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Middle Eastern Muslim Wife on Family Harmony and Spiritual Protection
April 5, 2011

Middle Eastern Muslim Wife on Family Harmony and Spiritual Protection (Inspiring) April 5, 2011

Subject: Spiritual Protection
From: Yasmine (Middle Eastern country)
Date: Tue, April 5, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

Ever since I have discovered your website I am regularly amazed at the practical spiritual knowledge that you and Z.S. Livingstone are presenting to the public that is actual very essential for survival on this earth and crucial for ongoing protection from harmful entities and events. I always want to write to you and reply
to all the recent articles you have been posting especially about the subject of spiritual protection.

I come from a Muslim culture and I was very touched when I read the last of three articles by Zuernnovah Star about rebuilding our DNA by establishing spiritual families. In this article he stated that Islam has always protected families and allowed them to flourish. I was suddenly inspired to see that the many rules and regulations that make up Shariah Law are actually spiritual laws that are more organic than legalistic if you know what I mean.

If practiced justly and sincerely, these laws allow a person to become spiritually balanced and in harmony with nature. Zuernnovah Star also mentioned in the same article that the Wahabis were created by the British Agents in the 18th century in Arabia in order to destroy the real Islam from within and enslave their followers in an artificial religion that seeks to control their behavior with physical laws.

Happily, he said that most true Muslims today cannot accept this artificial creation. Also, I would like to narrow my focus down to the relationship between a husband and his wives and emphasize how important it is for a man and his women to cooperate together to create a loving environment where they can support each other and the children.

I am my husband's second wife and I have a child from a previous marriage. He has two grown sons with his first wife who are now attending college. I take care of her kids and she takes care of mine. To get to the point, we have all literally experienced numerous miracles together because of the unconditional love we have for each other.

We have also experienced some very difficult times when bad people try to harm us. Together we have spiritually overcome many dangers. You can say that we have prayed and paved our destinies away from these dangers by our ongoing commitment to each other.

I was educated in a feminist college, but am a tradtional woman who always discusses everything with my husband before we make a decision together and he is the one who has the final say. I discovered that when we are together, we make the perfect decisions; sometime life and death decisions. But when I am by myself, I really have a limited picture about the situation and I am prone to make the wrong choice and vice versa.

My husband really gives me an unbelievably important perspective that I truly don't have alone. And I truly know I help my husband's other wife just like a sister which she actually is. I was really touched by a recent article that Zuernnovah commented on regarding Thailand being among the few countries that are still spiritually protected and never invaded by Western Colonialists. I believe this is due the role of families and their loyalty to each other as a people and as he said because the ruler protects and cares for his people.

How tragic it is that many people in the Middle East like Libya who come from historically a sprititual culture seem to have abandoned it when they sell their people out to the New Colonialists or to Bahrain where the Ruler openly butchers his own people, then incites sectarianism to hide his crime.

I am horrified at the spiritual reverberations in the land and the violent blowback these actions will create for the destinies of the perpretrators . Even more horrifying when no one stands up for the innocent victims and remain silent in the face of such crimes. All spriitual protection will then be destroyed.

I really wish I can talk to you and Zuernnovah in person about this subject because I am trying to discover and develop on a spiritual technique for mankind to battle and transcend the NWO human and demon created disasters instigated all over the planet at this time.

God Bless you and ZSL for your great work to help Humanity.I depend and enjoy all the recent information you are dispensing.


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