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Dr. Steven Greer, Take Six & Comments on 'Zeitgeist'
July 27, 2007

Dr. Steven Greer, Take Six & Comments on 'Zeitgeist' (July 27, 2007)

Subject: Re don't Fire the Grid
From: Aaron
Date: Fri, July 27, 2007
To:   Editor


My journey has recently involved awareness of Steven Greer and the Disclosure Project. I just read on your webpage regarding the concept of not firing the grid, that when you were aware of Steven Greer's involvement that it represented a red flag to you. I would appreciate it if you could either tell me why this was so, or direct me to a some other source of knowledge that would inform me.

Thank you.

Tucson, Arizona, USA


Hi Aaron,

There are a number of players on the American stage who posture themselves as bearers of truth and light. You are expected to perceive these people as "good guys"; fearless individuals who are working in the public interest. They strive to bring openness and honesty, you are led to believe, where before there was secrecy and covert agendas. Such is the case with Steven Greer and the "Disclosure Project".

Steven Greer, like Michael Ruppert, or Noam Chomsky, or Amy Goodman, look real good at first glance, but when you examine them more carefully, you find that they serve a hidden purpose orchestrated by manipulators who remain out of sight. Ultimately, they serve the disinformation or propaganda goals of the Illuminati and their minions. In the case of Chomsky and Goodman, they are seen as "Left Gatekeepers" because their "exposes" are limited to certain acceptable areas and they will never stray into 'forbidden territory' such as the minor fact that 911 was an inside job orchestrated by Zionist Isreal, Mossad, CIA, Israeli-owned fifth columnists in the Pentagon, etc.

Ruppert, a CIA asset since birth, will show up on all kinds of DVDs spouting off at conferences explaining just what happened to the WTC buildings on 9/11 and come across as the greatest "fearless journalist" since Clark Kent, but his real purpose is to slip you a propaganda Mickey Finn called "Peak Oil" while regaling you with his "expertise" on 911 crimes. They use the credibility-and believability- they gain from the truthful material they put out, to get you to swallow the 5 or 10% disinformation or misinformation that's layered in between the good stuff.

Steven Greer is one of those people whose job it is to get you acclimated to the idea that aliens are here and that we're going to have to deal with them (by the way, the "aliens" have been here-on earth- for at least 450,000 years). In all fairness to Dr. Greer, he did write his own article in 2002 and essentially laid out the faked alien invasion scenario and did caution people that the Disclosure Project may be hyjacked, etc. I'll give him that, but I still see his role as that of an enabler .

The aliens will initially be ballyhooed in the press as "Good guys from space" who will offer us all kinds of advanced technology to help us solve our "unsolvable problems" (the "problems' will be manufactured in plenty of time prior to the 'coming out' of the aliens, so they will have something to "fix"). Later on, the aliens will be unmasked as "bad guys" who are out to conquer and take over earth, therefore all earthlings will have to band together under one giant 'world' government in order to collectively oppose the alien menace and rid the earth of them for once and for all.

What I just laid out for you is a short summary of Project Blue Beam. If you haven't read it yet, then it's high time that you did, because it's just ONE of the many snow jobs that you are going to be snookered with in the near future.

I have no way of proving it, but I think Steven Greer was co-opted somewhere in the late 1990's. He may have started out as a sincere investigator, or perhaps he was a set up from the beginning, I don't really know. However, I do recall that Art Bell announced over the air that Greer, his female assistant Shari Adamiak and Senator Stevens from New Mexico, who was heading up a committee investigating government UFO cover-ups, all got the SAME form of fast-moving skin cancer IN THE SAME MONTH. Stevens died within months and Shari may have lived a year, but Greer was the only one to survive.

Here's what I think happened. They were all hit with some type of beam weapon that gave them the cancers. Greer was perhaps given a reprieve ("they" have the technology to cure anything) if he would play ball and serve the Project Blue Beam script. This may have occurred consciously or perhaps under mind control or perhaps it didn't occur at all. It's just speculation on my part, but his conduct seems to fit that scenario.

[The following comments are not directly connected to Steven Greer, but they illustrate the subject of using people to achieve Illuminati propaganda goals without the promoters of that propaganda necessarily being aware that they are being manipulated.]

I saw another clever propaganda film over the internet this evening called "Zeitgeist." ( I was getting e-mails urging me to watch it, so I did. The first third of the film was devoted to convincing you that Jesus Christ never existed. The remaining two thirds of the film did a good job of recapping what other documentaries on 911 had already achieved: that 911 was an inside job and there is plenty of convincing and indisputable evidence to prove it, despite the fact that the traitors in government did their level best to conceal the evidence of sabotage.

The last two thirds of the film reinforces things that you already knew were true, therefore that "believability factor" will spill over into the first third of the film where they present what SOUNDS like and what APPEARS to be convincing "evidence" that Christ never existed and was just an invented mythological character, but of course, the film "proved" no such things, as many of the narrator's statements were simply untrue (e.g. "there is not even ONE historian at the time of Christ who makes any mention of Him").

There is a big propaganda push going on these days to kill off the Catholic church altogether (apparently every priest, bishop, or cardinal is now to be considered a pedophile) and even deny that Christ  ever existed. This is part of the Illuminati's agenda to destroy a belief in Christ, in spirituality in general, and to eviscerate the brotherly message of Christ, which is love, tolerance, and forgiveness.

It's a pity to see a guy like Greg Syzmanski (raised a Catholic) being played like a fiddle by Catholic haters to the point that he links every aspect of the New World Order takeover with the Vatican. I mean it's simply astonishing what I'm reading at his web site: The Vatican is in  charge of the NWO. or The Vatican is in charge of Bush . or The Vatican is in charge of All Things Evil etc. He's doing exactly what the Nazis did in the 1930's when it came to the subject of Jews; and I don't think he realizes it as he's caught up in the fever of "exposing" those dark and evil Vatican manipulators operating out of St Peter's Square. He's scapgoating the Vatican, and by extension, the Catholic church and its members, as being the dominant, driving force behind the NWO, Satanism, etc. That's ridiculous. And that's not to say that I don't know well the long history of power abuse by the hierarchy of Catholic Church.

I'm willing to look at the evidence of those persons within the Vatican (including the Pope) or within the church who are are involved in evil conduct, whether it's satanic rituals or assassinations or whatever, but I'm not going to wholesale assign blame to the entire organization and its members because Eric Jon Phelps , a dyed-in-the-wool Calvinist zealot and arch Catholic-hater says it so. I need something called PROOF, real PROOF, and not Phelps' over-the-top ACCUSATIONS. I need more corroboration than the allegations of a single individual who obviously has a Catholic-bashing agenda and who proudly bills himself on his web site as " Eric Jon Phelps, White American Freeman Dispensational, Fifth Monarchy, Seventh-Day Baptist-Calvinist" (

What does that type of chest pounding tell you about Eric Jon Phelps? Are we to consider this guy an unbiased historian-or someone who's on a 'mission' with an axe to grind? "

And what is the logical conclusion that one must draw from such gross simplification and blame assignment? Simple. Let's get rid of the Vatican, the Pope, the Jesuits, all of those evil cardinals, and the entire "harlot" Catholic church, and VIOLA, the NWO falls like a house of cards! Are these the sentiments of rational people or bigoted, Catholic-hating zealots? Is Phelps and his mimics any different than Jew haters or Muslim haters?

Isn't that what the Nazis did to the Jews? First they blamed them for all of Germany's woes and then they offered the 'solution' to the "problem" of the Jews: Get rid of them -one way or the other.

Regards, Ken


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