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Stimulus Money Going to FEMA?
August 8, 2009

Stimulus Money Going to FEMA? (Aug. 8, 2009)

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I believe lots of stimulus money is going to fema.


Hello Whoever You are,

That's entirely possible.

The Stimulus Rip-off is the second greatest act of robbery of the American people. The 850 Billion Wall Street bailout of the Illuminated Bush crime syndicate was its predecessor. . They use these huge robbery bills to cover up unprecedented money laundering through real estate acquisition involving a large percentage of politicians in this country who are  "inside the loop" . You have no idea how big this robbery and money laundering operation is. Don Nicoloff has discovered incredible information. The Madoff  "conviction" was PART  of a COVERUP to try to convince the public that his shenanigans was the reason for missing money. It's not Madoff; he's just a sacrificial lamb. It's treasonous politicians in this country and their cohorts who are robbing the public blind and the public has no idea how they are doing it.

Of course, the other reason for  running up these unbelievable deficits is the RUIN THE COUNTRY FINANCIALLY. The traitors in Washington are TRYING TO DESTROY America on behalf of their NWO overlords and the insane "stimulus" or Cash for Clunkers Sideshows are part of that subversive agenda.

My name is Ken Adachi, What's yours?

Sincerely, Ken

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