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Steve Quayle Hypes BS Rumor Of Chinese Troops In Mexico

By Lee Rogers
March 23, 2011

Steve Quayle Hypes BS Rumor Of Chinese Troops In Mexico (March 23, 2011)

There are a number of people within the realm and scope of the so-called Christian based patriot movement that promote rumors, fear and lies in order to get people to visit their web sites, listen to their radio shows and buy their products. Steve Quayle has proven over a substantial period of time that he is perhaps one of the biggest bull shit artists and rumor spreading liars in this community. The sad part is that most people continue to believe the endless amounts of bull shit that he hypes no matter how many times the rumors he has spread turn out to be false. Quayle is no different than the boy who cried wolf and his actions in promoting these rumors is entirely irresponsible.

The latest story that Quayle is promoting is this rumor of Chinese troops and armored vehicles in Mexico. The story supposedly originates from a truck driver who reported seeing these things 60 miles south of Laredo Texas. The alert gives no contact information for the supposed witness nor provides their full name so it is impossible to independently verify if this person is even real. There are also no other sources except for Quayle who is saying anything about the prospect of Chinese troops in Mexico. Such a large military movement of Chinese troops and military equipment would not go unnoticed except for a single truck driver that just so happens to feel like providing this information to Quayle alone.

The story has zero credibility.

Quayle has also consistently hyped up the threat of martial law and gun confiscations that often come in the form of alerts from somebody who only goes by the name Hawk. Whenever the alerts turn out to be false alarms, Quayle credits himself and Hawk for exposing the operation and they credit their exposure of the operation as the reason why it didn't happen. Any jackass can make up something completely out of thin air and when it doesn't happen claim that the event didn't occur because they exposed it with their reporting. It is the most insane nonsense anyone can imagine but gullible morons continue to believe the garbage that Quayle promotes and they keep coming back to see what bull shit Hawk will report next.

It is becoming more and more clear that alot of these Christian patriots are actually working on behalf of the New World Order as a controlled opposition front. They are using fear and rumors to fuel a disgusting agenda and it is this agenda that is not good for this country or Americans as a whole. We will do our best to expose and debunk any additional rumors that come from Quayle and other people of his ilk if they continue.

Lee Rogers


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