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The New Spanish Devolution

By Nacho Ruiz de Sonido
May 30. 2011

The New Spanish Devolution by Nacho Ruiz de Sonido (May 30, 2011)

Hi Ken.

I will try to inform you about the Spanish situation, which is its worst since the last civil war [1936-39].

Let's start with the basics. After 7 years of Fabian socialist government, Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE), that came to power thanks to a terrorism incident (the March 11, 2004 Madrid Train Bombings) which has not been investigated and is full of unanswered questions, exactly like 9/11, the political opposition has been quiet and tolerant of the government, even with unemployment at 22% among the active population, and in some regions, as high as 40%.

The socialist government has implemented a classical NWO strategy: gay marriages; rampant feminism with subsequent draconian laws; abortion and euthanasia laws, etc. And in the macroeconomics alliance with elite banks, something similar to Barry Soetoro in the USA, caused them at first to reject the Iraq War and bring the boys back home, but the same boys were taken to Afghanistan, Lebanon and Libya

So this is the background of the political situation here. The right wing party, Partido Popular (PP or People's Party), has been silent, only waiting their turn (as in the USA with the Republican-Democrat charade). In the meanwhile, I have to say that the king of Spain is about to die or at least the rumors said that, and the government is helping the separatist Basque movement which will, at the end, destroy our country. I urge foreign people to forget Basque separatist propaganda and study the origins and methods (killing innocent kids) of Basque terrorism. If you do that in a deep way, you will discover the hard links between "illuminati" and terrorism in Spain since long ago.

Just take a look at the ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna-Basque independent terrorists) logo which is an axe with the stick [ancient Roman fasces] surrounded by a serpent and was funded by Jesuits (widely recognized). At the end you will find that Basque separatism is built more than a hundred years ago by The City of London agents to wrest power in the early big industrialization in this region of Spain.

Unfortunately, the foreign press has been friendly to the Basque independents, saying that they are an oppressed people, when in fact Basque country has the best economy and there is almost no unemployment there (among other benefits from the State that breaks the Spanish Constitution which says that all the Spaniards are equals).

The Manipulation

Only a few days before local administrative and council elections, there started to appear from "nothing" a movement that at its start is orchestrated by 3 or 4 organizations which are unknown by the general population. The media said that they are anonymous citizens using social networks (facebook and twitter).

Let's take a look at these people. One of the main leaders of this organizations is Enrique Dans. Dans has graduated from the John E. Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA and attended post doctorate studies at Harvard Business School (like all normal unemployed Spaniards), worked in Barclays bank, and today works in the I. E. Businees School [International Excellence ~ "strongly international atmosphere" ].

Check his website and you will be fascinated by the picture above his curriculum

Enrique Dans "Eye"

Others "leaders" like lawyers Javier de la Cueva, Carlos Sánchez Almeida etc... are also connected with the Bilderbeg press and NWO related organizations. The general Spanish population, although widely brainwashed, is really upset by economic and social situation, so a lot of normal people went to the main squares in the cities and it all started.

They basically still believe that the movement was "spontaneous." Initially, all was festive and funny: people were happy, but suddenly some people start to find the oddities. At first, the most active people in the movement were radical leftists, anarchists, and feminists. The last ones are very strong in the movement and are so furious, that they don't allow anybody to speak if they think the speaker is using male terms. So participants are in an Orwellian New Speak nightmare. These groups were at first fueled by the local press and the foreign press, which viewed them like the inheritors of the Republican and anarchists of old Spanish tradition. At least enough to say that this is the classical romantic view of the Spanish Left (which has nothing to do with reality, either now or in the past).

These groups started a list with petitions for a new society. And yes, the first were obvious: less power for banks, more work for people ....etc., etc., but...the other petitions - absolute Marxism: Abolition of private property, free abortion, even more woman advantages, more advanced gay agenda, etc., etc. Basically all coincident with NWO postulates. Masonic lodges here agree with the movement in public (the two main political leaders are masons anyway).

After this moment, local elections took place and as expected, the Right wins by a wide margin... and from this moment, the Left starts to fuel even more street protests, although it's against leftist central government.

People here don't vote for ideas; they only vote for economic security and people prefer conservative politics because in this country the economy has always worked better with the right. And normal people start to leave the squares and streets, leaving only the radical element in charge.

Why did the normal people start to refuse to support the protesters? Because the protesters want an ultra-leftist society, and they are about 20 years old and don't know how hard life is. And when you go to the Puerta de Sol (main protester zone in Madrid which translates to SUNGATE!), you won't see what you expect to see: you see yoga courses, astrology freaks, potheads (I don't mean here that cannabis is bad), lazy people, nasty lesbians insulting people, a very dirty ambiance really...and all very naive. And all deceived by extreme leftist ideas. Their mottos? A typical example: "we want it all and we want it now" (child-like thinking everywhere).

And interestly enough. no one is saying anything about the March 11 Madrid train bombings, 9/11, chemtrails, Afghanistan, etc., Although they are against bankers and have some other good proposals..they still believe in Global Warming ! And want to improve policies on this theme as well.

The actual situation today:

- General elections will be in a year;

- The Left rules the country, the Right has won local elections;

- Ultra-leftist protesters still in the streets;

- The Basque country, after 4 decades of social engineering, wants independence;

- The left main government is manipulating the protests to advance their NWO politics far beyond current limits;

- The right will do the same, but move more in economics, rather than in social behavior.

The two sides are manipulating: If the left wins in the next general elections, be ready for a Cubanization of Spain (most protesters are Castro fans with a Che Guevara T-shirt of course). If the right wins, they will align with the same bankers of course...and normal people, thanks to this movement, are losing faith in youth because they are more manipulated than the Tavistock mice.

Best wishes, Nacho

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