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Space Pearl Harbor?
July 6, 2006

Subject: "Space Pearl Harbor"?
Date: Thu, July 6, 2006
To: Editor <E-mail>

Hi Ken,

I came across this article and thought you might be interested if you haven't seen it yet:

Weapons in Outer Space

The part that jumped out was,

"The problem is that satellites are also vulnerable to elimination by enemies. A Space Commission report chaired by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld considers the threat so real it warned of a ``Space Pearl Harbor."

Wasn't Rumsfeld one of the signatories on the PNAC document that called for a "new Pearl Harbor" before 9/11? Here he is, again, saying a "space pearl harbor" is likely. The actual quote from the Space Commission report is, "The U.S. is an attractive candidate for a "Space Pearl Harbor." pg. 22 found at:

the entire report is here

Could this be another hint at what's to come with Project Blue Beam?



Hi Ted,

Thanks for your note. I'll post it with the article link.

Yes, the Illuminated traitors need to create a public pretext for weaponizing space, thus the use of Tavistock's favorite patriotism/sneaky attack theme, Pearl Harbor.

You have to remember that FDR committed HIGH TREASON against the people of the united States when, as COMMANDER IN CHIEF of the armed forces, FDR KNOWINGLY allowed Japanese planes to attack Pearl Harbor. He had at minimum 6-8 weeks advance notice of the attack, probably more. A book was published in 1947 (George Morgenstern Pearl Harbor: The Story of a Secret War , also, Charles A. Beard President Roosevelt and the Coming of the War [1948] ) that laid out the details of FDR's betrayal at Pearl Harbor. He should have been tried posthumously as a traitor and rendered as such in our history books. If that had happened, we likely would not have had the High Treason that took place on Sep 11, 2001 with the current crop of traitors occupying the Executive.

Considering the 100th Monkey Effect and the proliferation of the internet, I'm wondering whether Project Blue Beam will still fly? With every passing month, I wonder how many people around the world stumble upon that article and have an "A-hah" experience?

My guess is that friendly aliens will not allow nukes to work from space platforms, but particle beam weapons are probably allowable by the Council of Worlds.

I'm expecting some major act of treason to take place here in the US, likely this year, but I don't think it will be as big as a nuke or major biological release. I'm thinking they will sabotage a power plant or rail yard, or oil refinery, or port facility, etc. Big enough to kick in their police state controls, but still not enough to kill off the economy. It's very possible that they will generate big hurricanes and tornadoes up and down the east coast this year so as to fulfill the 'predictions' laid out in the news media for the past 6 months. Do you realize that it's IMPOSSIBLE to predict a hurricane in advance? I'm talking about a NATURAL hurricane. An engineered one, well, that's a horse of a different color.

Regards, Ken


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