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A Few Comments on 'Spare the Air', Al Gore, & Chemtrails
December 7, 2008

A Few Comments on 'Spare the Air', Al Gore, & Chemtrails (Dec. 7, 2008)

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From: Keith
To: Editor
Sent: Sunday, December 07, 2008
Subject: "Spare the Air" days. Wood fires banned, chemtrail WMD O.K."

Hi Ken,

This morning I went outside to watch yet another beautiful morning in San Jose be destroyed as chemtrails swept acros the sky. I stood and looked up in wonder at how the pilots doing this justify it in their minds. Then I look around me at the incredibly blind people running around oblivious to this, never looking up and seeing the exterminators spraying them with WMD’s day after day. This week, several mornings had “fog” so thick it could be seen between houses 50 feet apart. This is not fog.

Tonight, Channel 4 KRON T.V. had their “weather man” tell us that the air quality was so poor today that there is a “spare the air” (Al Gore) alert, and that anyone caught burning wood will be cited for a first offense and fined for a second. How about a fine for anyone releasing WMD’s into the atmosphere? How about executing them after a fair trial?

Spare the air my ass! I watched and filmed the air being polluted today, from early morning on, as the chemtrails spread out across the skies until the nearby mountains were partially obscurred as this “fog” descended from high altitude. I don’t know which astonishes me more, the evil of the psychopathic morons behind this program, or the pathetically ignorant / fearful sheople that are being eradicated.

Anyway, channel four news tells us that tomorrow morning will be a high fog and “ground fog” day, so my advice to people in the Bay area is to wear a pesticide rated mask when outdoors!


PS You may want to reference this site again. He has some excellent updates on chemtrails and bioweapons.


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