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Stew Webb
September 22, 2012

Stew Webb (Sep. 22, 2012)

Subject: Stew Webb
From: Sigrid
Date: Fri, September 21, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Ken Adachi,

I just read, your article about Stew Webb, I am sure I saw somewhere a few weeks ago, he also had an alias. Wonder if you could guide me in the direction of more info about this Stew Webb, to expose this snake..

Thank you .



Hello Sigrid,

I've posted many articles in the past about Stew Webb on Ted Gunderson's page:

Scroll down to "Stew Webb - Liar, Thief, Slanderer, Lunatic"

Stew Webb had stolen over 70 large file boxes from Ted Gunderson, the majority from Ted's condo in Las Vegas in June/July of 2000, while Ted was away on an extended speaking tour (for a number of weeks). Many of those boxes were filled with important files and original investigative reports that Ted had gathered and investigated in the course of his private investigator career following his FBI retirement in 1979. I first posted information about Webb's theft of Ted's boxes on Feb. 10, 2003 in an article under a heading titled : "Defending Ted Gunderson; Exposing Stew Webb"

Stew Webb v. Ted Gunderson

I posted another article about Webb's theft of Ted's boxes on Oct. 25, 2005

Housekeeper Names Stew Webb in June 2000 Theft of Ted Gunderson's Files

when Ted posted a signed affidavit from his elderly housekeeper, Anna May Newman, who was in Ted's condo on the night that Webb had stolen Ted's property and witnessed Webb's preparations to take Ted's boxes out of the condo. Anna May didn't realize that Webb was intending to steal the boxes until the next morning when she saw that all of the boxes that Webb had stacked in the hallway, were gone. At the time, Ted had allowed Stew Webb to live in his condo for what was suppose to be a "few days", but turned out to be closer to 9 or 10 months. Ted finally told Webb that he wanted him out of his condo by time he got back from his speaking tour.

Ted went to the Las Vegas police as soon as he got back from his tour and discovered that Webb had stolen his boxes. He filed a police report which I included the file number of in my next article on Webb. Ted identified Webb as the chief suspect since he was seen by the housekeeper stacking the boxes in the condo's hallway in the earlier part of the evening, before she had gone to bed. In addition to the investigative files, Webb had stolen boxes with emergency long term storable food, many copies of Brice Taylor's book, Thanks for the Memories (which Ted was selling at his lectures), FBI memorabilia, recordings, letters, and other personal papers and effects of value to Ted.

Las Vegas police went with Ted to the trailer where Webb was staying and couldn't find any of Ted's boxes (of course). Webb, psycho maniac that he is, would later describe this event as a "Swat team raid" upon the home of Sir Stewart of Innocence, "led" by none other than Ted Gunderson (as if the Las Vegas police would simply turn over their police power and investigative authority to a FBI retiree). Webb blustered loudly "how dare you accuse me" etc. The Las Vegas police later told Ted that they can't arrest Webb without proof of Webb's theft. The cops told Ted that since Anna May didn't actually see Webb taking the boxes out of the condo, they can't arrest Webb on her statement of seeing him stack the boxes in the hallway on the night of the theft (if you can believe that!)

Ted already knew that Webb was enjoying some type of special protective status with the FBI (he was an FBI informant) which is undoubtedly why the Las Vegas police blew Ted off , instead of arresting Webb on circumstantial and witnesss evidence (which was ample).

Here's a short paragraph from an article I posted on Nov. 2, 2003, titled: Stew Webb Reveals His FBI Informant Status on His Own Video

concerning Webb's role as an FBI informant to gather private investigative data acquired by Ted and relay it to the FBI:

"Ted Gunderson has often claimed that Stew Webb was/is an FBI informant who was planted on Ted in order to gain access to his private files (of which perhaps as many as 70 BOXES were stolen by Webb) and to worm his way into Ted's confidence so he could monitor his work. Webb continues to deny his FBI informant status to this very day, but he tipped his hand on this video where he appears (to me at least) to be either somewhat intoxicated with alcohol or he's on drugs. Anyone viewing the tape can see that he's flying on something.

Webb tips his informant status a second time when he tells the camera that he was assigned a symbol number. Ted Gunderson told me that the FBI never uses an informant's real name in their reports; they only use an assigned symbol number. "

In 2005, Pam Shuffert contacted me and told me that Stew Webb had called her on the phone the very night that he was robbing Ted's apartment. She said she was misled by Webb and Barbara Hartwell into thinking Ted was a "bad guy," but had a change of heart and wanted to tell Ted that Stew Webb had called her on the phone during the robbery of Ted's boxes. Webb relayed to Pam how elated he was to get his hands on Ted's investigative files.

