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Strange Encounters
May 4, 2010

Strange Encounters (May 4, 2010)

Subject: Strange Encounters
From: Gloria
Date: Tue, May 4, 2010
To: Ken Adachi
4 MAY 2010

Dear Mr. Adachi,

Your website is excellent. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this fantastic resource. What brought me to this website initially 3 years ago was a series of unfortunate incidents. I needed answers and your articles provided them. And for that I thank you.

I would be grateful for your help. I’ve been having a spot of trouble lately. I’ve always had paranormal events happen to me for many many years, but in the last 4 months....well, it’s getting a bit scary. I don’t want to go into all of it, because you may think I’m totally loco.

I always hear a high-pitched sound or tone when higher beings are near and a low-pitched tone or crackling when “lower beings” (e.g. malevolent spirits) are present. I can differentiate them because of how they make me feel when they’re around (i.e. Happiness / Peace versus Nausea/Fear). Sometimes I hear a static – like when you’re changing the dial on a radio and then tune into a station, followed by voices that sound like they’re talking through water. I instinctively know that these are spirits of the departed but I can’t understand what they’re saying because it sounds so muffled.. I just switch out of it. I’ve learned to live with it. I’m not scared when they come.

But 4 months ago, while reading a book in bed, I heard the familiar static followed by a very loud and clear male –sounding voice speak in a guttural language. I want to say it sounded like “Darth Vader”- deep, ferocious and loud. I want to say it sounded like German – but it was definitely not German. And it was almost like a broadcast that I was picking up. I have no idea what it was saying, only that I instantly felt that it was not human. As the voice came, I was being lulled into a sleep like it was forcing me into a deep sleep, even though the voice was loud. I started to pray ( as I always do when I get a bit panicked), and then there was a pause in the voice, then it came again LOUDER and more BOOMING. I kept praying and I told it firmly to leave me alone. The voice got softer like I was tuning out ...then stopped. My thoughts : If it was a broadcast I was picking up, why did I feel like I was being targeted especially? Why would the voice falter then start up again only louder? The episode lasted about 30 minutes.

Many strange incidents started happening after this between 0200 – 0330 hrs. The intervals between episodes are shorter now. My husband is sometimes with me in bed when it happens, but he is always fast asleep. For his peace of mind, I call them my“BAD DREAMS”. The problem is, I am awake. Not lucid dreaming. I have total recall. These are some of the incidents....

(1) Felt pressure in middle of forehead and tried to wake up but felt something was making me sink deeper into sleep. Saw black-and-white geometric whirling shapes (squares / triangles etc) going in and out of each other like a kaleidoscope in my mind. Knew something was not right and prayed and forced my eyes open. Saw a ~4 ft tall human-like being (I want to say it was wearing a suit but I couldn’t see clearly, I just felt like it was wearing was too dark and everything happened so fast, plus I was in shock!) pull a shiny silver probe or cylinder out of the middle of my forehead and he just bolted toward the foot of my bed and disappeared! (I have always wondered if there’s some kind of gateway / doorway at the foot of my bed. Does every house have one? I see sparkly lights there all the time, but these I know are “good lights”. This being was not good. I felt it.)

(2) Feel something pulling my right hand and I try to open my eyes, but again I feel like I can’ I’m too sleepy to open them or being forced to stay asleep. In my mind, I know something’s in the room again. I pray and pray for angels to surround and protect me. Praying wakes me up fully I am awake but still can’t open my eyes. Something sharp is poking into the palm of my right hand. It hurts. This shocks me enough so that I force my eyes open at the same time as I withdraw my right arm towards me. Something /someone is crouching beside my bed...can’t see it’s face. It’s like an opaque grey-black shadow. It has let go of my hand and I pull my hand to my chest and shout out. It bolts towards end of bed and just...disappears. I get up and start pacing. (Room lights already on...I have been sleeping with lights on when my husband is not around). No marks on my hand. I don't know why I couldn't get a clear impression of it despite the lights being on.

