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A Message from a Friend
September 4, 2011

A Message from a Friend (Sep. 4, 2011)

[Editor's Note: This e-mail was forwarded to me by Steve Campbell and is addressed to him. ..Ken]

Subject: A Message from a Friend
From: "Steve Campbell" <>
Date: Sun, September 4, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Thank you, Steve.

I wish I could manage to get my own spiritual house in order, before I lay blame on anyone else for their character shortcomings; it is by forgiving them their sins whereby I am forgiven and can stop condemning myself in the process of judging them. From what I understand or am being intuitively informed in my own consciousness and from reading the Edgar Cayce materials, Jesus' life of speaking out against the injustices the Jewish leaders of His society and the Roman Empire's thug soldiers heaped on the peoples that He perceived going on was the pattern we are all to follow if we would gain any peace of mind, comfort and security manifested in our own lives; yet none of the truth means anything unless we ourselves start by setting our own ideals and living up to them.

I am no better than anyone else in this regard, and never meant to or mean to set myself up as any kind of expert or think I, personally, have a lock on what is true and loving behavior towards myself or my fellows; yet, we all know in our hearts what the right (non-selfish) thing to do is in any given situation; and yet, still I fight being honest with everyone, including myself and God. What I do know is that it is not about genetics, racial purity, politics, religion, cultures, business practices, etc. as we and all the universe are One and what and how that understanding changes my perceptions, prejudices, and actions or thoughts (if any) of and towards others is still an evolving work-in-progress.

One of the best hindsight views of his own career as a USMC general, the most decorated soldier in US military history, was a speech given by Smedley Butler entitled "War Is A Racket." It was given after he stymied, by blowing the whistle, on a planned secret nazi-totalitarian takeover of the US military and society during the 30s just prior to the US being false-flagged into WWII in 1942 by the bombing of Pearl Harbor, when he had been recruited by a group of US industrialists and Nazi sympathizers and funders to head a secret army of 50,000 soldiers who had also been deceived into the conspiracy by playing on their own personal prejudices and understandings about what America *really* represented in the world---we are indeed, our brothers' keepers---and we have lost that spirit of love and forgiveness and acceptance of others' rights to self-determination and personal choice on how to live their own lives in freedom from tyranny and terrorization from governments, monarchies, dictatorships, and corporations who end up being a god unto themselves in an illusionary pursuit of wealth and power over the masses in a misguided master-slave racket.

What I hope for is the power of prayer to enact healing and enlightenment and peace between peoples through the power of our Father-Mother Creator Spirit's love in action through us all, and that it exists in our world. Thank you for your bravery and persistence in exposing the Zionist-phony Khazar Jews' conspiracy and victimhood racket ploys of the Holohoax myth and current events, and I wish you well in that endeavor; I only wish I were as brave and worthy to go to the front lines of that "history" rewrite. As you can see, I am still lost in my own personal spiritual housecleaning and moment of truth, awaiting my own call to champion the truth for those willing to hear it and see it.

All the best,
Bob Keenan
Carbondale, CO

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