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The Bible as a Resource of Inspired Thought
November 24, 2007

The Bible as a Resource of Inspired Thought (Nov. 24, 2007)

Subject: Thank You Ken
From: Dan
Date: Sat, November 24, 2007 11:49 pm
To: Editor

Dear Ken,

I wanted to write you to thank you for the many, many things that you do for others and for your web site. I’ve purchased your CS machine and I’ve referred many family and friends to your web site over the years. I’ve waited several years to respond to your reply to me, which was of a kind and spiritual nature. You are a man after my own heart and I believe that you are a good man. Even though we’ve never met I feel as though we are brothers fighting for the same cause, all based in love. That is why I feel compelled to write to you. I believe that we can all help each other and that we are supposed to.

Just a quick background about myself. When I was around 12 years old my parents told me a little bit about the illuminati and I was also warned not to bring the subject up to others for fear of being labeled a “wacko”. Now the illuminati could care less and probably feel that they are already victorious. Anyway, I gave my heart to God when in my early 20’s and not regretted it since. I am now approaching 50. Ever since I was a child I’ve believed that everyone, in their lifetime, should at least be able to say that they’ve read the Bible all the way through. Few people in this country have. Most can say that they’ve read verses or chapters but that is about it. It’s human nature to not want to be “told what to do” and really I believe the Bible is a love story to all of us about how to live our lives for the best of us all. Throughout my life I’ve had many questions about the Bible if I saw
any contradictions. But every time without fail if taken in context it has proved right. It was so perfectly written that I believe that it has a life of it’s own. I also believe that our creator has the power to keep a book “intact” as our manual. No matter how hard the luciferians or satanists try to keep us from following it. But they don’t have to try very hard because most Bibles are sitting on shelves or tucked away somewhere. We cry out to God when we are in trouble not when we’re affluent.

In the Bible God didn’t go into every detail. God didn’t name every animal that he made or outline what a husband and wife should or shouldn’t do in their bedroom. I certainly believe that he could have made aliens and not addressed the fact further. We do not obligate God. God seems to be more concerned with our motive and our Love for him and each other than with giving us all the facts to our endless questions or requests for signs.

It’s interesting that the luciferians/satanists reverse everything in the Bible. First they copy the ideas or ideology and then reverse it. It’s also interesting
that even the Arch Angel Michael did not go up against Satan except to put Jesus in front of him for protection. Satan has only had a few thousand years to observe and understand human nature. While we as humans have been given so much power through God we have to remember that it comes from God. That is exactly how Satan fell he believed that he was equal with God or better. I temper everything now with how would this information jive with getting from point A to point B based on Biblical salvation in Jesus Christ. My mother used to say that the devil doesn’t care which or how many countless detours that we may get off on, which he presented to us. The bottom line is that he got us off path from the truth. Out of 10, the devil is happy sacrificing 9 bits of truth to be revealed if he can get in just one lie, that’s all it takes to get us off track.

I pray for you often Ken. You’ve got a heap of responsibility on you and you love the truth. You help so many people. The Bible is such a wonderful Love story for us and about our relationship with our Father. I believe in my heart of hearts that the Bible is true and is not to enslave us but to guide us to freedom. Satan is so subtle. All he has had to do was plant a seed of doubt. It really is a spiritual war. Our short lives here scream the question who, what and how we were created and even more important… why. I was told just recently that the Sassafras tree is the only tree in the world with three different and distinct leaves on it. One is shaped like a right hand mitten, another like a left and the third is without either thumb. That tree reminds me of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost, all from the same tree. I also have to question why the NIV Bible and others have chosen to omit
those exact words from the King James version (among other verses and whole chapters left out). I read that Rupert Murdoch owns the copyright to the NIV. But I need to check into that.

I wanted to write you because I believe in you and I wish you only the “best” Ken. I don’t want the enemy (knowingly) to use you (unknowingly) in anyway to further their cause. Love has already conquered any fear that we may come up against and that is why in the New Testament alone it states more often than anything else to not “fear” (365 times to be exact). It calls for us to be “wise” (as “serpents” I believe that was the word used) yet to be as gentle as doves. So smart or wise but of a gentle nature. Most of we human beings seem to be one or the other and not both.

Again, you’re a good man Ken! I thank you. Keep up all the good work that you’re doing and always remember that LOVE wins!

By the way, some of your replies to people are quite funny. I would never want to verbally tangle with you...look out!

"Merry Christmas"!

Your Friend,



Thanks Dan,

Much obliged and I appreciate your gracious and generous comments. Your words will resonate with all who realize and recognize the bigger picture. It is a spiritual battle, of course, and yes, the Illuminated satanists reverse EVERYTHING that is good, honest, and wholesome. It is the nature of their negative polarity.

Warm Regards and God Bless, Ken


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