(3) Awake again because I sense something is wrong... there is a low pitch hum, a smell of hot metal, and faint flashing orange light against the bedroom wall. I tell myself the flashing light is just a reflection of orange indicators from car parked outside and the light is coming through the bedroom window...and I try to sleep again. Feel uneasy. Low pitch hum getting louder...I open my eyes. I see a red ball (like a laser light ~5cm in diameter with surrounding paler halo of red ) moving up past my chest, close to my face, my head, then down again towards my body and legs, then up again it’s scanning me. I try to look around the room half-expecting to see a Rifle or something, but I can only move my head slightly and I can’t move my body. What’s going on?

I try to get up but can’t. The low pitch tone / sound is starting to make me feel sleepy, but paradoxically the hot metallic smell is making me want to get up. Husband in bed beside me...I can’t move my body or shout to wake him. Body feels like jelly. I’m praying again and my eyes are staring at the red light..and I’m now forcing them to stay open because my eyes feel like closing. Praying is keeping me focused.

I’m lying on my left side (right side up) with knees bent a little during all this. My right hand is on my right knee under the sheets Still can’t move. The red ball of light stops at my knees then enters sheets. I can’t see the red light now as it’s under the sheets, but my right hands starts to feel a pull and a strange numb sensation is creeping up my right hand into my right forearm. I pull away suddenly from the fear and shock and wake up fully. I’m sitting up in bed, I look at my husband and link my legs around his for security. He doesn’t stir. I keep thinking the presence is still there. Can’t shake that feeling. The flashing orange light is still on the wall, the hot metal smell and low humming sound are still present. But no red laser light. That’s good. Just a dream, I’m thinking. A nightmare.

What is that flashing light I wonder? Why hasn’t the driver turned off his indicator. I look at my mobile phone clock – it’s 0220hrs. There’s a silly thought that grazes my mind for just a tiny moment...if I turn to look out the window...will I see a UFO? I laugh silently at this silly thought. Where did that come from? And I get myself into the supine position in bed. I’m turning to sleep on my left side again. Then I see it. An image of a head which is tilted to the right and regarding me . It’s just watching me. No sound. I am too shocked to scream. I freeze. I’ve seen this image before on the internet but it’s a white.....”grey” alien head. It’s absolutely white in colour with large black oval slanting eyes. Couldn’t see it’s body. I‘m praying again, and then I turn to my husband to shout, shake and wake him. When I turn back, it’s all gone...the flashing orange light, the image. Only the hot metallic smell lingers for a bit. There are no marks on my body. This last episode happened 2 nights ago.

Mr. Adachi, I know you are inundated with emails on a daily basis. Forgive me if this is boring. What I’m recounting may not raise anyone’s eyebrows. But it’s important to me. This is disturbing me, scaring me and ruining my sleep.

Thing is, I have nothing that would interest these aliens. I know I have never been abducted by aliens. I don’t have any genealogy or bloodline that aliens might be interested in. I have nothing worth harvesting – for want of a better word – I can’t get pregnant, I have polycystic ovarian syndrome. I live on the second floor of a secured apartment block and it’s not easy to get into my flat. I don’t even care about aliens and I had never given them a second thought until now. I’m not even that imaginative to come up with anything like this. I’ve scoured the internet looking for answers as to the nature of their visitations. I have even considered going to a psychic! And I haven’t been to one since my childhood days and that was only for fun.

What do they want with me? What are they trying to put into my right hand? And what can I do about this? I know I’ll keep praying, but they’re coming more often now. Short of never sleeping again for the rest of my life....what can I do about this? I wondered if you might have read about a similar situation or if any of your friends/ guests / readers have encountered anything like this before and what they did about it?

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. If not, let me say that just writing about this makes me feel better. I so badly needed to get this off my chest.

Thank you so very much for your time and your patience in reading this. Even now, I am hesitating in sending this to you, as I have always been a private person. And I know how crazy this sounds. Instinct says, I should.

Yours Sincerely,



Hi Gloria,

OK, I'll tell you what I believe is going on , but know that my comments are only speculation and not a definitive answer. Based on what I've read and heard from other sources, I'll give you my best estimation.

You are not dreaming, that's for sure. You are having real encounters with 4 and 5th dimensional beings.

