of this country is as of Feb. 23, 2011. I've already written many replies to letters, such as yours, suggesting to people what they should do. I've been on the net since 1996 doing my bit to awaken my fellow Americans to the dangers at hand.

First and foremost, get up to speed and realize that you are living in the Eleventh Hour of this nation's existence. If you, and a few million other sleeping Americans don't wake up sufficiently and take appropriate action to stop the dissolution of this country, then there won't BE a United States in the near future if the NWO takeover continues to progress at its current pace.

The treason starts at the top. Obama is an Indonesian national who never attended and studied at Columbia University, nor did he earn a degree, graduate from, or taught constitutional law at Harvard. These are CIA concocted lies. There is no EVIDENCE or PROOF that Obama attended these schools and acquired degrees in the normal manner. His entire academic "history" has been fabricated by the CIA.

His "family" history has also been fabricated by the CIA. He has no blood relatives in Kenya,. That's a fabrication. Stanley Ann Dunham was NOT his natural mother. Barack Obama Sr. was NOT his natural father. Obama is a foreign national infilTraitor who is fraudulently posing as the President of the United States. He's an illegal alien. His true name is Barry Soetoro. He was born in Indonesia.

80% of the US Senate are total sellouts to the New World Order gang. They are traitors in the strictest sense of the word. More than half of the US House are also sellouts and fifth columnists who are actively enabling and cooperating with the destruction of this country. These individuals must be REMOVED from office.

Most state governors are in bed with the NWO. Many state legislators comply with NWO agendas, and follow their dictates in order to maintain power, money, influence, perks, etc.

Most city councilmen or legislators are useful idiots who have neither the brains nor the awareness, nor the interest in trying to stop the NWO onslaught. It's much easier to go along, enrich yourself, and play ball with the NWO installers, rather than stand up for this country and try to help save it.

We will soon have 257 Chinese Free Trade Zones installed across America that will allow an unlimited quantity of Chinese equpment and men to enter this country without inspection or oversight. They must be stopped.

Now, if you STILL don't know what to do and what needs to be done, then you are LOST and you, and all those you hold near and dear, will suffer the consequence of that ignorance. No one is going to rescue you from the NWO takeover, other than YOU.

You are obviously WAITING and assuming that SOMEONE ELSE is going to step up and and stop the NWO for you.

I have NEWS for you.

If you don't organize and do something on your local level while you still have the ability to vote, to use the courts, and to use the other tools available to you in this fading republic, then NO ONE ELSE IS GOING TO DO IT FOR YOU.

That's as REAL as it gets.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

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