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Big Medicine's Vaccine Propagandists Go into High Gear
October 23, 2009

Big Medicine's Vaccine Propagandists Go into High Gear (Oct. 23, 2009)

From: June
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: USA not to have squalene or mercury in its vaccines?
Date: Oct 23, 2009

Hi Ken,

This guy, (Associate Proffessor, MD, Dept of Pediatrics, University of Colorado, Denver, Joseph Albietz posted an article in Science-based medicine that claims the US swine flu vaccines will be adjuvant-free:

"...However, it must be clearly stated that there are no adjuvants, nor have there ever been, in the US influenza vaccines. Furthermore, barring the highly unlikely failure of the standard unadjuvanted vaccines currently in trial, the H1N1 vaccines available in the US will also be adjuvant free.7 ..."

"7. This decision drew heat from the international medical community, as it runs counter to the World Health Organization’s recommendations, will mean fewer vaccine doses produced overall, and may compromise our ability to control the spread of H1N1 worldwide if supplies fall short."

The CDC list of approved adjuvants doesn't include squalene, unless it is listed by another name I do not know. It does include thimerosal. The Albeitz article above says squalene is only going into the European vaccines.

So why do we hear discussions of adjuvant-free vaccines for pregnant women?

I have been sending long letters to friends and families asking them to not get the vaccine, mostly based upon the dangers of squalene and mercury. Some friends and family (lovingly) think I am nuts. They say: "See, no adjuvants!"



Hi June,

I spent a considerable amount of time today looking over the voluminous pro-pharma claptrap written by Dr Joseph Albeitz and other establishment medicine shills who post their "Science-Based Medicine" ('Exploring issues and controversies in the relationship between science and medicine') at a web site WHOLY devoted to debunking alternative medicine and glorifying the pharmaceutical model as the ONLY model of worth, merit, and trusted "science" Since the archives start in January 2008, I have to suspect that the web site may have been SPECIFICALLY created and set up to counter anti-vaccine sentiment in anticipation of the Swine flu "pandemic" to ensue in April 2009, and attempt to make widely-read opponents of vaccines, Dr Joseph Mercola, for example, look foolish and unscientific. .

Dr Albeitz, along with fellow pharma-shill David Gorski, ( "An epidemic of fear: The anti-vaccine movement’s war on science"), and others, regurgitates every pro-pharma lie in the book, and then some. Albeitz's self-assured smugness and sense of disdain for anyone who embraces non-pharmaceutical therapies is readily apparent in every paragraph he writes. I couldn't believe what he wrote about colloidal silver! Admitting that he didn't possess any background information about it, he goes searching on PubMed to discover the "truth" about colloidal silver! He then imperiously declares that the 650 pathogenic organisms which colloidal silver could 'supposedly' knock down, was a number that was "simply made up by the writer" of the article discussing the virtues of colloidal silver! Imagine that, will you?

Well, I got news for Dr. Imperious, the 650 organisms were cataloged in a study performed by UCLA (that's the University of California, Los Angeles campus) in the late 1980s and it was discovered that there was NO germ in the UCLA inventory that colloidal silver COULDN'T knock down. The study, however, won't be found in PubMed or any medical library archive in the country because it was PULLED and suppressed by pharmaceutical minions, as are MANY other studies which demonstrate that Nature-based therapies work better than pharmaceutical poisons.

But of course, Dr Joseph Albeitz never heard of 'science for hire" as all "science" (as least the type of science approved and reviewed in PubMed) is pure, clean, and honest. His "science" cohorts in Big Medicine, working under grants from Big Pharma, are only interested in the pursuit of truth and knowledge and would NEVER dream of shaping a "study" to fit a desired outcome or suppress information that was not to the liking of their pharmaceutical benefactors. Of course, not.

Frankly, I got a headache reading this guy. I've never been exposed to such a torrent of specious, quasi-intellectual sophistry masquerading as peer-reviewed "science." This guy makes de-licenced, pro-pharma spin-'doctor' Stephen Barrett look like a rank amateur when it comes to laying down the party line.

I was even more infuriated to read the outrageous misrepresentations and falsities proffered by one of Dr Albeitz's pro-vaccine cohorts named Dr. Harriet Hall (ret. US Air Force) whose Sep 8, 2009 screed titled "Swine Flu Vaccine Fearmongering" left me gasping.

There are NO boundaries to Harriet Hall's arrogance. None. She knows, by Golly, that vaccines are safe and efficacious and anybody who believes otherwise are "irresponsible fear mongers", who are "wrong" and "dangerous" (yes, she said "dangerous"). If you want to read a brain-washed establishment hack, who will not yield an inch, then you need to cozy up with Harriet for an hour or two (warning: you'll never be the same again. Your blood pressure will rise and will STAY that way for a considerable period of time).

I don't have the time right now to comment more on this web site and its roster of shills, but I'm concerned about anyone who might stumble upon these specious articles and buy into the outrageous lies and half-truths presented there. It is these people who are "dangerous" and "wrong" because they are creating an UNJUSTIFIED sense of trust in a system and in a vaccine that may well kill them or injure them or their children.

Gary Null, Richard Gale, and Doug Henderson have recently published a compelling series of an in-depth papers, citing HUNDREDS of peer-reviewed scientific journals, studies, and reports ( that fully ventilates the LACK of vaccine safety and the LACK of vaccine effectiveness and makes it crystal clear that vaccine-promoting shills like Albeitz, Hall, and Gorski are LYING through their teeth when they CLAIM that they have the "science" to back up their pro-vaccine nonsense, when the actual reports and studies reveal another reality altogether.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi


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