As you've noted, they are negative extraterrestrials and they are interested in you because you CAN pick up vibes and communications from a higher dimension.. Anyone with above-average paranormal or psychic abilities is of interest to the NWO and negative aliens.

If you read The Body Snatchers by Susan Reed,
she mentions the time from of 2:30-3:30 AM as the most common time frame that Reptilians use to attack targeted victims.

They obviously want to scan and implant you to either neutralize your growing abilities or bring you under THEIR control so THEY can use your abilities for their purposes. They wish to work with your subconscious mind only and that is why they try to force you into sleep. Many people who are having these encounters don't tell anyone, because they're not sure whether they are dreaming or hallucinating and don't want to risk talking about it.

While these negative alien groups (tall, white head greys, shorter greys, reptilians, insectoids, etc) are telepathic and possess advanced technology, they LACK the ability to CREATE with their minds, something unique to humans. This is a very important point that Arizona Wilder made in her 1999 video interview with David Icke.

I recently viewed a DVD made a few years ago called The Fourth Kind, sent to me by a man named Carl L. It is incredibly synchronistic that I should view that DVD right now since it provided such key information concerning another case of alien interference I'm monitoring, and now your situation. The DVD concerns a series of alien encounters in Nome, Alaska in 2002 and the events which unfolded in the life of an investigative psychologist by the name of Dr Turner. She accidentally recorded on an audio recorder the DEEP, GUTTURAL VOICE of an extraterrestrial visitor in a language that she did not understand, but subsequently discovered that the language was ancient Sumerian and was able to get some words translated. .

As you may know, the books of Zecharia Sitchin discuss the interlacing of an alien race called the Annunaki with the birth and rapid growth of the Sumerian empire in 6,000 BC.. Some people call the Annunaki the Nefilim, and allude to Biblical passages about that group.

I know some people with ability who may be able to investigate further and glean more information for you and possibly assist in thwarting these intrusions. I'll inquire and see if something can be done. You might also benefit by wearing an Orgone Protective Pendant and possibly keep some larger orgone generators in your bedroom. I can't guarantee anything in advance, but many people in these circumstances have noticed positive results with orgone generators.

You can also TRAIN YOURSELF to enter the etheric and put up your OWN shielding and defense infrastructure. You have MUCH MORE power than you suspect and these negative aliens are fully aware of that.

There's nothing to be afraid of and the more information you acquire, the more power and ability you will gather to yourself. One of the best tutorials on this topic is the excellent guide by Jack London called " How to Fight Monsters and Win"

I realize that you prefer to remain private about this, but you need allies and support. Exposing these events is the greatest contribution you can possibly make to help to STOP them. As you've acquired information from my web site that assisted you, others could also gain from your experiences as well.

EXPOSURE is the most intelligent strategy to employ. There is NOTHING that these negative aliens groups fear MORE than EXPOSURE .

I'd like to talk to you more about this. If I put up your info, I'll use another name, so you will always remain anonymous.

You can talk free over the internet using a program called Skype ( It's free to join and you only need a computer headphone set in order to talk with others.

We can also talk over the telephone if you prefer. Let me know either way.

My voice mail is (USA) 949-544-1375

My skype name is "pitari1" (pitari + numeral one)

There's no requirement, of course, and we can continue to chat via e-mail, but I can cover much more ground over the phone.

Kind Regards, Ken


Subject: re: strange encounters
From: Yasmine
Date: Wed, May 5, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Sounds like she is targeted by radiation weapons. I too see the black waves and the spiral circles on the forehead.

It is all about the same thing. The difference is that I was picked in a university seminar about World Order and One World government that they were teaching us.  Also, I was picked by the Freemasons and the Fabian Society in 2001. Believe it or not, I received letters from them. I did not answer. This was in New York. When I went to Fort Collins, Colorado, I was sent a catalog to order red and black cloaks amongst other occult symbolic objects. I did not answer;

The sinsiter force wanted me to be their tool. It is so obvious. Now they are punishing me big time for not being a tool and being determined to have the sinister force wiped out from the universe. That is of course if I make it!

Thanks, Yasmine

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