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Sovereignty & The Uniform Commercial Code
June 16, 2009

Sovereignty & The Uniform Commercial Code (June 16, 2009)

Subject: Sovereignty & The Uniform Commercial Code
From: Dr Frank
Date: Tue, June 16, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

To whom it may concern,

My name is Dr. Frank. I've done some preliminary research in regaining my Sovereignty as an independent, free man. One website I found was And, I have found several lawsuits against the courts for arresting a sovereign man. Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated!

With Purpose,
Dr. Frank


Hello Dr Frank,

It's a subject that every American should know about inside out, but it takes a great deal of time to learn how to extricate yourself from the US citizen "legal entity" status back into a fully sovereign state citizen, as discussed by Richard MacDonald in his recorded lectures.

The entire country has been hoodwinked into a legal system that is based on treating you like a piece of "property" (or chattel) of the state, You are considered a legal entity, just like Taco Bell or Starbucks, no different, if you call yourself a "US citizen" or a "resident" of the state you live in. Everything is based on commerce and the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

You are ensnared into this status under your social security number, your birth certificate, your MARRIAGE licence, your driver's licence, your vehicle registration, etc. You must break the nexus with all of these corporate "hooks" and establish your identity with the court as your family name with lower case letters. You have to forget about the "benefits" of being a US citizen (Eg. collecting social security) and declare your sovereignty as a state citizen.

In California, if I establish with the court that I am a sovereign STATE citizen, I declare my GOD GIVEN RIGHTS as a MAN (not a "person") under the original, founding California constitution of 1849. The knaves, slicksters, and corrupt jackals of the Illuminati persuasion created a SECOND --CORPORATE constitution in 1879 and that's the only one that they want you to know about, BUT the original constitution, the People's constitution of 1849, is FULLY IN FORCE and cannot be superceded or replaced by the 1879 corporate constitution. This Founding constitution and Corporate constitution dichotomy applies to EVERY state in the Union.

Once you realize that you can remove yourself from the "protection" of the corporate legal system, you are no longer subject to its regulation---AND taxation. Every judge, every court, every prosecutor, every cop in America DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS...

That doesn't mean that you can commit crimes and get away with it, however.

You can drive a car without a licence or state registration, for instance, and do it legally If you are stopped by a cop, you make it clear that you are not under the rules and regulations of the state motor vehicle department because you have a RIGHT (AS A STATE CITIZEN AND SOVEREIGN) to travel along the roads of America (upheld by the Supreme Court) without requiring the states' permission (a driver's licence) to do so. There are many other advantages to being a sovereign, state citizen.

The "US citizen" is a controlled and regulated LEGAL entity of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, which is a FOREIGN CORPORATION. People who call themselves "residents" of the UNITED STATES or call themselves "residents" of their home state, are declaring their affinity with that corporate status and are in fact considered ALIENS residing in that state.

Paul Verge put together a well done DVD that talked about this in depth. It's called Hyjacking Humanity ( .

Robert Menard (see videos below) of Canada does talks about this as well. There are many others.

EVERYONE should look into this and become a state citizen... as was George Washington (Virginia) and Benjamin Franklin (Pennsylvania).

The Founding Fathers were NOT US "citizens." YOU shouldn't be one either.

Regards, Ken

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