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"Dr. Stephen Greer etc."
June 29, 2011

Dr. Steven Greer etc (June 29, 2011)

Subject: Dr. Steven Greer etc
Date: Wed, June 29, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Greetings from Hawaii

I've known the soul we now see as Dr. Steven Greer for many lifetimes. If you don't understand that this could be a possiblity, well it is. Two well known past lives of his are Ben Franklin, who brought us electricity in 1731 and Paramhansa Yogananda who brought east to west, and is how Greer was a samadhi master as a youth. I knew him in both those lives and I have famous names from those times also. Steven may be doing what you say, softening up society for project blue beam, but you don't realize he is actually contacting ET. He is under attack. He is a truther up against the big lie. Believe it or not, there is something the NWO is afraid of, and Greer is part of it. It is called truth. He is a whistleblower. He is the main person who exposed project blue beam through all his military witnesses who he attracted because he, Steven, is a very high and powerful being. I'm serious about the Franklin and Yogananda karmic past.

I produced a youtube 'forgiving illuminati in a fair new world" last year, you can see it and get to know me and this story.

I very much appreciate your research and slowly am reading your pages which I intend to use as an archive in my "Curriculum for Honest History and Science".

If you site is not mirrored somewhere, would you like me to mirror your archives on my site?

I would like to meet you. Please see my youtube, a two hour talk, and if it has the scent of truth for you, please lets get together.

I wrote this to some of my friends

"from there i noticed that Ken Adachi has his take on zeitgeist movement and Dr. Steven Greer. This is going to hurt some of you, but Steven is into top/down no dissent thinking in his organization. And this is what NWO is also. I know Steven is 'real thing' but I also know his lineage is top/down. So Ken's feelings have some basis. However, what Ken doesn't realize is that there are overlaps of of Steven's lineage (see autobiography of a yogi,) with other lineages, like Jesus. Ken doesn't realize this. Picture all the lineages as networks in a giant organism called life. All play a part. There is need for order as well as need for space."

Ray S


Dear Ray,

I'm not really concerned about you linking Steven Greer to Benjamin Franklin, but to couple the name of Yogananda and Jesus with the likes of Steven Greer is a little beyond the pale. I have an entirely different view of his 'saintliness' than you do.

I have a book here that Dr Kanya sent me a few years ago that has George W Bush, along with many of his criminal cabinet, and some of the more flamboyant NWO sellouts in congress being promoted as reincarnated individuals of none other than the Founding Fathers themselves!

(I'll have to add Dr. Greer's name to the annotated edition which will undoubtedly include a special category for Founding Fathers who pop in as avatars in between political incarnations).

Please, a "samadi master?" You insult the very meaning of the words

So far, every person I've encountered on the internet who describes himself or herself as a "whistle blower" is invariably a mind controlled, disinformation hack of the Barbara Hartwell/ Stew Webb variety.

The only person who exposed Project Blue Beam (and deserves credit for same) was Canadian Serge Monast who was murdered for his efforts to inform humanity of that deception scheme (in which Greer is most definitely playing a role, either as useful idiot or cooperating bit player (and I favor the latter supposition).

I'm all for forgiving the Illuminated bastards, Ray, but only after we get rid of them or otherwise permanently neutralize them in every corridor of power and influence. Then we can have a "fair new world" party.

Thanks for offering to mirror, but I don't think we view things from a similar perspective.

Kind Regards, Ken Adachi


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