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"I've got sort-of-good-news for you"
April 5, 2008

"I've got sort-of-good-news for you" (April 5, 2008)

Subject: I've got sort-of-good-news for you
From: Jason Duffy Wallace   <>
Date: Sat, April 5, 2008
To: Editor

I just wanted to inform you that the so-called "New World Order" is fast becoming a house-of-cards. The reason is that Europe is being inundated with an ever-increasing number of middle-est/muslim immigration. As you may already know, Muslims have their own global agenda in that they want everybody to become muslim. The thing is that the more muslims that migrate to Europe the more civil unrest will follow. You have to remember that neither side will compromise their position. When this all happens, they will simple cancel each other out.

Jason Duffy Wallace


Hi Jason,

I can't agree with your analysis. If the NWO fails sooner rather than later, it will be due to a gathering momentum of awareness among people everywhere in the world that the NWO is real and they are trying to effect agendas which will lead to death and enslavement for the majority on this planet.

The so-called worldwide Islamic/muslim "threat" was created by the NWO in the first place. They created it and are the principle force driving it and propelling it forward--at least in their controlled media propaganda outlets. Ordinary muslims haven't got a damn thing to do with it.

The last thing the average muslim wants to do is go to war with somebody. Muslim people wish to live a life of peace, raise children, and pray to God 5 times a day. Sincere muslims are peace loving people, just as much as American Quakers are pacifist in nature.  A sincere muslim is NOT interested in forcing the conversion of everyone else on this planet into a belief in Islam! That's simply UNTRUE and is, in fact, pure NWO -generated disinformation designed to frighten you and stampede you into a defensive posture.

Now, if you want to talk about poor people who come from Middle Eastern countries who move to Germany, France, or England in order to earn more money and therefore obtain a higher standard of living for themselves and their relatives back in the old country, then that's another issue which has nothing to do with being a person of the Islamic faith. That has everything to do with the issue of 'poor people immigration'.

Poor people bring their poor-people habits with them and that greatly upsets the quality of life which native, middle-class Parisians, Londoners, or Berliners are accustomed to, and that leads to resentment and sometimes clashes in the streets: especially where NWO-instigated skinheads or neo-Nazis are involved. But that's a fallout of 'poor people immigration' into a First World nation and is not hinged to being a "muslim."

I'm afraid that you've bought into the Illuminati-created hype and propaganda intended to get you to view the "conflict" in the manner which you have expressed in this e-mail.

Step back, put on your thinking cap, and re-think about how you "arrived" at this conclusion. You've been played Jason, and you don't know it.

Regards, Ken 


Subject: Re: I've got sort-of-good-news for you
From: "2bwise" <>
Date: Sat, April 5, 2008
To: Editor

go check out this website---> it's operated by a jewish man who has "first-hand experince" with muslims.


Good Grief,

You couldn't recognize a Mack truck if it ran you over in the middle of the street.

Go away; you're just dumb (and you're a zionist shill, so stop pretending).

Sayonara, Ken

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