Quoting Pam Shuffert directly from this Oct. 18, 2005 article:

Pam Shuffert Describes Stew Webb's Boasting of Stolen Boxes Taken from Ted Gunderson's Condo

" When I called him next, he was living with Gunderson. I did not understand until MUCH LATER what he was talking about when he told me about his PRIZE CATCH...dozens of boxes with Gunderson's files and stuff in them! He talked to me excitedly about the boxes he was removing from Gunderson's home as if he were elated and on to a big find! In fact, he was often breathleess as he described what he had found and was taking...he told me how his whole procedure was going...stage by stage. Gunderson will have to walk me thru some of it, because I can only remember pieces of some of this. Something about Stew getting SOME of the boxes out, and then having to wait until later, so many of them...I thought Webb said around70 boxes or so...I could be wrong."

Pam sent a longer e-mail to Ted Gunderson describing in detail the phone conversation she had with Stew Webb while he was taking the boxes out of Ted's condo:

Ted immediately went back to the Las Vegas police with Pam's signed affidavit, but the Las Vegas police told Ted that the statute of limitations had expired and they couldn't do anything. Mind you, Ted had ALREADY reported Stew Webb to the police as the chief suspect in the theft of his boxes when he returned to from his speaking tour in 2000 and discovered the boxes missing. and had the police report to prove it.

Pam Shuffert describes Webb's robbery of Ted's condo and his glee in stealing Ted's property:


I was utterly shocked one night when I called him, when he was staying in the home of former FBI Bureau Chief TED GUNDERSON in Las Vegas, to hear him huffing and puffing as if he were in the midst of moving heavy things, and then to hear him say jubilantly, "I GOT the boxes...Gunderson is GONE and I am getting the boxes!!!" Wondering what THAT meant, he explained that TED GUNDERSON WAS GONE, and he was taking the 35 or so boxes of VERY IMPORTANT FILES containing Gunderson's research exposing FBI CORRUPTION AND SATANISM and more.

TED GUNDERSON, former FBI, is a fine man of integrity, who has roused the wrath of the corrupt elements of the FBI by exposing corruption in the system, the child sex/porn rings in the FBI, and the satanism as well. This makes GUNDERSON, in turn, a TARGET for FBI COINTELPRO slander and libel manufactured him to discredit his excellent work exposing them.

Sadly, both STEW WEBB and BARBARA HARTWELL have both proven to be COINTELPRO by writing and publishing the libelous, fictional and untrue "reporting" against both Gunderson, myself and many other truth-tellers on the scene.

Webb then justified this by trying to portray GUNDERSON as "the BAD guy" and Webb as "the GOOD guy" taking his files on behalf of the FBI ( or more realistically,for the CRIMINAL elements of the FBI who did not LIKE Gunderson's exposing of their corruption in his reports!) In fact, Webb bragged to me on the phone, even as he was stealing GUNDERSON'S BOXES OUT OF HIS HOME AND MOVING THEM TO WEBB'S VEHICLE, what a GREAT HAUL THIS WAS! "

Unfortunately, I had been previously brainwashed by WEBB'S misinformation and misportrayal of GUNDERSON, and said nothing to GUNDERSON after the theft by WEBB. It was not until several years later that I became INFORMED and caught on to COINTELPRO and WEBB'S ROLE IN IT. THEN I contacted GUNDERSON and told him all about Stew Webb's infamous night of rampage and theft at his home in Law Vegas.

[end Pam Shuffert quote]


In March of 2012 (seven months after Ted had died), I heard Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot interview Stew Webb. In the course of the interview, Webb presented himself as a colleague and co-investigator with Ted Gunderson. Webb told Kerry that he had helped Ted investigate the Inslaw case in the late 1980s. The fact is that Ted didn't even meet Stew Webb until the early 1990s when Webb approached Ted during his election campaign and introduced himself as a "whistle blower" with lots of inside info about the Leonard Millman family (he had married a Millman daughter, later divorced). Webb was never involved in any part of the Inslaw investigation with Ted (which involved Michael Riconscuito and the infamous PROMUS software theft scandal by Ed Meese's Justice Department during the Reagan administration). Webb then went on to tell Kerry how he now has the investigative files that HE and Ted had obtained in the Inslaw investigation. Naturally, the files that Webb was referring to are the very files he had stolen from Ted's condo in the summer of 2000. Webb was waiting patiently all these years for Ted to die, so he can go on the lecture circuit and boast about his "co-investigations" with Ted Gunderson using Ted's purloined files.

Barbara Hartwell lives in the same viper's pit that spawned Stew Webb. For more than a decade, Hartwell has slandered, libeled, and defamed the good name of Ted Gunderson as egregiously as Stew Webb has. In fact, they have often posted articles together, complimenting each other, while slandering Ted with one outrageous lie and another. They both deserve the public's strongest repudiation and condemnation. They truly are the lowest of the low.

Sincerely, Ken


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Barbara Hartwell

Hartwell (Nov. 13, 2009)

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Barbara Hartwell, Founder & CEO of MC Liars, Inc.

Barbara Hartwell (Aug. 14, 2008)

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