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Stew Webb and Kansas City
September 11, 2004

From: Christina Kanas
Sent: Saturday, September 11, 2004 11:51 PM
Subject: Stew Webb --- Kansas City

Dear Editor,

Stew Webb is a friend of mine here in Kansas City. I live in Kansas City and do not know many of his friends, just a few here in KC. I've been a friend of his for over 2 yrs. He is acting very very very very strange lately, and because of it , I did a search on the internet , and located your article. I would like very much to read your lengthy piece, if and when you finish it plz let me know. He seems to be a good man, with extreme troubles at present. I'd like more info that you can provide.


Christina Kanas

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From: Editor
To: Christina Kanas
Sent: Monday, September 13, 2004 7:15 PM
Subject: Re: Stew Webb --- Kansas City

Hello Christina,

At the moment, I really tied up and can't devote time to finishing that piece about Stew, but when I do, I'll post it and you can read it then.

I'm sorry to report that Stew is a person who has had a troubled life and some years ago was incarcerated in a facility for the criminally insane. Many people have told me that he has a problem with both alcohol and drugs. Those sort of addictions could only add to his troubles and his wild behavior. Beyond accusing innocent people of crimes which he simply makes up off the top of his head, he has a reputation for threatening people with violence. Ted Gunderson told me of one case in which Stew assaulted a man named Tom Gault in Ted's apartment in Las Vegas while Ted was away on a speaking tour.

During that same episode, Ted's apartment was robbed of 35 boxes of important files, research notes, case files, etc . The only other person who was in the apartment on the night of the theft, besides Ted's elderly housekeeper-who went to bed early- was Stew Webb. There is no doubt in Ted's mind that Stew stole the boxes, but he didn't have them in his possession when the police came calling on Webb at a mobile home after Ted reported Webb as the number one suspect.

Tim White also told me that Stew had tried to arrange to have a 'hit' put on him.

I believe that Stew is under CIA mind control and functions as a disinformation agitator and disrupter whose job is to discredit genuine patriots like Ted Gunderson. You may not know, but many people who have been locked up in psychiatric facilities, especially prisons, are prime recruits for CIA mind control programming. I've talked to a couple of psychics about Stew and they both told me that Stew genuinely BELIEVES that Ted is dirty etc., but they also both said he was under mind control.

I'm sure there are good things that could be said about Stew Webb as we are all children of God and we are all capable of both positive and destructive behavior. He's probably more a victim than a planner, but he, along with his cohorts Linda Newkirk and Barbara Hartwell, have done a great deal of damage, through false allegations, to the reputations of honorable men like Ted Gunderson.

Ted Gunderson doesn't know how to type and is not familiar with using computers. He has yet to learn how to send or receive e mail. Someone else gets his e mail and faxes a copy to him. Ted writes everything in long hand and has someone type his material. If I didn't write the few articles that I did defending Ted against Hartwell's or Webb's outrageous and libelous disinformation, you would see next to nothing on the Internet in Ted's defense. That's why I'm forced to take the time to write about Stew and expose his lies. Believe me, if I had a choice, I could find many other topics that hold much greater interest for me than retort articles about Stew Webb or Barbara Hartwell.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

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From: Christina Kanas
To: Editor
Sent: Monday, September 13, 2004 8:09 PM
Subject: Re: Stew Webb --- Kansas City

Dear Editor Adachi,

Thanks for the reply. I'll look forward to reading your next article.

Plz note that what you say may be true, I've a couple friends here in KC who've known him for over 20 yrs. He does seem genuine in many regards, and trying to recover. Its been said that there are only $1.26 worth of chemicals in the human body that keep us all from being insane !

I've read Stew's info, and what my good friends here say, plus the disinfo - it's really hard to sort out true from false - so I'll try to let God lead me into all truth. Your info helps and I thank you again. Several local groups trying to defeat the Patriot Act really like him, and he has spoken there a few times. I've shared this info with leaders of the groups, also , so they can help me sort this out.

Christina Kanas


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From: "Tim White" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2005 3:37 PM
Subject: FYI for you,Christina---from Stewwed Webbs' good buddy,BABBLES BARFWELL [Barbara Hartwell]


This I copied out of a 20 or so page diatribe by mentally ill Barbara Hartwell and I think you should see how these type of slimeballs operate.And to think that BOTH Hartwell and Webb claim they are "Christians"; some joke,huh? I guess this means you are not see Stewwie any more.

Tim White


From Barbara Hartwell:


And lastly....before this section is wrapped up, one more thing: The industrious and tireless talent scout, Ken Adachi, is sponsoring additional libelous comments about Stew Webb by publishing e-mail from yet another provocateur, a woman by the name of Christina Kanas, who has actually been stalking Stew Webb and trying to infiltrate his circle of friends. This woman is bearing false witness not only about Stew Webb, but also about a Christian minister, a friend of Stew's in the Kansas City area. This latest whackjob claims to be a "friend" of Stew Webb, although she is not, nor ever has been. She also falsely claims that both Stew Webb and the minister, Rev. Fromm, made marriage proposals to her! Kanas (par for the course) also tries to impugn Webb's sanity, as part of the overall libel package. Some great new material to enhance the credibility of Adachi's "educational" website. Gee whiz, somebody ought to introduce this sleazy character, Christina Kanas, to Todd Fahey. I'm sure the two of them would really hit it off, since they have so much in common....stalking, bearing false witness....and both are running around making sexual advances to people who find them repulsive...and then lying about their "conquests". Maybe Adachi himself could do the honors... Naturally, Adachi seized upon the libelous messages from yet another nutcase, obviously in the hope he could do even more damage to Stew Webb's reputation. What kind of bullcrap will Adachi come up with next ?



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