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Another Inquiry about Dr. Steven Greer & The Disclosure Project
December 31, 2006

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From: Teri
To: Editor
Sent: Sunday, December 31, 2006 12:37 PM

Dear Ken,

Have you read the latest book by Dr. Steven Greer? It's called Hidden Truth, Fobidden Knowledge.

For me, it put all the pieces together. I would love to hear what you think as I've learned not to trust many people I used to listen to like N. Chomsky and A. Goodman... and Google, etc.

Thanks for posting so much wonderful info for us to educate ourselves with!!

I wonder if you find Greer genuine or not? I did go to see him present his second Disclosure Project at the Masonic Auditorium in SF in 2001. He seemed like the real mccoy to me....

It made sense that there are PLFs that they are making up to scare people with ,etc. Very interesting book..

I would love to see you post something about it whatever your opinion turns out to be.

Thanks for writing back. I've got some bad parasites down here in Panama that I have to get rid of.




Hi Teri,

Parasites can be taken care of in a few different ways. 1) you can use a zapper which provides a square wave with positive offset (Terminator is one example). 2) you can use a frequency generator and tune into the resonant frequency of the parasite itself-if you know what you have, or 3) you can use herbs which work very well indeed for parasites. Hulda Clark's books will tell you what to do.

Steven Greer is a person who is being used to help bring in the 'revelation' of the Extraterrestrial Alien presence here on earth. To understand the game, you should read Project Blue Beam.

In the not too distant future, you will see more and more "news" items which will talk about sightings of fleets of UFO over major cities. Currently, these sightings have been occurring with increasing frequency in So. America, Mexico, Central America, etc, but we will get these sightings over major American cities as well. Somewhere along the line, the government will announce that "Yes, there are extraterrestrials and yes, we have been in communication with them and have made agreements, etc".

Greer is part of that softening up process, so the public won't go nuts when the government announces the Alien Connection. At first, all will seem well and the aliens will present themselves as saviors of sort and will claim to help us overcome many "problems" that we will be presented with, concurrent with their arrival. At a later point, the government will claim that our friendly aliens have "betrayed'' us and have a very sinister and dark plan to take over earth, etc. Then they will tell us that we have to ban together under a One World government military arrangement to collectively fight off the alien menace and save the earth for humans, etc.

It's a scam and set up from top to bottom and was planned out in the 1950's. Greer is a sort of John the Baptist forerunner in this Play. Stanton Friedman and Budd Hopkins also play a similar role as Greer. Richard Hoagland is also an actor in this vein.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to what Greer has to say as I'm sure he has a lot of interesting info to pass along, however, just realize that he's working for Them-whether consciously or not, I don't really know, but he's serving their agenda all the same.

In trying to figure out the truth, you must remember the primary goals of the Illuminati:

1. One World (fascist) government with a modern form of feudal enslavement (slavery without chains) for most of us and control by a ruling elite (Rockefellers, Rothchilds, etc) who will be above the law (as they are NOW).

2. Drastic reduction in world population down to roughly 500 million people.

EVERYTHING ELSE is a Side Show designed to distract you and get you to cooperate with your own enslavement.

Regards, Ken

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